A Real Man Won’t Let Time Run His Life

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t
own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep
it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it
you can never get it back.” ~ Harvey Mackay

Are you going to let time beat you?

September 9, 1985 was my first day at war with time. That’s the day my clock began ticking. The very day I began living was the day I began dying.

Obviously, I had no knowledge of my enemy or what effect it would have on my life. But it was at battle nonetheless, with an enemy who had no face, no armour, but one mighty weapon: the second-hand on the clock, like a sword slashing time. Counting down. One day reaching an end.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock…

The battle cry of time so close to that of a blacksmith hammering away, forging the metal that is to become a sword. It’s piercing. Deafenning.

As I grow older, my battle begins to take form. As a youth, time tears me from my toys. It places me in a 4-walled cage. My Mom calls it nap time in my crib. But I know it’s prison.

As I enter the world of organized education, time places me into a new form of prison: school. It even teases me with recess and lunch. But just as they begin to get exciting. They end. That bastard did it to me again.

Time is torturing me. Toying with me.

As I get into the work force, time starts to expedite the killing process through it’s right-hand man: stress. Where I was once an active, healthy young man, the need to get ahead in a world where “hours” on the job get you a promotion, my active lifestyle takes a back seat.

Stress takes its toll. As does the lack of physical activity. I begin to get fat. If only I had MORE TIME I could train more, eat better, and enjoy life like I THOUGHT it was supposed to be enjoyed. But no, as I grow older new obstacles arrive.

A family. Their health more important than mine. Their needs come first, mine second. ‘Bringing home the bacon’ is my #1 mission in life. I eat whatever is around. Not what is good for me. Working out? There’s no time for that. I do it in spurts, but never with any real consistency.

The older I get, the less time I have. The years begin to whiz by like our breath on a cold day. It’s here for a moment, and the it disappears. I begin to get older. With age comes wisdom. I realize that time has tricked me.

The years I spent focused on “getting ahead”, tearing my body down with stress and a lack of care, should have been spent on the opposite. They would have been more successful had I taken care of my body. I would have had more energy and a greater ability to focus. I would have gotten more done in less time as a result.

When I gave more time to my girlfriend. Then my wife. And finally my children, I would have been able to give more QUALITY time to them had I taken care of my body. Instead of splitting my life into two priorities: family and work. I could have added a third that would have benefitted the other two.

And now, laying in this hospital bed, with tubes and machines keeping me alive. My children by my side as I say my final words. I see that by giving more time to other areas of my life, I would be feeding and supporting the areas and the people that I loved the most. The years of abuse have taken me. The years of war could have been won had I simply taken care of myself.

Time is to be appreciated. It’s not to be used, but enjoyed. It’s not to be fought, but befriended. Lesson learned. But far too late.

A Real Man Doesn’t Let Time Defeat Him

“If only I had more time” is the LAST thing I want to be saying on my deathbed. But it’s something we say everyday. We look to our work as “hours logged” not quality of work completed. We have the same approach to our family life and our daily life.

Obviously a large part of that story is fictional. But I was headed down that path. I used to work a 9-5 (more like a 6-6) that brought me a lot of stress. One in which my body and my health took a backseat. When I started my own business I kept that mindset. That more hours are better.

Again, my health took a backseat. When I began to give more credence to the quality of work I do, I began to get more work done, at a MUCH higher quality. Part of this is diet. But a large part of it is the 10-minute work breaks I take to do the workouts in the Travel Trainer.

With travelling, comes other obstacles. I know a lot of you travel for work – as do I, as well as for pleasure. It gets harder and harder to build the body you want, and maintain the health you want to maintain. That’s why I created the Travel Trainer, for those of you who can’t always get to the gym, can’t afford the gym, or simply want the boost in endorphins that quick, intense workouts give you. 

I say “a real man doesn’t let time defeat him”, but it’s not always that easy. We all want to get ahead. But the old way of “getting ahead” simply doesn’t work, nor does it last. If we fight time. Time will win. If we use it better. We will.

Train to Live BETTER.

Within the past year my business has really grown. As have my responsibilities. As such, I have more to do and less time to do it. I also have higher standards for myself. I won’t post a shitty guest article, or a half-assed article on this site.

I won’t create a half-assed product. Write a half-assed email. Or create a half-assed video. There’s no point!

As a result, I need more energy, creativity, and a greater ability to focus for a longer period of time. Caffeine is great, but I limit myself to two cups of coffee a day (if that). That’ll only get me so far. The thing that has really taken me to the next level is the 10-minute training breaks I’ll take 1-2 times a day.

The endorphins we release due to intense exercise are POWERFUL. I’ve had my best article ideas after a quick workout. This article came after a workout. As did the idea for the Travel Trainer: a collection of 10-minute workouts, 10-minute meals, and other strategies to increase productivity, help improve results, AND help people who don’t have the time or the money to get to the gym.

Train To Live Longer.

In the end, we have no control over how long we live or when we die. The healthiest guy in the world could get hit by a car tomorrow. What we DO have control over is stacking the odds in our favour.

If you have NO TIME to train at the gym. If you’re on the road a lot and can’t find the consistency you need to workout, the Travel Trainer will help you.

10 minutes. That’s all you need. Ask yourself, are you willing to let time defeat you before your time? If you’re not, click the link below and grab the $7 solution to your obstacles.

Train for Optimal Results.

For those of us who CAN get in the gym 4 times a week for 30-45 minutes each session – splitting up a workout results in better results. It accounts for greater recovery time for muscle building and a greater boost in metabolism for those after fat loss.

Adding a 10 minute workout in a couple times a week can be great for your overall goals. The fact is that we sit WAY to much as a culture and for our species. We need to get up, get our blood flowing, and our minds working MUCH more than we do today.

The primarily bodyweight workouts in the Travel Trainer help us accomplish this.

On the road?

No time to train?

Want to expedite your results?

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