How to Hit a Heavy Bag

I always dreamed of becoming a Legendary boxer. Even when I was a kid playing hockey, boxing was never far from my thoughts. Rocky was viewed weekly. Ali and Marciano hung from my wall, always in black and white, always inspiring. One day I finally said, The hell with it, and bought a heavy bag. Soon after, I walked into a boxing gym for the first time.

I still have the heavy bag. The dream, however, has evolved. Last weekend I went back to my parent’s house and hung up that hallowed, punished bag for my dear old Mom. The day after that I filmed the two videos below.

Both videos will show you how to hit a bag the right way, with a rhyme and reason to your agression. If you need further tips on how to throw punches, click this link to check out my “Boxing” playlist on Youtube.

Changing Levels



The purpose of hitting a heavy bag isn’t just to throw a barrage of punches and get a workout in; the goal is to practice. In the videos above I show you two things you can practice on the heavy bag that will help you get in better shape, but also improve your skills as a fighter.


When you’re working on a combination or developing a skill like feinting, the great thing about a heavy bag is the repetition. Set a timer for 1-3 minutes and practice that same thing for the entire round. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

Interval Training

If you’re using the heavy bag as a much needed variation in your cardio training, perform different combinations in intervals.

A couple intervals you can use when hitting the heavy bag:

Heavy Bag Training

The heavy bag is one of the best pieces of equipment we can use in our training. It’s one of the only ways to have a predominantly upper body cardio workout that also involves a lot of trunk rotation (great for fat loss in the abdominal region). Use the videos above, and the other videos on my Youtube Channel as a guide for a great heavy bag workout.