27 Ways to Look More Alpha

On this site we’re re-defining the traditional “social alpha“. A true alpha is a master of his own domain (cue blatant Seinfeld reference). He’s his own ideal. He’s maximized both his potential and his ambition. He isn’t living in fear, he’s leading with courage. He isn’t the meathead Neanderthal; rather, he’s mastered his mind, his body, and his soul.alpha male

He’s a rarity in today’s society. A man that you can be proud to call your friend, that you even look up to and look to for guidance and wisdom. He’s living a hard life, and adventurous life, and he’s living. He’s learning, fighting, and forging his own unique path that is even more than he dreamed it could be.

An alpha male is a Legend.

An aspect we can’t neglect is the body of an alpha. Although the alpha isn’t merely physically stronger than everyone around him, he is strong, he does command attention by how he looks and performs. But he’s in great shape for himself, to be his own personal alpha, and to be at his apex. Below are 25 ways to look more alpha. Take control of your body. The stronger you are, the more well-conditioned you are, the happier, more successful, and more confident you are. In short, you’re better.

Click the print button on the left floating sidebar and put these steps and tactics into practice. Each of them can be applied to your training and your routine immediately. Man up and take action!

The Upper Body

1. Train the lateral and posterior deltoids, don’t worry about the anterior (front head).

The anterior portion of the deltoid gets trained any time you do a press. Only train it every second time you train your shoulders (along with the lateral and posterior). Perform a seated lateral raise supersetted with a rear deltoid raise (lateral: 8-10 reps with a 4 second cadence on the eccentric contraction; rear deltoid raise: 15-25 reps, controlled speed but no cadence).

Watch this video for further instruction:

2. Use a snatch grip when doing rows.

Most rows use a conventional, shoulder-width grip that builds the traps, lats, rear delts, and rhomboids from the same angle. Switch things up and add more width to your shoulders, back, and traps, by using a snatch grip on your rows (bent over row and upright row included).

3. Use a close grip when doing rows.

To build with in the back, and to develop the “V shape” that is the ideal shape of the male body, you need to hit your muscles from every angle. Using only moderate to wide grips will leave you with imbalances and take away from the V shape. Close grips on your pulldowns will work the lower portion of the lat that meets up with your torso. Close grips on your rows will work the inner, mid trap, and add more breadth to your back.

Using a T-Bar can help you accomplish this.

4. Use extreme reps when training your shoulders.

Shoulders can take a lot of damage and still recover. Don’t merely stick to the 3×10 rep range. Finish your workout with a 50 rep set of lateral raises with a light weight to give the muscle a completely different look.

Watch this video for further instruction.

5. Perform athletic, power movements.

Some of my best results in the gym came because I was performing Olympic lifts. They – especially the snatch – add breadth to the traps and lats, in a way that conventional bodybuilding exercises can’t. Again, with these lifts, train for power, but also add in extremely high reps to give the muscle a different look.

6. Train your lats vertically, not on an angle.

This video will explain everything:

7. Train the entire trap.

The traps are made up of 3 main portions: the upper, mid, and lower aspect of the muscle. The upper is usually trained a lot, but the mid and lower portions of the muscle are completely neglected.

Check out this video for exercises to train the entire trap from top to bottom (very important for building a V shape):

8. Add the squeeze press to your routine.

The squeeze press is one of the best exercises for isolation of the chesticles.

Have a look at 1:22 of this video for a demonstration of how to perform this exercise:

9. Hit the heavy back to trim your waist.

An important aspect of developing a v shape is building broad, athletic shoulders, and a wide back. In doing this you make your waist appear to be much smaller, but shrinking the waist is still important.

Isolating the abs is a small part of this puzzle, performing a good, full body program will help you shrink your waist a lot better than simple abdominal isolation, as will punching. Punching is one of the few exercises that involves a constant trunk rotation. Perform bursts of 30 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and repeat for 3 minutes.

10. Perform medicine ball slams and train with a sledgehammer.

If you’ve seen how a fighter trains, you’ll understand why he has such a great physique. Sledgehammer work is a staple in any warrior’s routine. It will help you develop power, build bigger lats, make your serratus “pop out”, and trim your waist. Med ball slams are a similar movement, so if you don’t have access to a big tire and a sledgehammer, or an axe and a tree, grab a heavy medicine ball and slam it to the ground as hard as possible for a minute.

11. Develop a bigger neck.

Broad shoulders, a thin waist, and big muscles are rendered useless if you have a tiny neck. A neck that at least fits with the rest of your body gives you an athletic look, a powerful look. There are too many guys walking around with big upper bodies, small lower bodies, and twigs for necks.

RDLs (Romanian deadlifts) will help you build a bigger neck, as will upright rows. If, however, you do both and you’re still walking around with a neck that can barely hold up your noggin, perform a neck bridge. You need no equipment, and it’ll help you add girth and a sense of power to your neck. It’s a staple of most fighters workout.

Have a look at Tyson doing a neck bridge:

12. Leave your straps at home.

The forearms have been described as the “man cleavage”. Guys, whether you like to admit it or not, if a lady is busty, your eyes gravitate towards that area. The same is said to be true for a man’s forearms, women notice them. They make you at least look strong.

Perform deadlifts, farmers walks, and other heavy pulling exercises without straps to develop strong, thick forearms.

13. If you’re struggling to develop the V shape torso that an alpha male has, Read ThisContinue Reading on Page 2 >>>>