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100 Things A Real Man Doesn’t Do

100 Things A Real Man Doesn’t Do

What is a man? Biologically we know he has a braciole, balls, and hair under his arms. But what makes a real man? Our society is filled with men who aren’t real men. It’s also filled with guys like you and I, who aspire real men, but we don’t always know what that entails.

A Real Man

To identify what a real man is, we’ll look at what he isn’t.

Each of the things a man doesn’t do in the list are not done for the betterment of himself, and those around him. Some of the things on the list are serious, others should be taken with a grain of salt.

Many of them I don’t do, but others I struggle with, and I’m guessing there a few that you struggle with as well. That doesn’t mean we’re not men.

One thing a man isn’t, is perfect. We’re always a work in progress.

There’s necessity in our mistakes. We need them to evolve. We need them to learn, to develop thick skin, and an idea of the kind of guy we’re going to become. Without mistakes we’ll never develop character, toughness, and our own, unique identity.

I write this article as one who is learning how to, and trying to become a better man. Understand that it’s a process that may never be complete. All we can do is try out very best, maintain the right mindset and improve everyday. With that said, let us get into it.

  1. A real man doesn’t whine.
  2. A real man doesn’t worry about that which he can’t control.
  3. A real man doesn’t fear the loss of love. He’s secure in his relationships.
  4. A real man doesn’t wish he was walking in another man’s shoes.
  5. A real man doesn’t watch more than an hour of TV on average everyday.
  6. A real man doesn’t binge drink. Oh, he drinks. He just doesn’t over drink… very often.
  7. A real man doesn’t overeat.
  8. A real man doesn’t cheat… on his lady, or at anything in life.
  9. A real man doesn’t look to others to place blame. He’s quick to accept responsibility for what he’s done wrong, and pass along praise to others when something is done right.
  10. A real man doesn’t complain.
  11. A real man doesn’t hate.
  12. A real man doesn’t wish the downfall of a competitor. He’s confident in his own talents. He doesn’t need another to fail for him to succeed.
  13. A real man doesn’t get jealous.
  14. A real man doesn’t spend more than 10 minutes of non-business related time on Facebook in a day. Ever.
  15. A real man doesn’t quit. Ever. At anything.
  16. A real man doesn’t do or say anything out of spite.
  17. A real man doesn’t do something that benefits him but degrades or diminishes another.
  18. A real man doesn’t ever raise his hand to a lady.
  19. A real man doesn’t use people.
  20. A real man doesn’t ask for directions. He gets lost, swears up a storm, hits his steering wheel, but he doesn’t ask for directions.
  21. A real man doesn’t hesitate to come to the aid of someone in need, even if he puts his own health at risk.
  22. A real man doesn’t judge. He also doesn’t stand idly by as a friend ruins his own life. He’s man enough to jump in and bring a halt to the destructive behavior.
  23. A real man doesn’t let vices run his life.
  24. A real man doesn’t neglect his own health. He also doesn’t let his family neglect theirs either.
  25. A real man doesn’t take himself too seriously.
  26. A real man doesn’t shy away from competition.
  27. A real man doesn’t answer his phone when on a date.
  28. A real man doesn’t sleep more than 8 hours a night.
  29. A real man doesn’t pout.
  30. A real man doesn’t feel sorry for himself, ever.
  31. A real man doesn’t fail to be honest with himself. He isn’t blind to his weaknesses and what can contribute to his failure.
  32. A real man doesn’t let failure deter his effort or persistence.
  33. A real man doesn’t run from his problems he faces them head on. The same can be said for his fears.
  34. A real man doesn’t envy another’s success.
  35. A real man doesn’t live beyond his means.
  36. A real man doesn’t let a woman change who he is – for the worse.
  37. A real man doesn’t change, he evolves.
  38. A real man doesn’t hesitate to risk it all for something he cares about.
  39. A real man doesn’t let comfort zones determine his decision-making process in business or in life.
  40. A real man doesn’t hesitate to get out of his comfort zone.
  41. A real man doesn’t drink and drive.
  42. A real man doesn’t steal. Unless he needs to in order to feed his family.
  43. A real man doesn’t take advantage of others.
  44. A real man doesn’t look for a fight. He only fights if it’s justified and necessary.
  45. A real man doesn’t hesitate to tell his spouse or kids that he loves them, every single day of his life.
  46. A real man doesn’t stare at another woman if he’s with a woman.
  47. A real man doesn’t change who he is when courting a woman.
  48. A real man doesn’t party more than he works, reads, or trains.
  49. A real man doesn’t tell another person how they should live.
  50. A real man doesn’t ever abuse an animal.
  51. A real man doesn’t have fame as his primary aspiration or purpose in life.
  52. A real man doesn’t fail to take care of his family.
  53. A real man doesn’t abandon his family.
  54. A real man doesn’t do what he says others shouldn’t do.
  55. A real man doesn’t fail to learn from his mistakes. No matter how often he continues to make the same ones. He gets better everyday.
  56. A real man doesn’t lead by words alone, he leads by example above all else.
  57. A real man doesn’t impose his beliefs on another.
  58. A real man doesn’t order a drink with an umbrella in it.
  59. A real man doesn’t shave his armpits.
  60. A real man doesn’t spend more time in the washroom than a woman… unless he’s sitting on the toilet.
  61. A real man doesn’t get annoyed easily.
  62. A real man doesn’t rest on his laurels.
  63. A real man doesn’t fear failure.
  64. A real man doesn’t forget his anniversary.
  65. A real man doesn’t ever count himself out or defeated.
  66. A real man doesn’t ever go after another man’s wife or girlfriend.
  67. A real man doesn’t carry his dog in a handbag.
  68. A real man doesn’t worry about what others think of him.
  69. A real man doesn’t wait for a big break, he creates his own.
  70. A real man doesn’t wear sox with loafers.
  71. A real man doesn’t wear sweat pants more than slacks, jeans, or the like.
  72. A real man doesn’t dress as if he takes no pride in how he looks.
  73. A real man doesn’t worry about how he looks.
  74. A real man doesn’t let a woman dress him.
  75. A real man doesn’t let a woman open her wallet on their first date (or any date, but times are changing, I know).
  76. A real man doesn’t sleep past 8 am.
  77. A real man doesn’t explain his joke after he’s told it (something I do after almost every joke I tell).
  78. A real man doesn’t get a woman’s named tattoo’d on his body.
  79. A real man doesn’t think he’s stubborn. Even though he is, very much so.
  80. A real man doesn’t wear pants that are skinnier than his lady’s (hipsters, I look at you).
  81. A real man doesn’t hide his past. He isn’t ashamed of where he came from. Everyday he’s better than he used to be (like Tim McGraw eludes to in this song).
  82. A real man doesn’t regret his mistakes. He appreciates them and learns how they’ve shaped who he is, and who he will be.
  83. A real man doesn’t say no to a beer because he’s worried about his lower abdomen fat (he may say no to a second, but never a first).
  84. A real man doesn’t think his success was achieved by him, and him alone.
  85. A real man doesn’t place his hopes in people or things. Instead in a purpose and a mission.
  86. A real man doesn’t abandon his friends.
  87. A real man doesn’t simply do what’s popular. He does was he believes is right.
  88. A real man doesn’t look for the easy way out.
  89. A real man doesn’t tip less than 18%.
  90. A real man doesn’t say sorry for the same thing more than once. Unless he does the same thing wrong more than once.
  91. A real man doesn’t neglect his personal hygiene.
  92. A real man doesn’t lack purpose.
  93. A real man doesn’t know when he’ll kick the bucket. He lives accordingly.
  94. A real man doesn’t watch more TV than he reads.
  95. A real man doesn’t make excuses.
  96. A real man doesn’t let the right woman slip away.
  97. A real man doesn’t get needy.
  98. A real man doesn’t show off.
  99. A real man doesn’t try to be someone he isn’t to impress someone, anyone.
  100. A real man doesn’t stand idle. He acts. He stands by his morals, beliefs, and who he is at his core. He fights for what he stands for.
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  • Guest

    101. A real man doesn't have a Bodyfat Percentage over 15% lol, j/k… Another great article, you legend!

    • Chad Howse

      Thanks man!

  • Guest

    101. A real man doesn't rely on special powers who's source may be alien, mutant or otherwise considered a 'super power'.

    In conclusion, A REAL MAN is a silent guardian. A watchful protector… He is BATMAN.

    • Chad Howse

      hahah i like it.

  • Kurtis

    102. A real man doesn't say no to a friend who needs help moving.
    103. A real man doesn't have a weak hand shake, or try to break your hand either.

    • Chad Howse

      Love both of them man. A firm handshake's huge.

  • Andrew Turner

    104. A real man knows when he NEEDS to sleep for more than 8 hours in order to not self destruct physically.
    105. A real man knows how to be physically and verbally gentle.
    106. A real man should know that he will never be a "real man" and so to have some grace on other men who likely as not have never been trained to be men.

    • Chad Howse

      I'm not sold on the more than 8 hours. Study after study shows that 8 hours is optimal. If you're really needing to catch up, I'd take naps. Over 8 hours is overkill. You'll make it up the next night.

      105 is an awesome one, thanks for adding that in there. Well said on 106 as well. This article, and the others on the time that conquer the same topic, hopefully helps every one of us along in some small way.

      • Daniel Melendez

        I have to agreed that over 8 hours is too much, I tend to feel sluggish the whole day when I oversleep.

  • Matthew Miller

    107. A real man doesn't sham when working in a team. He works hard because the work needs to be done, and he praises the team when they succeed.
    108. A real man recognizes when to engage someone who is out of line. He doesnt correct others to make himself look better, but to deter conflict.
    109. A real man doesnt forget to be tactful. He corrects in confidence, and is humble when he's corrected.
    110. A real man doesnt forget those who help him. He pays it back, and forward.

    • Chad Howse

      Awesome additions! Keep them coming.

      • Jeaster

        New reader here.

    • Jeaster

      A real man isn’t afraid to show his faith to God. Anytime,anywhere.

  • Harrison

    Really solid article, mate.

    Not sure if you listed this one, but a real man never apologises if he does not genuinely mean it.

    • Chad Howse

      Thanks bro – and I agree.

  • Daniel Melendez

    Great article and I love #20
    A real man doesn’t ask for directions. He gets lost, swears up a storm, hits his steering wheel, but he doesn’t ask for directions.

    But I don't know about fighting when justified because you can get into a lot of justified fights. I stick to fighting when necessary, didn't always though.

    • Chad Howse

      I like the change in words, when necessary. True, we could get in a lot of justified fights. Good point. Both words can be used.

  • MikeHoncho01

    What about fighting with Bullies? I have a hot temper, but strive to stay cool. However, sometimes I clash with other hot-heads. I want to fight and pound the hell out of some guys, but realize that fighting almost always ends badly: Criminal and civil actions, retaliation, losing. I'm thinking if it's to the point of a fist-fight, then a good response would be to show my anger, and ask the guy if he would like to be a boxing sparring partner behind the building. I have 2 sets of gloves and head gear for protection. If he agrees, then strap up and pound the hell out of him. But realized you might lose! If he backs down, be gracious but firm.

    • Chad Howse

      Well said Mike.
      The point I was making – for the fight-related comments – is that a lot of us are afraid of stepping up when we need to. Having boxed for a few years, fighting isn't an emotional thing – or at least it shouldn't be. If you need to step up, you do, if it isn't necessary, you don't.

      Fear shouldn't be the reason for backing down, reason should be the reason for not fighting.

  • vorik

    Adjustment to "A Man never quits at anything. He adjusts/evolves his goals accordingly"

    • Chad Howse

      Well said.

  • Sergiu

    Thank you for the article. When I'm in doubt, or I have problems, I read this article. Thank you for posting it! :)

    • Chad Howse

      No problem man – glad you got something from it!

  • Jim

    How about a real man doesn't compare himself to other men by reading a dumb list of 100 things that represent what a man shouldn't be.

    A real man doesn't fall into the same narrow category as other men simply because society deems it appropriate.

    A real man is allowed to cry, feel his emotions, hate sports, skip exercise, sleep in, and watch tv.

    A man doesn't let other people tell him what a real man is.

    Because, above all, a real man is human.

    • Chad Howse

      Hey Jim,

      I agree with you, a real man is human and flawed, but a real man is always trying to get better. He can take a list like this (one done in fun, hence the pic of Paulie Walnuts) and take something good from it. He can find value in it. It isn't someone telling him how to live, but giving him some helpful tips and some food for thought.

      We're all individuals and shouldn't conform to what others want us to be. But that doesn't mean that we can't take bits and pieces from others and add them to who we are and the man we want to become.

      Make sense?

    • MikeHoncho01

      I prefer guidelines and a path to help keep me pointed in the right direction. Otherwise I'd feel like I was adrift at sea, completely lost and everywhere I look is all flat horizon of water. I have to be something, to simply be nothing would be uncomfortable.

      • Chad Howse

        Mike, I'm the same way. Great way of putting it.

  • Jonathan

    Just read this. I agreed with 97 of them.

    I would make an exception to the rule for shaving armpit hairs and not drinking beer when first offered it when someone is preparing for a bodybuilding competition or the like.

    I don't understand why you say that real men don't ask for directions. Why is that so?

    • Chad Howse

      haha I wrote that as a joke – I've been getting a lot of questions about that one.

      Just playing on the stereotype that men are stubborn beings – of course we ask for directions.

  • John DeWerd

    Does using a GPS equal asking fro directions?

    • Chad Howse

      That one was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment. I was joking, I ask for directions at every opportunity.

  • Chad Howse

    Hey John, check the comment I posted above yours – should explain things – thanks.

  • Lourenco

    111 – A real man is not afraid to stand up for what's right or to anyone taking advantage of a child or woman. (i didn't see this on the list or on the additions, maybe I missed it but a real man is not afraid to stand corrected)

    • Chad Howse

      Hey man, that's a great one. Thanks for the addition.

      • Lourenco

        No man, it's the list that is great, thanks for compiling it…everybody else's contribution is great too but you da man, Chad.

      • Chad Howse

        Ya there have been some great additions to the list for sure. Some stuff that I completely missed.

        Shows the intelligence of the readers on this site. Not your average fitness site!

  • John

    Totally agree with most. A few I don't, "Don't tip less then 18%", to me the tip is scaled on how good the service and food is. I -usually- give great tips. However, I have gone to places, got down right terrible service and the food wasn't the best. They don't need a 18% tip, a tip that good says that they did their job well.

    • Chad Howse

      Ya good point John. I more mean for those who deserve it. Should have clarified that.

  • John

    Also, good to see you replied on the "Don't ask for directions" one. I asked for some directs yesterday.

    • Chad Howse

      That one was more of a joke. I've had more comments and emails off that one, but I was having some fun with it. It's addressed in some of the comments above as well.

  • John

    By the way, just found the site yesterday when I made those post Chad, love it. Been trying to read through it all when I have the time. Keep up the good work man.

    • Chad Howse

      Thanks John, glad you found the site man. Happy to have you with us!

  • choudhary

    a real man prays!

    • Chad Howse

      To each their own. I’m not going to tell a guy he has to, to become a man at all. But in my case, I know it helps.

  • Rob the Rican

    These are rules to live by, and should be passed on to our sons and daughters. I’m guilty of a lot of these but it’s good to shed light on them. Great read. Thank you.

    • Chad Howse

      Great to have you here Rob, thanks.

  • Ectomorph

    68. A real man doesn’t worry about what others think of him.

    Go by this and you can ignore the rest of the list. Im done here.

    • Chad Howse

      Hey man, I hear ya. Have some fun with the list though. There’s some good stuff in here, just a couple things to live by. Your addition is one of them.

      • Ectomorph

        Hey man, its all good. I read your story from lean to muscular. Great accomplishment of the physique. Congratz on that, but I have to say, nothing wrong with the basketball physique you had earlier either. Cheers.

      • Chad Howse

        Thanks bro.

    • Doc

      Ectomorph, seriously, eat beef become a mesomorph… :-)

  • Cort Goloby

    On 18 I think you should replace woman with lady, there is a difference. I need to work on 94 though.

    • Chad Howse

      Well said, and I agree. Changing now.

  • Matt

    A real man places more value on wisdom than on intelligence.
    A real man, accepting his own mortality, lives life with the goal of being part of somethng of “eternal value”, something (or someone) that does not terminate on himself.
    A real man is a defender not an offender. (mostly)
    A real man builds more bridges than he burns.
    A real man is a part of a group of guys whom he does life with; encouraging, strengthening and contributing to the overall quality of each others lives – comrades.
    A real man kisses his girl in public and tells here she’s his everthing without being ashamed of who hears or sees.
    A real man recognizes that one of the primary measures of strength is kindness. The stronger a man is the kinder a man can be.
    A real man keeps his promises.
    A real man cries, but realizes that there is a time and a place for mourning and that all too often it is the call of a Man to gird himself and be strong so that others can mourn.
    I love this kind of stuff, there is so much in life that calls a man down and not enough that calls a man up and out. Most of the stuff I posted I got from either my step-dad or grandad.

  • Mike

    #15 – Does that include drinking, smoking or treating a woman badly?

  • Mike

    #21 – Does that include religion?
    #36 and #37 – contradiction?
    #53 – Ever been to Japan?
    #64 – What if I believe god made woman and other races of lesser value than mine?

    • Josh

      If you’re serious about your last point then you’re a pathetic worm

  • chucster

    With all due respect to the quality output and articles on your website, I find that this article is simplistic to a ridiculous level, and blind to the complexity of human nature and man’s natures. In life, rarely are things so black and white and behavioural choices so easy.

    • Chad Howse

      Appreciate the respect, it’s a lighthearted article written more to get people talking than pure opinion. Glad you’re liking the rest of them though.

    • Lee


  • Ron

    Hello, I am a new reader. I appreciate that you respond regularly to comments and insights. Just this morning my wife found it amusing that the enrollment at our son’s college is 57% female pointing out the obvious. I explained to her my belief on the issue. I believe it is because of the increase in single parent households and the father’s house is not the primary residence for the son. I believe it is because fathers are accepting mediocrity from their sons and not pushing high standards. I believe that is because our society, and more specifically, school systems, are training the “man” out of our sons and fathers need to take a more active roll in our sons’ early education to allow them to be boys. And I believe that many fathers are just not modelling the behavior of a man their sons should become. Now I know that there are definitely other avenues besides college and it also depends on the programs the colleges offer which still determine enrollment. But, I still believe more fathers need to be more involved.

    • Chad Howse

      Agreed completely. Schools, especially in the younger years, are tailor made for females but not for the energetic, even wild, males. It attempts to crush masculinity. While fathers DEFINITELY need to be around more we also need to adjust how we school our young boys to raise them to be men, not shells of men with no manly values.

      • Lee

        I think that martial arts should be part of the school curriculum. I also think that it would get rid of the bully issue, but also instill responsibility and respect to those kids who live in single parent house holds. I started school in the early 80’s. I had (key word here is “HAD”) issues with bullying through out school, mainly because I was pretty scrawny and looked like an easy target. When those times arose, I handled the issue quite effectively. Actually effectively enough it actually saved my butt later on, because someone remembered the ass whooping he got a few years prior. Do/did I look for fights? No, I hated that gut wrenching feeling of knowing you may get your ass kicked, but knowing that NOT fighting back would make life worse the next day. On a couple of occasions, both of us became friends…all because of mutual respect. Then again this was during a time when people didn’t get their feelings hurt and start shooting because they considered themselves badass mofo’s.

  • 82nd11B

    a real man raises his sons [& daughters] along side his woman.
    the cardinal sin of out society, lack of dads, absent fathers
    then you would not needs lists like this

    • Chad Howse


  • R. Shackelford

    A real man doesn’t wear a fanny-pack.

    • Chad Howse

      well shit. I love my fanny pack 😉

    • Brent

      It’s a satchel!

      • Lee

        Indiana Jones has one!

    • Patrick

      Unless he’s a Sheepdog wearing PT shorts and there’s a gun in it…
      Also, #78-Wife’s name is on my right arm in a heart-known each other since 3rd grade-2 wars (AFG & Iraq), 4 kids, and 25 years later, she’s still my lady. People say, “Why would you put your wife’s name permanently on yourself?! What if you get a divorce?” My answer? Don’t. Don’t fuck it up, or give her a reason to leave.

  • CharlieFromMass

    I was redirected here from elsewhere. A few little smiles and a lot of good common-sense advice in this one.

    Rather than a grain of salt, perhaps some of these should be taken with a little more…tounge-in-cheek. But I think a lot of men, especially they younger men I know (those in their teens and 20s-about 30 or so, who have really been screwed up by the over-feminization of our society,) really need to read and consider this, and even if they don’t take it all literally, at least see and understand the points being made.

    I, for one, am glad this got posted.

    • Chad Howse

      Appreciate it Charlie.

  • mapoffla

    Can’t help but notice how far obozo falls short of being a “real” man. Sort of validates the list.

    • Chad Howse

      WELL SAID.

  • Ann Wilson

    Ephesians 5:25
    Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her . . .

  • Ann Wilson

    Proverbs 12:27
    The lazy do not roast any game, but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt.

  • Nickolas

    Let it be known and understood by all that is it is proclaimed by the creator God, that a real man is never intimately affectionate with another man this means anything sexual or anything that goes beyond the normal and natural love and bond of a brother and father or the love of a friend as oneself.

  • Morgan

    This list is completely and utterly ridiculous. If you have a penis and are comfortable with your biological gender, congratulations; you’re a real man!

    • Lee

      Being a man is more than that. It’s morals and beliefs that make up a male humans character. Just cuz you have penis doesn’t make you a “man”. A male with 10 kids with different baby mommas isn’t a man, he’s a male human. Being a man is a lifestyle and a mindset. Some people get it, some people don’t.

  • Blind Melon Chitlin

    a real woman has tits bigger than her mouth, and an ass that can fit through a car door. fuck off you sexist pig

  • Will Smith

    While I don’t necessarily disagree with the items on this list it is ironic and annoying to have yet another woman telling a man who he should be. Women are free to define femininity but leave men to do their own homework. Just more simplistic horseshit. Interestingly complexity and contradiction appear nowhere on this list. If you need to define masculinity for your man you are better off with a cat…. or two. Maybe three. But either way just shut the fuck up.

    • Chad Howse

      Where are you getting that this is written by a woman???

      Article by Chad Howse – right at the top. So the shut the fuck up? If I didn’t think you did such a great job in the film “Ali”, I’d clock you. But well done.

  • camsler

    A real man doesn’t wear more jewelry than a woman.
    A real man doesn’t hit a woman.
    A real man doesn’t demand things be given to him. He works for what he’s got and wants.

  • Richards, Dick

    A real man keeps it real, man….This is the dumbest thing I have ever read, do you know how impossible it is for a man to be all these things? A real man is Jesus how about that ladies? This is why I am single I am not going to waste my life trying to perfect perfection just so some women can go to her social gathering with all her friends and talk about how her man all that. I got more important things to do with my time like make money and go places you ladies cant and only wish you could. This standard, only a percentage of women not worth having around would say some stupid crap like this. Men and women alike are flawed, we are not perfect, you deal with each others short comings and continue to fight to stay in love. If you cant manage to see that then you are weak.

    • Chad Howse

      Guys, you’ve got to stop being so damn sensitive. This article was clearly a tongue in cheek article (real men don’t ask for directions, come on).

      Read other articles on the site. Trust me, they’re about the soul, the spirit, not merely about things and rules and laws. Have fun with this stuff though and take what you can to improve – because we CAN always become better.

      • Lee

        I think some of these comments have proved the point of the article. Actually it makes me laugh, b/c I read the comments and then for some reason I try to picture what the person actually looks like physically. I see a dude with a hipster beard, glasses, button up shirt w/ skinny jeans and sandals. I will admit, I don’t meet all of these requirements, but I am who I am. Oh well.

      • Chad Howse

        I don’t think anyone meets all of these “requirements”, and many of them are just for fun – and clearly a hipster is far from an alpha 😉

      • Lee


  • Timothy

    what a bunch of shit!!! There hows that for complaining?

    • Chad Howse

      haha yea that’s great complaining. You actually take the time out of your day to say that? You must have one useless day.

  • Dan

    A real man doesn’t feel so insecure he needs to write OR read “How to become an ALPHA MALE” or “An Alpha Male this or An Alpha Male that”… If you need to talk or read SO much about manliness, you don’t have it, period, and need to constantly prove it to sleep better. You are or you aren’t, no padded list needed. This is just another website capitalizing on the insecurities of people, just like religion.

  • Emmad

    A real man doesn’t shave his beard.

    • Chad Howse

      Well. Said.

  • fu

    so basically it’s impossible to be a real man? cool, whatever…

  • ela

    a real man is not available at present…a real man is an illusion of a woman

  • Robin

    A real man doesnt ever hit a woman unless his life is in danger.

  • frank

    Dog on it. That would be a perfect human being. And there is not such a thing.
    in real life we men may mean well but end up behaving like cave men.
    Good pointers but again not such thing as a perfect man.

  • Ulughbek

    A real man does not watch porn. He learns to appreciate real women.

    • lordhelmet

      There is a time and place for everything. Watching porn with a woman (wife) who wants to see it is just part of the spice of life. A REAL WOMAN is not intimidated by action on a TV.

  • Chris

    Would you mind elaborating on 96. some time Chad?

    • Chad Howse

      Ya that’s something I’ll cover in the future. Not now. From the emails I’m answering, too many guys think that every woman they meet is the right woman, they drop everything and follow her. That’s not what is meant. Search “rambling man” in the sidebar and read the first article that pops up, that’ll help.

  • Kovain

    Good read. Thanks Chad.

  • Alan

    Sorry but to me this self-enslavement has failed us and is continuing to fail men in a society that no longer values them. Time for men to quit following such guidelines and stand up for THEMSELVES.

    We have stood up for everyone except ourselves for far too long, and where has it gotten us? For many men it has got them kicked out of their own homes, which they continue paying for, kicked out of college or careers, kicked out of their children’s lives, and generally treated as the 3rd class citizens (behind “women and children”) these rules define us as.

    There is absolutely no reason there shouldn’t be “men and children” for example. Instead we’ve sat by while the very idea gets as painted as perverts? There’s no reason why we shouldn’t “Whine” or “pout” or otherwise complain. NOT complaining is why manhood and masculinity are spat upon in the West.

    I mean this in the nicest and most respectful way possible, but shove this list up your ass. :o)

  • rick

    how bout a real man doesn’t repeat the same reasons just to fill out his 100

  • Manny Arcangel

    Numbers 10 and 20 contradict each other.

  • lordhelmet

    This should be required reading for boys and especially for those born to a single mother with no dad (the loser who took off is the ultimate non-real-man). The disintegration of our “inner cities”, our government, our education, and our culture at large is the direct result of the loss of these values and the substitution by values created by feminist, marxist, racist, radicals from the 60’s who have infested and subverted our culture, our media, our educational system, and our government. It’s long overdue for a rebirth in this nation before it’s too late. And it may already be too late. It’s not whining, it’s facing a hard truth. REAL MEN will save this country but it’ll be a long and difficult and probably bloody struggle. Those down with it will prevail. The weak will not.

    • Chad Howse

      well said, and thanks!

  • Michael

    “A real man doesn’t impose his beliefs on another.” ?? Is this list not a list of your beliefs of what a real man is and is not?

    • Michael

      I guess it depends what you mean by “impose”. I don’t see anything wrong with trying to convince other people of your beliefs, but you can’t and shouldn’t force people to believe.

  • Guest

    Being a real man sounds friggin’ exhausting. I think I’ll just be me and fuck all that alpha male posturing…

  • Helena

    101. A real man knows how to spell and use words properly.

    Like in #81 – you meant to say “allude” instead of “elude. “Elude” means to avoid or escape.

    • Chad Howse

      that is not #101. you just made that up.

      • Helena

        Well yes, I did make it up, just trying to make a point. I know your list only has 100 items. Sorry if you took this the wrong way.

      • Chad Howse

        all good. I was being cheeky.