How to Transform Your Body

With regards to the program below, I spent a few dozen hours reading and testing what was put together. My conclusion: the price tag doesn’t do it justice – like all programs I use and tell you to use. But JC’s goes even further. He gives more.

Let me ask it once again…

Are You Willing to Spend $85 to Transform Your Body?

Why LGN-365 Should be Your Next Program

Reason #1: Education

What has helped me with my transformation – maybe more than anything – wasn’t necessarily the program that gave me my transformation (the PHC), but the education I recieved from my mentor at the time.

JC has included a full education on building muscle in the gym, as well as burning fat. He’s also included an education on eating right to reach your goals. He didn’t shortcut things by merely writing an awesome program and sending it out to the interwebz to buy, download, and benefit from; he educated.

After reading the 70+ page manual, you’ll know how to look at other training and nutrition information with a critical eye. You’ll have a fundamental understanding of what works, yes, but why it works as well! That’s the most important part! That’s why I go into detail on this site, if we know the why in anything, we’ll be able to structure our lives to adhere to these fundamental laws that will get us cut and jacked.

Reason #2: The Best Program is the One You’re NOT Doing

Our bodies are incredible vessels. We’re designed to adapt, which is great for evolving and survival, but not so much for getting the muscle or the fat loss that we want. We need to constantly change what we’re doing in the gym, we need to give our muscles – and our metabolisms – different looks to keep them growing and cutting fat.

JC has included more programs than you can shake a stick at. This isn’t a 4-week program, this will last you a lifetime. This isn’t something you’re going to do on your road to building your ideal body, but the very thing that will get you your ideal body.

Reason #3: It’s Common Sense

I like deals. I felt awesome when I bought my first car for $4,000 under the market value. I felt great when I found an $800 for $300. That’s value. There’s no buyers remorse, you almost feel like you got away with something.

That’s what you’re going to feel like when you spend $85 on a program that has over $1,000 in value. You’ll leave the program with a new body, but also a new mind. You’ll know more about how to live healthier and grow stronger.

I don’t spend hours writing articles about stuff that sucks. I don’t spend hours writing articles about stuff that’s good. Only the great stuff, those things that are truly of value to you are worth this amount of time and effort.

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