How to Transform Your Body

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When we’re walking a journey alone, when we’re our only form of supervision, the man in the mirror, the only one we’re accountable to, we don’t always do the work, or do what’s necessary. That’s what makes the entrepreneur, the writer, or the artist so powerful – they do the work even when no one is watch; that is, when they are the kind of people who do the work whether someones watching or not.Benjamin Franklin Working

They have an internal hunger, yes, but even when they’re lazy they still get off their asses and work. They get the job done. I have so much respect for people like this. I aspire to be this man daily. Sometimes I fail, but every single day I wake up and face the Resistance head on. This inner strength, however, isn’t only needed for the guy embarking on his own journey in life, we all need it if we’re going to live a life.

This is what makes a physical transformation, or even a training goal that’s attained, such a great accomplishment; that work that I just spoke of has to be done daily. That discipline has to be constant or else that goal won’t be reached; it can’t be reached if the trainee doesn’t stick to a diet – or at least a way of eating – and a training program (a tough training program) until their transformation is complete – which can end up taking a fair amount of time depending on how far we have to go to reach our goal.

If you want to change how you look, become healthier, or improve your strength, athleticism, and power, and are actually doing something about it, I applaud you. If you’re not doing anything about it, why aren’t you? What are you waiting for? Death? It comes a lot quicker than we realize, I’m sure.

If you are doing something about it, I’m sure you understand the value of a road map, or a program. Without a good program, my workouts are useless. Even though I know what I’m doing in the gym, they lack intensity and the focus needed to acheive real results. To go into the gym and workout 3-6 times a week is great, and I’m sure you feel great doing it, but without a program to guide you, to give you a rhyme and reason to your workouts, they can be rendered relatively innefective.

That, my friends, is why I tell you about awesome programs; so you don’t waste your time. Your time is important, as is mine. I place a very high price tag on my hours. I do my utmost not to waste my time doing stuff that doesn’t move me forward in life, and I expect the same from you.

Are You Willing To Spend $1,000 to Reach Your Big Goal?

If a qualified business coach asked me if I was willing to spend $1,000 to build a profitable business that would have much larger returns, I’d walk to the bank, hand them the money, and ask When do we start. Actually, I have done that, and my business has grown as a result.

Now, if a muscular guy asked me when I was skinny, if I’d be willing to spend $1,000 to transform my body, again, I’d walk to the bank and once again ask, when do we start.

Are you willing to spend $1000 to transform your body? If the answer is no, then it’s not something you really want. It’s an idea you’re toying with, but afraid to commit to. The thing is, you don’t have to spend nearly $1,000 to be shown how to transform your body – not even close! Yet so many complain that programs cost money, they complain when they see a price tag on something, and instead look for a free version (a version that’s incomplete, and worth exactly what is spent on it).

Here’s a fact: the best coaches, be they business coaches of fitness coaches, cost money to work with. The best programs, be they fat loss, business, marketing, or muscle building, again, cost money, because those who created them value their time, and they value what they’ve created.

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  • Gail

    Chad, you wrote that [those who do the work] “have an internal hunger, yes, but even when they’re lazy they still get off their asses and work. They get the job done.” You didn’t write, possibly because it is so self evident, how great it makes you feel when you do it.

    I’ve had to learn that the hard way. I am recovering from a health setback that has affected my workouts for many months. Much of the time I am forced to rest extensively between sets, have to lean on things to make it from the gym to my car, from my car to the store, from the car to the house. But even though my body is wracked, in my mind and my spirit I feel GREAT. Each time I complete a workout, I’ve won. Each time I can say, “Today it went a little better.” My intelligence and my spirit team up and say to my body, “You may as well join with us and stop being so stubborn. We will give you the meticulous diet, healthy lifestyle and supplements, all you want, but know this: We will never give up, never, not ever. I will *die* before I give up.

    Thanks for another wonderfully inspiring post.

    • Chad Howse

      What an inspiring comment Gail! I’m going to share this on my fan page, this is awesome. I did leave that part out completely unintentionally, but I’m glad you caught it. The feel is more important than the result. That feeling is great, it’s addictive, we want it more and more, which leads us to live stronger, healthier lives because it feels so damn good doing so.
      Thanks again.

  • Claire Mier

    I personally think that 1000USD to spend on your health and fitness is nothing. We spend so much money on crap like plasma tv and cable tv just to make us a bigger of a couch potato. Seriously, we are d-evolutionizing humanity.