Write Your Life’s Script: How Great People Plan Their Life

The world is built by inspired people. Why is this? The other day I wrote an article about Napoleon Bonaparte. One of the themes you’ll find in reading about Napoleon, is his boundless energy. When he wasn’t orating, he was studying. There weren’t days where he slept in. Where he was overwhelmed, or lazy.

His energy wasn’t the result of a caffein dependance. He didn’t have any tricks that allowed him to study more than anyone else, or to work harder, and with more passion that any of his comrades. His energy was the result of his inspiration.Hustle

Enthusiasm gives us super-powers. It’s always those who are incredibly motivated to reach great heights, that reach those heights. They do what’s necessary to get there, yes, but they’re aided by an unexplainable force. A force that made me jump out of bed this morning, and has helped me sit in the same seat for 4 hours, seemingly without blinking. It’s excitement, inspiration, and enthusiasm wrapped up in a perfect storm of kick-assery.

Are you reading this, wondering why the hell you’re not as enthusiastic about your job, or your life? Are you jealous of little old Napoleon? Well, my enthusiasm isn’t necessarily innate. It’s not something I’m born with, and the more I read up on Mr. Bonaparte, I realize it’s not something he’s born with either.

Energy, enthusiasm, and motivation is practiced. It can be perfected. But it doesn’t happen by chance. I didn’t have this same level of enthusiasm last week, because I wasn’t following the same routine. The same habits weren’t followed, so the results couldn’t exist.

Habitual Greatness: Writing the Legend of Your Life

Before I even started this article, or the newsletter that came before it, I spent 2 hours planning my life; writing my script. I woke up inspired, because I was excited to write and plan what I’m going to accomplish.

It started with a video. This one, by Robin Sharma (watch it).

The habits I followed, or the morning routine that followed my rise, furthered this enthusiasm. The following is a detailed look at how to write the script of your life. We’re going to create the plan that will lead you to create a Legendary life. A map that, when followed, will give you the enthusiasm that helped Napoleon accomplish so much in such a little time.

A piece of paper that will help you tap into that un-named force that helped Steve Jobs, Einstein, Theodore Roosevelt, Churchill, MLK, and Richard Branson, forge their own paths in life. That force that helped them etch their names in the history books.

Your Magnificent Obsession

Sharma explained it in his video… This is that thing you want to accomplish, to be great at, or to create. Many are unaware of what it is, exactly, or what shape and form it will take on, but we know its there. If you have a vision for what you want to create, write it down.

Take out a piece of paper, or open a document, and start writing. Write down the following headers, and fill in what you want. Be audacious. The worst thing you can possibly do is to be realistic. Avoid realism like the plague.

The Next 3 Years

3 years out, if everything worked out perfectly…

  • What would my company/life/body look like?
  • What would my home look like, my office, my car, my day?
  • What would I stand for, my brand stand for, my life stand for?
  • How much money would we be making?

Tailor these headers to your Magnificent Obsession. If it’s an entrepreneurial endeavor, adjust them accordingly. If it’s a fitness goal, a lifestyle vision, a dream, make them fit.

1 Year From Now

Do the same. Write down the same headers as your 3-year focus, but compress them to the things that will make this year a successful one – and I mean ideally successful, not partially successful, or moderately successful, but EPIC, BIG, and INCREDIBLY successful.

The 5 Characteristics of an Epic Year

What 5 things will make this year a success?

For example:

  1. A certain income.
  2. To be debt free or financially free.
  3. To have written your book, brought your weight and physique to a certain look, or performance level.

Come up with no more than 5 things. Make them firm and measurable.

Quarterly Excellence

Break your year into quarters. If I want to get my site to 200,000 unique views a month, as a yearly goal, and a factor in a successful year, my quarterly goal will be to reach one quarter of that. If you want to get down to a ripped, 185 lbs, then cut where you are now, from your end goal, into a quarter, and find that number.

I’ve left my second quarter goals alone for now, and only focused on this quarter.

Review these quarterly goals every Sunday.

Top 3 Values

Are discipline, persistence, innovation, and hard work at the core of your values? Write down what you value most. Are they ethics, habits? These are the things that you live by, that guide your life in the right direction. They’re non-negotiable. If someone asks you to go against these values in a business deal, in a relationship, in anything, you say no. You don’t flinch on these values.

The Habits Make the Legend

The holy hour

Rely on rituals. A morning routine is key. This has helped me far beyond explanation. It puts everything into perspective, reminds me daily of my mission and my focus. This is a must for everyone.