The Legendary Man

For starters, you click the image below, which will take you through a questionnaire. That questionnaire will bring you to you specific goal, and align your obstacles to that goal. In essence, you’re getting a custom course for your goal and age, to break through your obstacles.

Legendary Man

The Body of Your Dreams

I’m not one to be consumed by the aesthetic. Training for pure looks doesn’t motivate me, but ou may want to build lean muscle for looks, or you may want both looks and to be able to use that muscle to perform better.

The Legendary Body Course – Step #1 of becoming a Legendary Man – will help you build your ideal body, both from an aesthetic standpoint, but also an athletic one.

My goal isn’t to simply help you look better, but be better. That’s how I was taught to train, and those are the methods I seek out first. You’re going to reach both goals with this course, and the material is going to be delivered to you in a day-to-day manner. You’ll get access to a ton of free stuff that will bring you closer to your goals by leaps and bounds, not steps.

What to do:

1. Sign up to the course by clicking the button on the image, answering the questions, and signing up.

Only go through the questionnaire once. Follow one path, complete that goal, then you can take a stab at another goal. Where people go wrong far too often is trying to achieve more than one thing at a time. It’s useless, trust me, I did it for years and got nowhere.

2. I’ll email you instructions on day one, then we’ll start the course the following Monday. So that’ll give you a week to get mentally prepared.

3. Be Legendaryliterally.

This course is awesome. There may still be some glitches, if there are, email me at and I’ll fix them (links that lead to nowhere). I’ve tested everything, it should be good to go, but you never know. From there, just do everything in the course. Take action. Don’t waste any information.

If I say eat X for breakfast, then do so. If I say stay away from B, then do so. If I say lift on these days, then do it. If you follow the course, and work your ass off, you’ll get the results you want.

And, oh yeah, it’s free. So go at it, but don’t let it go to waste. In the future I’ll create courses that’ll take care of the other aspects of being a Legend, but for now, let’s tackle the physical.

Note: If you’re not serious about getting great results. If you don’t want to work hard and exercise a respectable degree of discipline, don’t waste my time by signing up. I really want to help the guys who really want to become that Legendary Man, no matter their shape, age, or goal. So, if you’re serious, sign up. If not, use the other info on this site to half-heartedly make your way through life.