How to Conquer Your Greatest Obstacle & Live The Dream

“There would be no Resistance without the Dream. The Dream comes first. Resistance follows. So if you wake up tomorrow morning overwhelmed with fear, dread, and negative energy, that’s a good sign. The massive shadow that you’re experiencing is being cast by an equally massive tree—the tree of your dream, your vision, your calling. The negative implies the positive. The more daunting the negative, the more brilliant the positive. Resistance has no power of its own. It’s a shadow, nothing more. As soon as we learn to look past the shadow to the Dream that has cast it, the shadow loses all power over us.” – Steven Pressfield

be legendary

It’s been a dream of mine, for some time now, to write a book. I know the title of the book, the topic as well. It’s a big dream. As such, it casts a big shadow. Every time I’ve thought about starting the book, the Resistance has invaded my mind, planted itself firmly, and come up with a way to halt my action.

Why start writing when you don’t have a publisher? Get a publisher first, then start writing. Why should people listen to what you have to say? Get more experience, have more adventures, and incur greater wisdom, and then begin writing. You’ve got a business, that alone should be your focus. Writing a book is a long, arduous journey. Focus on what will help your business grow in the immediate future. Worry about the book only when you’re satisfied with your present… 

Satisfaction for an entrepreneur is a reality will never be attained. It’s always ahead of you. Like the carrot tangling in front of the ass’ nose, accomplishing more doesn’t necessarily get you closer to that feeling of being “satisfied”. You’re always trying to grow, create, and evolve. It’s a never-ending process. It’s a process and a journey that should never end, rather, be enjoyed and appreciated.

To wait until I’m satisfied before I start writing my book is the Resistance’s ultimate con in my life. What is it’s greatest con in yours?

The Resistance is cunning. The bigger your dream, the bigger the shadow it casts. If you have a dream, you’re likely facing a great enemy standing between the both of you. See through that enemy. It isn’t real. It’s your fear, insecurity, and laziness, convincing you that this dream can wait, or, more likely than not, that you’re not worthy of this dream.

You are worthy. You aren’t lazy. You need to pursue this dream. If you don’t, you’ll forever know you could do more, accomplish more, and live a greater life. This knowledge of talent and ambition wasted can’t be quelled, covered by excess or future accomplishment. It will always be an underlying knowledge. It’s presence will forever be inescapable.

I’m, of course, talking to myself, and not just you. If I don’t start this book today, I’ll have let the Resistance stand between me and my dream once again. I’ll have let it win yet another battle. I’ll have pawned my dream off as something I’m not worthy of, or isn’t worthy of my time and effort. Every one of us who has a goal or a sense of wanting to be better, will face the Resistance.

How to Conquer Your Greatest Obstaclebe legendary

Your greatest obstacle is never an external force, but an internal one. It’s your fear. Your laziness. Your lack of faith in yourself. Any dream, be it in the arts, business, or having to do with your body, your obstacle is both created and controlled by you. You are in the driver’s seat of every aspect of your life, even those parts that feel far out of your control.

Much in the same way that I’ll always chase satisfaction within my business, we’re always chasing that “man we’re trying to become”. This, however, can be an incredibly ineffective approach if it’s not pursued with the right mindset.

When we chase this man we’re trying to become, the carrot dangling in front of the ass’ nose is the wrong approach. There should be no chronological order to the Self. The Self, who we are, is. Yes, we will evolve, but to constantly be chasing the end product is a waste of time because that end product is completely under our control, in the present. Instead, be that end product now.

Everything you’re trying to accomplish in life rests on one factor, you. The environment matters little if you’re ambitious enough to change it. The circumstances are of little consequence if you’re above them.

You. You’re actions, thoughts, and Self, will determine who you are going to be, the money you’re going to make, the body you’re going to inhabit, and the life you’re going to create. Therefor, rather than chasing your future Selfbe your future Self. Rather than trying to evolve into someone who is worthy of making 1 million dollars a year, be someone who is willing to make 1 million dollars a year.

Rather than taking the steps necessary to warrant a great bodybe the man who has a great body, and the body will follow. Stop saying I want to be like that guy, instead, be your own version of a guy that would warrant the aspect of that guy’s life that you want.

Obstacles in life are never external. The things that surround us don’t prevent us from accomplishing anything, nor do they help us accomplish anything, it’s our perception of these things, what we do with them, how we mold them, shape them, and use them to propel us to something greater that matters.

To break down your greatest barrier, you must be better than your greatest fear. To rise above whatever physical, tangible aspects of your life currently hold you back, be the person who is already beyond them. Continue Reading on Page 2 >>>