How to Be Superman

Step #3 The Body (outside)

It’s great to have the courage to go up against a great enemy, but if you lack the strength or power or skill to defeat that enemy, it’s all rather useless.

Courage is a valiant and respected quality. Do yourself the service of building the body to aid your spirit. Build some muscle.

The Myth About Muscleman of steel

Building muscle isn’t merely a goal for the guy who wants to look like a bodybuilder. That’s a myth that prevents a woman from strengthening her bones and warding off osteoporosis (as resistance training does). It prevents the business man from burning fat, adding years to his life, all because he ‘doesn’t want to get too bulky’.

Bulkiness doesn’t have to be the result of a muscle building program. Muscle helps you BURN FAT and look leaner. It helps you naturally raise your testosterone and growth hormone levels. Muscle gives you more energy, increases insulin sensitivity, and makes you a stronger, more confident person.

Building muscle will help you look better in a suit. It’ll allow you to carry your lady up to the bedroom, play with your kids longer, live a longer, more active life. It takes A LOT of eating and commitment to get huge. But to build lean, strong muscle is something everyone can do, and should do.

If you want to be optimal. If you want to be an alpha male, the Superman of your household, then get in the gym and gain muscle. The older you get, the more important building muscle is for your health. The younger you are, the more important it is for your confidence.

If you want to live lifebuild muscle.

Here’s what to do:

Start a Resistance Training Program.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bodyweight program or a program that requires you to use weights (I’ll give you examples of good ones in a sec), you need to start forging your new, super, body through pain. Pain, when it comes to training, is what will help your muscles grow bigger, stronger, leaner, more defined, faster, and more powerful. Pain is a good thing. No matter what program you do, work harder every day you train.

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teddy readingStep #4 The Mind

Men tend to overload one aspect of their development and neglect all others. If they want to be physically optimal, they neglect the mid or soul or their mission in life. This, however, shouldn’t be so. Being in better shape – having more muscle, less fat, and more testosterone – improves your ability to think.

By taking take of the body, you’re not only going to have more confidence, but you’re going to improve your mind and spirit as well. So that’s the first step of the second step, take care of the fourth step (make sense?).

As far as strengthening your mind in others ways, the mind is like any other muscle, it needs to be pushed beyond what it can currently accomplish in order to grow. Lift heavier weights to build bigger, stronger muscles and to lose fat. Read books, learn languages – basically do and learn shit you didn’t know to improve your mind.

Take these steps starting TODAY, to strengthen your mind:

  1. Read for 30 minutes everyday (if you can do an hour, then do so).
  2. Start journalling – Get your thoughts down, your struggles, brilliant ideas, and fears down in a journal. Part of intelligence is self-awareness. Part of self-awareness is self-reflection. Don’t just write in your journal, review it weekly.
  3. Travel – Embark on journeys to places that will broaden your horizons and give you insight into the rest of humanity.
  4. Drink beer with friends -An aspect of intelligence is social intelligence. Get out in the world, laugh, build relationships, and contribute to the lives of others.
  5. Learn a new language – It’ll help you in your travels, trust me.

Supplements that will help with your brain function:

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids – These are ‘the good fats’ that people always refer to. They not only help raise T levels, but they also improve brain function. Get them here.

I didn’t truly strengthen my mind until I left school. It wasn’t until I was finished school, where reading is something that’s forced upon you, that I began to explore books. Exploring books led to traveling, and more books. Reading has helped me with my writing, my business, my self-awareness, ambition, and, simply, with my lifeReading and building a stronger mind is a key aspect of becoming a super man.

Step #5 The Mission

Why do you wake up in the morning?

I’m serious.

Try and answer that question on the spot, right now. Do you rise to go through the motions of the day and hopefully find a semblance of joy in your life, maybe even a gut-busting laugh, or a moment of peace? Or, do you rise with a definitive purpose?

To be a great man, a super man, you need a purpose. You need a reason to jump out of bed and march in to your day like a brave warrior charges in to battle. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. It can take time, a lot of soul searching, and a ton of trial and error. However, if you don’t have one your purpose needs to be to find one.

You need to be constantly improving, evolving, growing, and facing your deepest, darkest fears every single day.

It isn’t necessarily routine that will lead to Legendary workouts everyday. It’s not habit that will give you the strength to persevere, persist, and power on through any obstacle life throws at you. It’s a reason. Every great man had a reason, or a sense of grander in his destiny.

He knew he wasn’t meant to live small, be small, or inch toward his death day after day. The great man, the man we have inside each and every one of us, knows he’s destined for greatness. The boldness of his actions convey this faith in himself. The ballsiness of his bravado, the courageousness of his climb to his place in the sun show that he’s not your average guy.

Ask yourself the deep questions. Why are you here? What are you working towards? Read, live, travel. Life is outside of your comfort zone, not hiding within it.

To be a Superman, to be a Legend, a warrior, a hero, you need to find that purpose that propels you to greatness. That purpose may simply be the fact that you know you’re meant for something greater, and you act accordingly. In which case The Body and Spirit sections of this article will help you gain the confidence you need to march on and face the world like a warrior. Take courage, walk with a purpose.

How to Be Superman

To be a man who excels in every area of life, is a goal every man should have. To not only have strength of the body, but strength of the mind and spirit as well. To not only be healthy looking, but actually healthy. To not merely walk through life as an awesome dude, but charge through life with a definitive purpose and meaning to every action he has is something every man should aspire towards.

When one aspect of our lives becomes our focus, the others tend to fade into second place. It doesn’t have to be so. To build a healthy body leads to a healthier mind and a stronger spirit; and vice versa. Don’t settle for one strength, but aspire to be great at everything you do. Don’t merely walk through life on your own and for yourself; do as Superman does, bring others along on the ride, build relationships, and live a selfless, proud, courageous, gritty life. But most importantly, have the courage to live the life you’re afraid to live because somehow, deep down, you feel as though you aren’t worthy.

You are worthy of greatness. You are meant for more. Accepting the responsibility that comes with greatness in your destiny is a beautiful, liberating feeling. Stand. Accept your greatness. Be man enough to do what needs to be done to achieve itand you’ll become a Man of Steel, Legend.