How to Become An Alpha Male in Modern Society

The act of building a strong body also encourages strength in other areas of our lives as well, such as in the spirit, but also in the mind. To truly get in great shape and build an alpha male-esque body, you need to go through a considerable amount of pain and sacrifice. You need to eat right, train hard, and train right. You need to feel the pain in a set, then continue feeling that pain for another few reps until you can go on no longer.

Part of being an alpha male is being a real man. The defining hormone that makes men, men, is testosterone – a hormone that’s also lowering in men with every decade and generation. As we grow older, we produce less of it, which sucks and it’s scary, but what’s even more frightening is the fact that each generation of men produce less of it than the previous generation.

We’re literally becoming less manly.

Due to the length of this article, we’ll cover the causes and the solution in one swoop.


Cause/Solution: Due to a lack of natural animal fats in our diets, our bodies aren’t given the building blocks for testosterone that occur in the testes (cholesterol). Insulin is also the enemy of testosterone, so those sugary foods we consume, be it white breads, candy, soda, or even fruit juices, are detrimental to our testosterone production.

The solution is to consume more good fats – beef, bison, chicken, turkey, whole eggs, raw milk – and consume fewer fast carbs. Focus the majority of your fast carbs to before and after your workout (if you’re an ectomorph, make sure you consume a lot of carbs – at least 2:1 carbs:protein – to make sure you don’t experience muscle loss when training). The rest of the day fill your diet with animal proteins and fats, vegetables, and assorted dark berries (low glycemic carbohydrates).

Try this testosterone upon rising and before bed:

  • 2 whole eggs (cooked or raw)
  • 2,000-4,000 IU vitamin D
  • 25 mg zinc (only once daily)
  • Omega Blue is the fish oil pills


Cause/Solution: Plastics that release phytoestrogens are everywhere, they surround us. Avoid them as much as possible. Don’t microwave your food – or carry your food – in plastic containers, and don’t drink from plastic water bottles or protein shakers cups.

Testosterone, as we’ve established, is produced in your balls, as such, keep these guys healthy and cold. Wear boxers, and take a cold shower upon rising and another one before bed to ensure your boys are working as they should be.


If you’re fat, odds are you suffer from low T. Body-fat is the enemy of testosterone, so getting in the gym is the logical solution. Lean muscle mass is also the friend of testosterone, so make sure you’re training at least 4 days during the week.

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The Intellectual Power of An Alpha Malewhenever you find that you are in the majority

Intelligence isn’t something we usually associate with an alpha male, but it is easily as important as developing physical strength, if not more-so. Where many fill the void we talked about earlier, is due to a lack of intelligence, not physical strength and power.

We feel stupid – probably because we’re right – and so we try to dominate physically. Where a man becomes a warrior is in taking the approach of William Wallace. When Wallace was taken away after his parent’s death, he was taken to give a warrior’s education. There is no warrior that is also an idiot. Just like there is no warrior that is also a coward. His education was one in the ways of war, and of the mind. He learned languages, history, battle methods, religion. He grew stronger in the body, and stronger in the mind and in the spirit.

A real leader can’t merely be a leader physically, his followers will laugh at him, mock him and undermine him behind his back, and look to another who has a stronger mind – a mind that can reason and create. An alpha needs respect, as well as a bit of fear, but you can’t be an alpha on physical fear alone.

If you want to become an alpha male, you need to do so through study, and the acquiring of knowledge – in other words, read books! It’s in studying great men in history, that I’m able to learn from their failures and compound on their victories. Napoleon‘s lust for knowledge is an admirable quality, his lack of courage with women, isn’t. I can’t find much fault in Theodore Roosevelt’s mind or character, but if he hadn’t acknowledged his first term as a full Presidential term – the 3-year term he had as President due to the death of his predecessor – he would have been much more likely to have had a third term. The nation would have been better off with Teddy having 8 terms, let alone a third. Churchill made mistakes, but his reluctance to go against his gut served him well in the end – something we can all learn a great deal from. Continue Reading on Page 3 >>>