Can’t Stay Motivated?

Everyone wants to be successful because everyone wants to be happy. The definitions of both terms have to be personal. They’ve can’t be the definitions that others have created. For you to truly become successful and happy, you have to determine your own definition and what that definition entails. However, while we’re all in the same boat with the desire to be successful and happy, only a small few actually do anything about that desire or goal.

Most of us wait for success to arrive at our doorstep, just like we wait to be given motivation in order to begin creating our dream or to start working. The problem with this line of thinking, as I’ll talk about in greater depth in the video below, is that action and habit create motivation. If we wait for motivation to begin to work on becoming happy and successful, we’ll never accomplish anything.

The problem isn’t that we’re not motivated, it’s that we’re lazy. What’s good about this is that we’re all lazy. Some people have just created better habits that have allowed them to get more shit done while the rest of the world waits for inspiration to fall into their lap.

Watch the video (and click the thumbs up button) to learn how I “stay motivated”.

As you can see, motivation is something I’ve tried to avoid depending on. Why? Because it’s not a constant. Our habits, however are.

If you want to build a great body, get in the habit of training 5 or 6 days a week. Get in the habit of eating the right way 90% of the time. If you want to build a great business, get in the habit of working smarter and longer hours than you’re used to. Make work your routine, and your habits will lead to your success and your happiness.

How do You Stay Motivated?

What I don’t mention in the video is my use of books in staying focused and motivated. I rely heavily on books to not only inspire me, but also to teach me. The more new stuff I’m learning, I find the more I’m energetic and excited about building this empire. And yes, I want this site and business to be an empire where guys go to get inspired, to learn how to get jacked, and become an alpha male.

Small goals aren’t exciting. Big ones are. If you’re not excited about what you’re doing with your time right now, maybe you should set loftier goals, dare mighty things, and hold yourself to higher standards. It’s worked for me. And I’d be willing to bet that it’ll work for you. Speaking of you, what do you do to stay consistently motivated? Let me know in the comments section below, and be sure to sign up to the newsletter where I give you even more, awesome info on training, and everything else that’ll turn you into a Legendary Man.