27 Ways to Look More Alpha

The Lower Body

14. Use giant sets and shorten your rest periods to increase lactic acid (and raise GH levels).

This goes for both the upper and lower body. Growth Hormone (GH) is a powerful hormone that helps us burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Lactic acid is a precursor to growth hormone. The more lactic acid you create in your workouts, the higher the growth hormone levels you’ll produce.

Especially with your bigger muscles, combine your sets and lower your rest periods to create more lactic acid in your muscles.

15. Train your hips as often as your quads and calves.

Quads and calves dominate lower body workouts, but the hips are easily as important, not just for performance and strength, but for aesthetics as well.

Add ample deadlifts, RDLs, hamstring curls, assisted hamstring drips, and, a personal favorite, hip thrusts to your routine. Train “pushes” one day, and “pulls” (hips) the other.

16. Switch up your foot position when training calves and quads.

Foot position determines what head of the quad you’re training. Toes in to train the outer, toes out for the inner, and feet straight for the mid and full aspects of the quad. Switch up your feet position on your squats, leg press, and calf raises to train every angle of either muscle.

17. Use a full range of motion.

Go ass to grass on your squats, make sure you’re feeling a stretch at the bottom of your calf raises, and lock your hips out on your deadlifts. Don’t cheat. You’ll build a weak, incomplete muscle.

18. Add single-leg training to your routine.

Single limb training can cure imbalances, and bring more lactic acid to whichever leg you’re working during the set. Add step-ups, walking lunges, and split squats to your leg days to build a better muscle.

19. Train with extreme reps.

Just like we talked about for your upper body, use extreme reps for your lower body as well. Do walking lunges for 20 reps each leg as a superset for squats. Add a 50 rep set of squats as a finisher. Adding higher reps will increase lactic acid and hit the muscle from a completely different angle.

20. Finish your workout with Chinese Drop Sets.

Do this for both your upper and lower body workouts. The leg press and weighted calf raise machine are both great options for this unique set.

Check out this video for an example of the Chinese drop set:

21. Train your calves after every workout.

If they’re a weak-point, train them every time you’re in the gym. It doesn’t have to be a full calves workout, keep that for a legs day, but you should be at least doing a finisher set (like a Chinese drop set) at the end of every workout to expedite growth.


22. Play a sport.

It’s useless to look like an alpha if you can’t perform like one. Get involved in some kind of sport, even as a weekend warrior, just to maintain a certain level of athleticism. My favorite is boxing, and I’d encourage you all to join a boxing gym, but play the sport you find fun. Join a basketball team, a hockey league, whatever, just get out there, have fun, and have fun while improving your reaction time, speed, and endurance.

23. Learn how to fight. Join a boxing gym.

An alpha knows how to defend himself. He knows how to handle himself in a fight, and although he has the brain to stay out of them, when push comes to shove he ends them quickly.

Join a boxing gym or an MMA gym and, at the very least, learn the basics. You may never need to use them, but it’s always nice to have that confidence in your back pocket.

24. Perform athletic movements.

Add plyometrics and O-lifts to your training. These exercises, along with being a part of a boxing gym or sports league, will help you maintain a certain level of performance to go along with your alpha physique.

Add them into your routine at least once a week, and mix up the reps. Use high reps for endurance (great for a clean and press), and low reps for power (great for power cleans and the snatch).

An alpha can’t truly call himself an alpha if he’s all show and no go. An alpha male doesn’t talk the talk, but he walks the walk.

alpha maleStyle

25. The first and most important rule of style is to befriend a tailor.

Make sure your clothes fit. Spend a little less on the fabrics if needed, but get a good tailor. A cheaper suit that fits perfect looks better than an expensive that doesn’t.

26. Buy quality over quantity. 

Quality looks better, feels better, and there’s a sense of pride when you wear something that’s of high quality. Sure, an alpha male could wear rags and still be an alpha male. But why not be your best in every area?

Instead of having 4 pairs of cheap jeans that fall apart, have one or two that don’t. Instead of having 4 suits that don’t look right and don’t fit well, buy one or two that are have better fabrics, and introduce yourself to a tailor.

27. Dress like a man.

You’re not a hipster – please don’t be – so don’t dress like one. You’re not a metrosexual – nor should you ever want to be – so don’t dress like one. Dress like a fucking man. You can explore with brighter colors and different patterns, but don’t get weird about your style, and don’t go too tight. You package should not be visible through your pants.

Your part of the world may have a different definition of what this means, and you may have a different definition of what it means to dress like a man. The easiest thing to do is find someone whom you think is a real man, and incorporate some of their style tips into your wardrobe.

An alpha male is an idea, original. He’s completely himself. But if you don’t know how to dress, draw upon the success of others, and then expand your horizons.

Style is important for an alpha male, just as important as physique and performance, so pay attention to how you dress.

How to Look More Alpha

Some may dismiss this aspect of alphaism as vain and unnecessary. Sure, it may be a little vain to critique your physique and then working on improving it, but who cares? Be a little vain. Take pride in how you look. You’ll feel more confident if you like what you’re wearing. You’ll be more open to new experiences if you like your body.

Most importantly, you’ll be more willing to put your Self out there – the true you that the world needs to discover, and who needs to discover the world. Be that guy. Be that man. If looking better helps you get there, and it will, more forward with it. Make some small changes to your wardrobe, and start training the right way (click here, train like this). And, of course, be Legendary, and always be a Warrior.