Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin, Ignorance, & A Unique Path to Success

Jeremy Lin

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill

A dream. The dream. The one we had going into high school. The one that kept us up at night, imagining, wishing, planning how our lives would be when we finally reach this dream.

The work. Hard work. We put it in daily. Studying. Practicing. Perfecting our craft. We get better on a daily basis, knowing that our big opportunity can come at any moment. The preparation, the blood, the sweat, and the tears are all for this moment. For this dream.

Then, we get our big break. It could be a scout that visits a high school basketball game or a college football game. The editor of a famous magazine could stumble upon our writing. Or, in Jeremy Lin’s case, a couple point guard’s could fall to injury. A team stuck in a losing slump is willing to experiment. And he gets his chance. Finally.

The difference between Lin, and the millions of others who get their opportunity, is that he attacked. He’d been picked up, signed, then released a few times in a very short NBA career. Enough to know that this opportunity, the chance to play for the New York Knicks in the Mecca of basketball, could be his very last.

Knowing Your Place

So here he is, a kid that went to Harvard, a school not known for their basketball prowess, getting a chance to play among the world’s very best. He should feel grateful, right? Shouldn’t he feel a sense of accomplishment simply having reached the NBA?

He’s achieved much more than anyone would have thought he would growing up. He’s in the NBA! Time to rest on your laurels, am I right?

When I get together with uber successful people, guys and girls who have built incredible businesses, helped hundreds and thousands, or even millions of people, how do I act? Or how do you act in the same position? Do we fade, feel small, insignificant, like we don’t belong, or do we act as if these are your peers? No better or worse then we are, no more special, no more deserving of being where we are.

Sure, we respect them like we respect anyone who’s accomplished something special. But we don’t fade into obscurity. We believe in what we can accomplish, we’re proud of the work we have done, the hours we put in, and we know that we are amongst peers, not superheroes. Or if they are superheroes, we are one of them.

Lin could have been timid. He could have gone into the game and waited, bided his time, let the game come to him, or he could do what led him to earn the starting job. He could do what led him to score more points in his first 4 games as a starter than any other player in NBA history. He took matters into his own hands.

He played as if he were amongst equals. He played with confidence, the confidence that only comes from thousands of hours of practice. He attacked.

The key to his success is that he knew his place, but this ‘place’ or role, wasn’t the role that everyone else knew for him. If you, I, or anyone wants to be successful. If we want to reach our ultimate goals, dreams, and build our dream life, we must have the confidence to know that we can accomplish anything we put our minds to, and the ignorance to not pay attention to what others think of us, or others believe we can achieve.

“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.” Mark Twain

“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your Path To Success

Success isn’t a direct line. It’s a lot of hard work, work that many are unwilling to do. Success requires risk, the risk of looking like a fool, like a dreamer, like a wide-eyed wanderer.

Success isn’t always about the most talented guy having an easy ride to the finish line. Does success require talent? Yes. But it also requires passion, work ethic, and the unwillingness to accept defeat.

The guy who win’s the ultimate prize. The guy who creates his dream life isn’t always the guy who has the fastest start. A lot of the time, the most successful guy is simply the guy who doesn’t give up. He doesn’t listen to his friends, family, or competitors who don’t understand why he keeps pushing.

Which are you?

Never Quit

3 Things to Do Today

Frustrated by a lack of confidence because of how you look, feel and perform?

The following 3 steps will help you get in better shape, faster, will help you perform better, but also help you find clarity with your goals, dreams, and lifelong ambitions (especially the 3rd step).

1. Start your day off with a bang.

With my own personal experience, I need to start the day off right if I’m going to get the work done that I want to get done, or accomplish what I want to accomplish.

I’ve tested so many morning routines that I’ve lost track. But the ‘meat and nuts breakfast‘ accomplishes a few things:

a) Slows the rise of blood sugar. If we have carbs in the morning, our insulin is spiked, this results in a crash at around 11 or 12. By slowing this rise with meat, we’ll have more energy for longer periods of time.

b) The fatty acids in nuts promote brain activity. So not only are we going to have more energy, but we’re going to have a greater ability to focus and think in the wee hours of the morning where thinking isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

2. Get right hormonally.

Testosterone have been given a bad name over the years because of steroids. But, for us men, testosterone is a VERY important hormone for a myriad of reasons. We need testosterone in our lives.

Check out this article (it’ll give you a MUCH more detailed explanation of why, and how you can get it naturally): Why you need more Testosterone in your life

3. Download the ‘PowerHowse Challenge‘, FREE ebook.

Have an idea of what you want, but no real clarity?

In this ebook I give you exercises that you can do to find exactly what you want, then we figure out how to get it.

Tired of suffering from a lack of confidence because of how you look?

When I was skinny I didn’t have anywhere near the confidence I do now. As a result, I didn’t have the success in any area of life that I do now.

In this ebook I give you specific steps to take to build your ideal physique by losing fat, and gaining muscle at the same time. These are all principles you can apply to your training starting today.

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