Cooking for Dudes

Ah, the dude. ‘Tis I, the single bachelor who, when left to my own devices, chooses speed and macronutrient breakdown over taste and quality. When I go home to see me Ma and Pa, I’m transported to another world. One where every meal is an experience. Where nutrition and taste are combined.

I eat. I gain. I grow stronger.swiss6-001

Then, when I’m tossed back to my apartment and my busy, no-time-to-cook lifestyle, and life just isn’t the same. This isn’t how it is, it’s how it was. Within the past 6 or 7 months, I’ve started taking more time to smell the roses, and cook better. The main benefit is the amount of variety in my diet today, compared to earlier in 2012. That variety translates to a higher metabolism, and greater recover – but I’ll cover that in a bit.

This article is for every dude. The married dude, the single dude, it matters not. We need more taste, more variety. So, I bring you this article.

The Married Man

You, my friend, are lucky if you have a wife who can cook. But there are always times when she’s gone, or doesn’t have the time to prepare a meal, and all hell breaks loose. I remember my old man trying to make pancakes for me and my younger sister growing up. They looked awesome on the outside, but cut into them and the middle would ooze out.

For you, this article is a fail-safe. Eat how YOU want, to reach the goals YOU want to reach. If your wife sucks at cooking, this becomes all that more important.

The Single Guy

Like myself, you make your own meals. After a long day of work – or class – where I’d rather spend time in the gym than in the kitchen, I’ll admit, I don’t make the best dishes. I eat out too much, which is a far too expensive and unhealthy way to live. I have found solutions, however, that have helped me improve the quality of my dishes, as well as my life. This article will help you do the same.

You Need Variation!

If you eat pretty much the same type of foods day in and day out, your body will get used to them and it will consequently slow down your metabolism.

You can also form allergies, and the effectiveness of the foods you’re eating every single day, are diminished.

Resource #1: In Search of the Perfect Human Diet

There are dozens of different “forms” of eating. There’s low carb, no carb, high meat, no meat, vegans, vegetarians, high carb/low fat, high fat etc… The list can go on forever. So which one is the healthiest? And how can we prove this?