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Why You Need More Testosterone in Your Life!

So here I stand…

…half way up a volcano in Maui. The lush greenery is like nothing I’ve ever seen – which is saying a lot coming from Vancouver. The weather on the mountain’s nothing to be desired. It’s cold and its wet. Goosebumps cover my skin like spots on a cheetah. But the smile on my face has never been wider.

Due to some wonderful ingenuity, and a fair amount of free time, the owner of the property – the one on the side of the mountain that I’m standing on – has dug a trench down the mountain that winds like a snake as it slithers. He then lined it with a thick, slippery plastic material, and has created one of the coolest water slides I’ve ever seen.

Alpha Male

So here I stand, about to go on my 4th or 5th run, each time going faster and faster, and I make a decision; “no holding back this time”, I say to myself… Or maybe I yell it out loud as I pound my chest like a silverback Gorilla… who knows, I can’t remember.

I’m there with a group of 10 or so people. All of whom have done numerous runs down the side of this mountain. Some face first. Others on their back. Others going in groups. All of which is being photographed.

I’ve had some close calls with one of the turns on my previous runs. But this time I decide to let nothing but my heels and my shoulders touch the surface of the waterside. I also decide not to slow down no matter what happens – big mistake.

I obviously take a running start, slide right on to my back, elevate my hips so my heels and shoulders are the only things touching the surface, and I’m off!

Holy shit I’m going fast. Turn one was a little iffy, turn two was a close call, and then comes the final turn. The last turn before the small, circular pool at the end of the water slide. A pool that’s surrounded by lava rock, which might have sounded like a great idea when they built it, but it’s not the nicest thing to slide across bare chested.

Approaching the final turn going full speed with the pact I made to myself not to slow down fresh in my mind, and I fly over it. I launch over the 2 foot rise (no guard), slide down the grass, twisting and turning as I propel down the 20 feet between me and the small, circular pool.

I then meet the lava rock. By now I’m no longer on my shoulders and heels. I’m not on me arse, coming full circle, sliding face first into those pesky little rocks that act as a guard around this little pool. A guard against people who go too fast, slide off the edge, sliding to their own, unbeaten path.

The result: my stomach looked like a raspberry. It looked like I was skinned. Bleeding profusely, I walked back up to the top off the hill, everyone else half in shock that this happened, half laughing because of the sight of me launching from that edge, and half (yes, 3 halves) concerned about the blood starting to drip from my chest, stomach, and knees.

Chad Howse Testosterone

The Protocol That Helped Me Heal in 3 Days

During this vacation I had also been adhering to two protocol’s that I had found in a book I was reading at the time: Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Body.

The goal of these protocol’s was to naturally raise testosterone levels far beyond what they already are by increasing the amount of good fats (natural + organic saturated & monounsaturated fats) I was taking in on a daily basis, usually before bed and upon rising.

The other part of the protocol called for cold showers upon rising and before bed. Heat is the enemy of our testicles. Heat kills our sperm which is why they suggest we don’t wear underwear or briefs. The cold, however, is a great environment for our boys, and it also helps promote elevated levels of testosterone.

Saturated fats (animal fats) and monounsaturated fats help us raise our testosterone (test) levels. Raised test levels is simply a response by our body as to how we process said fats. When taken before bed and upon rising, they have been shown to have a greater effect on our testosterone levels. Thus the before bed and upon rising snack.


The two protocol’s I was using:

Shake 3x a week

12 oz whole raw milk, 4 tbsp raw almond butter, 2 raw egg yolk, 3 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Before bed & upon rising snack

Cod liver oil. 3,000-5,000 IU vitamin D3, 3 Brazil nuts + a source of fats (food). I threw this in on my own. It was usually a couple whole eggs, an avocado, or a grass fed beef burger paddy.


Let’s get that image of a raspberry back into our head’s. I was bloody. I had exposed skin and little cuts all over my chest, and I thought I’d be taking the plane back to Vancouver with bandages on my chest, and band-aids on my knees and elbows…

But this wasn’t so…

Due to my elevated levels of testosterone (testosterone aids in tissue repair) I began to heal immediately. After my first night’s sleep, the scabbing not only started, but had already began to heal. By day two the scabs were shrinking even more, and by day 3 I was better. I had some scarring, but the scabs were gone. To say the least, I was shocked.

Another thing I noticed on this trip, that brought more attention to the elevated testosterone levels, was the attention I was getting from my girlfriend at the time. Not that I wouldn’t get attention on a regular basis, but she was a lot more “hands on board” than usual.

She even mentioned this fact to me, a fact that I would’ve brushed off as me being a little more awesome than usual, had I not witnessed the cuts healing, and one other thing: the wandering eyes. Every time we’d hit the pool, or head out for a meal, I’d get triple the looks from ladies that would normally occur.

I didn’t notice it at first, she did. Then I began to notice it. Then I put the pieces of the puzzle together – yay Chad!

Why You Need More Testosterone in Your Life

Not only do raised testosterone levels result in greater tissue repair (how fast my skin healed, and how much faster our muscles recover with higher test levels), but it also results in pheromones being released. Pheromones that attract women to men with no real explanation.

Especially if these women are ‘ready for love’, i.e. ovulating – which we’ll not get in to because I have no knowledge on the topic of women and how they work. They, my friends, are very much a mystery.

Nevertheless, higher testosterone levels help us lose fat, build muscle, heal faster, and attract women.

Muscle = Confidence.

Fat Loss = Confidence.

Attracting women = Confidence

Testosterone is a powerful hormone, one that we don’t need to abuse. Steroids result in a long term inability to produce this awesome ‘man hormone’. But the strategies I gave you in each of the following articles help you raise them naturally, and keep them raised for a lifetime.




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