Want to Be Legendary: Be Different

I grew up with some of the greatest parents a young lad could have. They taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to do. They taught me the valuable lesson of hard work, and of acting with honor and courage. They showed me how to be a man by making sacrifices for their children. I tell you about my parents because, even though I grew up with open-minded parents who encouraged me in whatever I did – no matter how audacious the endeavor – my greatest limitation in life is nothing but an illusion: the limiting beliefs I hold about what’s possible.fight fear

If you’ve read anything on this site before and if you’re signed up to the newsletter, you’ll know that I’m an ambitious guy who loves setting big, hairy, audacious goals, and I love doing the work to accomplish them. The point is, I don’t naturally think small; however, I’m still my greatest obstacle.

We all are.

The Legendary Brotherhood we’re building here is filled with people who want to improve. By that notion alone, we’re above average in what we can think is possible simply because we’re moving forward and we’re looking to do what we’ve not yet done. There are a select few in this world who have the courage to break the chains that bind them and move from the vice-like grasp of their comfort zones. I’d like to think that every one of us here is in that group.

We’re big thinkers and hard workers, but we’re still thinking too small.

Everyday we’re thinking too small; far to small.

Our greatest dreams, those that get us excited to wake up in the morning and work, as well as the dreams that have us wanting to stay in bed all day so we can continue this life we’ve conjured up, are the things in life we should be leading towards, the trips we should be embarking on, and the missions we NEED TO BE setting out on if we’re going to give our lives with meaning – if we’re going to live.

None of us are meant to live small, insignificant, boring lives – that’s just not how we’re wired to feel the rush that is life, to feel the exuberance that we should feel everyday. Life is exciting, but the majority of what we do daily isn’t.

Note: If those words make you feel like I’m attacking you, or they make you feel uneasy, good, then I’m talking to you (I should be talking to everyone at some point in their lives, myself included).

Back to me…

I love setting big goals, but I’m beginning to realize that they’re still not big enough. They’re still holding on to the limitations that have been placed on me by an education system that tames the modern man, calls him to fall in line, and join the hoard of individuals whose lives play like the same movie reel, only with different actors.

I’m still placing limitations on my life that have been hammered into my head – into our head – since I first open my eyes and the doctor smacked me on the ass; limitations that have been hammered into the heads of every individual in our society for hundreds of years.

The Warrior. The Hero. And You.

How we admire warriors in history, or the great men and women who have come before us. We admire their courage, their willingness to stand and fight against tyranny, to fight for freedom, and destroy those who hold others down. We admire them so much and we want to be like them so bad, because that’s who we’re supposed to be.

No one admires the scumbag taking advantage of others, we admire the guy who has the balls to kick his ass, and we wish we’d done the same thing. Just like no one admires the guy who plays it safe, we admire Jessie James, the outlaw. We make stories about them, we glorify them even beyond their factual actions.

What’s odd is that when faced with an obstacle, a chance to make a similar stance and choose the warrior’s path at our very own fork in the road of life, we ignore the opportunity. We don’t even acknowledge its existence because we’re too afraid to even take that stance. We’re too afraid to get in the ring at all, let alone fight. So, we ignore the battle altogether.

We see a sale on a flight to our dream destination, and we can afford it, but say ah, not exactly the best time to take a vacation – it’s always the right time to go on an adventure.

We read an amazing book that gets us thinking about what we really want in life, yet we don’t even grab a pen and pad a jot our thoughts down. We fail to make our ideas tangible, and they stay as ideas, never moving beyond that point as before we allow them to, we crush them, stomp them out, and make sure they stay deep down where they can only be accessed as dreams.

Don’t Be Normal, It’s Boring.

We need reminders of just what is possible, or of what we can accomplish if we’re willing to risk and do the work.

We need articles like this to kick our ass, wake us up, and get us back on the path we want to be on.

Here’s what I want you to do right now – don’t wait:

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  2. The Icarus Deception
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  4. The War of Art
  5. Turning Pro

Being the same as everyone else isn’t how we’re supposed to live. It’s not who we’re supposed to be, and it’s not how we experience life. It turns life into a game, and not a fun one like Scrabble, rather, a boring one like follow the leader.

Being the same, however, isn’t relegated to being the same as everyone else, but being the same you that you’re tired of being. I’m not talking about you, the Self, I mean the life you’ve created for yourself because this is what you’ve been conditioned to believe is it. It’s safe for a hamster to run in his wheel because to let him out of his cage to run may lead to his death. Continue to Page 2 >>>>