The Only Bodybuilder You Should Listen To

The Only Bodybuilder You Should Listen To.

I struggled…

When I was 15 I picked up my first dumbbell. In hopes of building muscle to become a better athlete, I walked into my high school weight room and began lifting weights. I had no mentors at the time, no one keeping an eye on me, making sure that what I was doing was right and effective. The magazines and books sprawled across my bedroom floor were my trainers. They were my mentors.

Arnold, Ronnie, Jay, and Lou gave me advice. Dexter, Frank, and Flex taught me how to train and what to eat. I wanted muscle, albeit for sports, but I still wanted muscle. Bodybuilding served as my guide. Bodybuilders as my coaches.

The results: failure and frustration.

Over the years I’ve lost faith in bodybuilders – and conventional bodybuilding – as a means to build muscle, and with good reason. For my first 8 years training, I gained nothing but fat, fury, and heartache. The reason: bodybuilding is a lifestyle, one with 2 hours training sessions, thousands of calories a day, bulking (getting fat), and cutting. It’s a lifestyle where your physique one week is never your physique the next.

The life of a bodybuilder is one spent yo-yo dieting, binging, training, eating, and destroying their body. Drugs, superhuman genetics, and a lifetime dedication to ‘getting big’ are the prerequisites. Bodybuilding isn’t for you, nor is it for me. What they do we can’t, we won’t.

It wasn’t until I looked outside the box that I got results. It wasn’t until I left the 2 hour training sessions, 5-6 days a week behind, that I gained 32 pounds of lean muscle in 32 weeks. Bodybuilders can’t identify with your or I. But, as with any “rule”, there is always an exception.

The Only Exception to the Rule.

He’s known as the “thinking man’s bodybuilder”, and his name is Ben Pakulski. He’s the most intelligent bodybuilder on the planet. His training methods are truly groundbreaking, and not just for the guy who wants to be 300lbs of solid muscle. But you and I; those who want to add 20, 40, or 60lbs of LEAN muscle. His resume boasts of Mr. Olympia appearances, of countless magazine covers, but what’s most impressive? The thousands of skinny guys he’s helped build ripped, lean, powerful muscle.

One of The Many MASSIVE Tricks I’ve Learned From Big Ben.

This is one of the greatest techniques you can apply to your training to build muscle. You can apply this to any exercise. I’ll explain below…

Added Tension

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HyperTrophy-MAX: the Last Muscle-Building Program You’ll Ever Need.

The PowerHowse Challenge is a great program for skinny guys who want to build muscle, but also want to get in shape, improve athleticism, and look & perform like a superhero. Other programs like the Adonis Effect are great for building an aesthetically pleasing body.

But what about building pure, lean, muscle mass?

There’s many a program that claims to help us do just this, but few that actually deliver. And few are given to us by a mind or resume comparable to that of Ben Pakulski.

Ben could have made a medicore program and sold thousands of copies off his name alone. But that isn’t Ben. Instead he created a program that you get in the mail every month. A program that has monthly variation, and one that’s groundbreaking both in it’s value, and it’s effectiveness.

One man can’t coach thousands of individuals and help them gain muscle. Ben has come pretty close though. If you’re a skinny guy, a guy who finds it hard to build muscle, or even a guy that can add mass, but your issue exists in creating lean mass, Ben will coach you through the proper nutrition, training, and plateau-busting techniques that have helped him become one of the worlds leading minds in building muscle.

… His resume is complete with the thousands he’s helped, the fact that he has one of the most muscular bodies on the planet is just a bonus. He’s clearly not one to preach one thing, then practice another.

If you’re lacking confidence because of a lack of muscle. If you’re tired of getting looked past. Tired of feeling inferior because of your size. Fed up because you’re going in circles, bulking and cutting, never consistently attaining the body you want. This special, very unique program is for you.

If muscle is your goal, stop looking, and start building with Hypertrophy MAX.

Check out Ben’s story, and how he’ll help you build more muscle than you will with any other program, seriously. If building muscle is where your troubles lie, check out this article and stop wasting your time.

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