How to Become An Alpha Male in Modern Society

Here are some men you should study, and the books you should read on them/by them, if you want to be a true Alpha Male:

  1. Teddy Roosevelt: The Rise of Theodore RooseveltTheodore Rex
  2. Engineering the Alpha – by John Romaniello & Adam Bornstein
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte – The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. Winston Churchill – Churchill
  5. By Steven Pressfield – The Warrior EthosThe War of Art
  6. By John Eldredge – Wild At Heart
  7. The Story of Mickey Ward – A Warrior’s Heart

Develop Spiritual Strengthteddy roosevelt alpha male

A warrior’s spirit differs from that of a coward. A warrior faces adversity head on, and with honor. A coward flees from adversity, cowers at the sight of danger, and cheats to win. There is no honor with a coward. An alpha male, however, lives by that warrior ethos that’s rooted in honor and bravery.

A warrior, and an alpha, accepts pain for what it is: the seedling of growth. It’s true with our muscles, just the same as it’s true with our Self. This is where risk and adventure play a great role. Men, especially an alpha male, needs adventure, he needs the great outdoors, he needs danger and excitement. We too often seek this adventure in the form of a mid-life crisis, when we realize we have the responsibilities of a man, but we know deep down we aren’t truly a real man. So we allow our juvenile desires to take over, and we buy a hot new car, a bike, go skydiving, and fill a void that can’t be filled in the form of danger and excitement.

Seek adventure now, even if you are in that middle to late age range, feed that masculine part of your soul that craves adventure. Push yourself to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, who gives a fuck if you come off like you’re in a mid-life crisis, this thing needs to be fed! Just don’t be the son of a bitch that finds ‘danger’ in cheating on his wife, and leaving his family, that’s not the way of the alpha male, that’s the way of the scumbag.

Go ride horses, go hunting, fishing, start boxing and line up an amateur fight (a great experience), go hiking, ATVing, buy a motor bike. Bring adventure into your life to feed your warrior’s spirit. Face your fears head on, daily, never run from them. Remember, as you become more intelligent, you’ll be able to identify these fears more readily, and as you become physically stronger, you’ll be able to face them more successfully.

Create Emotional Strength

An alpha male is often seen as the dumb brute who locks out his feelings in order to gain strength. False. A true alpha male is more aware of his emotions and how they effect his decisions, how he treats people, and the kind of man he is, and reacts accordingly.

The man who is emotionally haunted by his mistakes of the past won’t be the strong father to his son. The man who is emotionally disabled won’t experience the fullness of life. He won’t shed a tear in Field of Dreams – every man should at least water at the eyes in that movie. He won’t feel the true elation of his first child. He won’t give his wife the passion their relationship deserves. He won’t fight for her, defend her, and be her match on an emotional level. If he doesn’t do this, the relationship is doomed to be as bland as an Italian wedding without wine – an experiment yet to be attempted due to the backlash that would surely ensue.

Part of developing emotional intelligence is awareness, it’s being aware of what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it. This, again, has to do with intelligence in other areas, so read more books! Read Wild At Heartand The Way of the Superior Man. An alpha male isn’t emotionally illiterate, he’s more aware of his feelings, he lives with more passion. Life excites him, beauty makes him weak at the knees, a child’s smile softens his heart, and any damage done to an innocent child, animal, or woman, brings a rage within him so great that justice can’t even dampen its blaze.

Read, be aware of why you are the way you are so you can improve and grow into who you are to become. Make them known, then make them make you a better man, an alpha male.

Break Free From Your Shackles: Become an Alpha Male

Our society is sorely lacking real men. It’s no coincidence we’re failing to create great leaders, warriors, and alpha males as well. This article has looked at not only what a real alpha is – a man with a quiet strength, power, and confidence, and the courage to use this power – but how we can each become one.

It won’t be a quick, easy road. It will be like anything worth fighting for or creating in life: a battle. It will take a lot of self-reflection, something that many men shy away from because we’re afraid of what we’ll find. It requires that we face our deepest, darkest fears – something that no one truly wants to do because it’s not only uncomfortable, but we often have to take a step backwards in order to gain a few forward. But we need you to do this. We need strong-willed men in this world, especially in our society. We need leaders, risk takers, and men who embrace adventure, danger, and will lead us to new frontiers.

Stand up for yourself. You will die. This is about the only experience we’re all going to share. Remind yourself of it daily. You can’t put things off, ever. Your tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so have the balls to make the you of today the warrior that you were meant to become. Don’t sell yourself short, either. Don’t think that you’re not a William Wallace, an Achilles, or a Teddy. You are. And you may even be greater. Are you willing to find out?