How to Become a Skinny Fat Man

The skinny fat man

Boyish shoulders that hang ever so gingerly over the budding bitch tits, and the tire that hangs an inch or two over his belt. A belt that still deceptively holds firm around 32-34 inches. He can hide his ‘details’ under a few extra layers, but his frame hasn’t changed since he was 15.

The ectomorphic physique. The desire to build muscle has led him to eat the wrong kinds of calories, train in the wrong manner, and follow the wrong advice. His fault? No, not at all.

The advice this skinny fat man follows dominates muscle building and fat burning literature. These were the options presented to him, what was he supposed to do? So he diets, runs for hours, and is left with a forgettable physique. His confidence and pride exist, but it pails in comparison to what it would be had he taken a different path.

Treat this article like a checklist. If you’re doing the majority of these things, use the resources I provide you, and stop the skinny fat man syndrome in it’s tracks. BUT, if you’re already there, use this article as a kickstart, and turn things around, immediately!

Skinny fat men ‘go for a jog’.

There’s a direct correlation between my friends who have stayed in the gym and kept lifting weights in some form or another as their main source of fitness, and those who have moulded in that ‘I’m just heading out for a jog” group.

The ‘jog group’ are skinny fat men. The weight training group are solid. They have manly physiques and they look like they’re in good shape. The problem with a jog is the lack of intensity. Not to mention the pounding on the lower back and knees that occur as a result of this slow paced ‘jog’.

If you want to be a skinny fat man, ‘go for a run’. Don’t enter a weight room, because weight lifting ‘takes too much time’. The gym membership is ‘too expensive’. But you know, oh yes, you know, a couple of cutbacks here and there are more than enough to pay for the gym membership.

DON’T want to become a skinny fat man? Simple. Go to the gym 4 days a week. Sprint more than you jog, and follow this free program —–> The Real Thor Workout.

Skinny Fat Men Stress About EVERYTHING.

Cortisol is the killer of muscle gains. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released in times of high mental and emotional stress, but also long periods of physical stress.

Stress is all in the mind. I get stressed, REALLY stressed sometimes, but I know that no matter what I’m going through “it’ll all be over soon.”

It’s a simple phrase, but it’s also very true. Time passes, it’s a fact of life. And with time, so does everything else in life. Our LIVES will soon pass. Do you really want to spend it worrying about then next bill, work, or where you’re headed in life?

Work hard, VERY hard. Work smart. Be a good person. Basically do everything you can do to make life go the way you want it to be, then let go. There’s nothing we can do beyond that.

But, if you’re content stressing, worrying, and fearing LIFE, welcome to life as a skinny fat man.

Skinny Fat Men Don’t Sleep.

Being a skinny fat man isn’t just about eating crap, not working out, and going for runs when weights should at least share half of the time and effort. It has a lot to do with hormones.

Cortisol is great for skinny fat men, it burns muscle and helps us store fat. Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are the enemy of the skinny fat man. They help us repair tissue, and burn fat.

Cortisol levels are higher when we don’t sleep. So the same guy who’s stressing about work, probably large in part because he doesn’t sleep, is losing sleep because he’s so stressed. That’s a double whammy folks!

Bad hormone raised in one area, that leads to this ass hole of a hormone to being raised in another area. Say bye bye to testosterone and HGH levels, and high to the ‘man boob’ and a jiggly belly.

If you DON’T want to be a skinny fat man, get your 8 hours – or at least 7. Sleep is very important. It will increase your productivity and QUALITY of work, which will probably also lead to less stress. Another double whammy! But a good one this time :)

Skinny Fat Men Train Like a Women. 

Not due to any fault of his own, but rather to the various fads that have come and gone, leaving us with the remnants around the man boob area, and that overhanging belly.

Somewhere, somehow, we thought that light weight and high reps is the best method to burn fat (side note: the skinny fat man also thinks his problem is that he has too much fat, not that he has not enough muscle.) So we up the reps when we’re trying to lose fat, but is this really the right way to go about it?

No matter WHAT your goal is, you can’t simply stick to one rep count and get consistent gains. It doesn’t work like that. Our bodies ALWAYS adapt to the demands we place on them. The skinny fat man hasn’t figured this out, but PLEASE tell me you have.

We NEED heavy weeks where we focus on low reps at high weights. We NEED high reps and light weights, and heavy-ish weights at the 8-12 rep range.

We NEED to change up our tempos. We need cardio. We need sprints.

The key is we need change.

Heavy lifting in the lower body helps us raise HGH levels. Which helps us burn fat, but also helps us repair tissue and build muscle. If your goal is to get ripped, focus on building muscle with your training. Add in some sprints – of the hill or stair variety are always a great choice – and eat at a caloric deficiency.

Muscle = high metabolism.
High Metabolism = more fat burned when you’re on your ass watching TV.

Make it easy on yourself. Try this program —> The Ivan Drago Workout

Skinny Fat Men Don’t Eat Carbs Around Their Workout.

Our bodies need fuel, or else we go looking to other sources, especially when we’re training hard. Have a source of good carbohydrates (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal) with some lean proteins before you head to the gym.

The carbs will help disrupt the rise of cortisol. But the skinny fat man hasn’t figured this out yet. The skinny fat man doesn’t plan his meals around his workout. He doesn’t really care about what he eats or HOW he trains. He kind of just goes through the motions.

The Skinny Fat Men Don’t Eat Meat.

Skinny fat men run from saturated fats. They’ve been indoctrinated into the mindset that red meat is bad, and animal fats are the source of heart disease and high cholesterol.

More and more studies are coming out saying that this just isn’t true. That sugars and high glycemic carbohydrates lead to belly fat and heart disease, along with trans fats (fried foods are THE WORST).

Saturated fats also raise testosterone levels, along with monounsaturated fats, especially upon rising and before bed. So say yes to eggs, meats, whole carbs, and lot’s of veggies. And say no to too much sugars and always say no to fried and packaged foods.

Can you go overboard? Of course. You can eat too much of anything. But the skinny fat man is so scared of eating too much red meat and too much fat that he’s killing his hormones and any chance at a powerful-looking, masculine physique that commands respect and gives him confidence.

The Skinny Fat Man

I hate to dog on skinny fat men. I have some good friends who are skinny fat men, and they HATE IT! THAT is why I’m writing this article. I haven’t met a guy who’s a skinny fat man and isn’t at least a little self-conscious and unhappy about how he looks.

Being a skinny fat man is completely under our control, and largely a result of bad information that has been blasted to us over the past couple of decades. Information that might be alright for women in some cases, but not for a guy.

It’s time to make a change. Hopefully this article has helped.

Here are a few other resources that’ll do the job:

How to Raise Testosterone Levels (article)
How to Get Ripped (article)

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  • Brad Borland

    Ah, the Skinny Fat Man! They are usually the biggest sports fans. Kind of ironic…

    • Chad Howse

      haha very true.

  • Matt Castle

    GREAT article as always Chad. Yeah, I was definitely fooled by what I read about food items like red meat a few years back. Hmmm, keep men from eating a natural source of creatine and testoterone building fats and push tofu. Think someone is trying to feminize us??? And I was at one time saving all my carbs until POST workout, the result: tanking energy levels during my training, small BF% but less than impressive muscle gains. Now that I'm eating a higher fat diet and putting my daily carbs before, during and after training my BF% remains low but my muscle gains have improved greatly. Keep bringing your no B.S. articles!!

    • Chad Howse

      Great to hear Matt!
      Glad you started looking to other sources and found a solution. Glad you liked the article too, thanks bro!

  • ManlyBass

    I'm actually vegetarian – so I eat no meat at all! (though I make it up with lots of eggs, nuts etc)
    Great post though – glad to say I don't do any of the other things on here! :)

    • Chad Howse

      thanks man!
      Eggs are maybe the best food on the planet, nuts are great too. I start my day with a bowl of nuts, fried eggs, and sometimes bacon. Fats are VERY important, especially if you're not finding them from the animal variety. Glad to hear you're making it work!

  • Bob Garrett

    I am a 'Skinny Fat Man' yet, at 61 scored a 143 on your Fitness Test – What am I doing wrong that I can not get rid of the fat around the hips??

    • Chad Howse

      Hey Bob,

      Good to hear from you. Run down this checklist:
      training 4 times a week (less than 60-minute sessions)
      Doubling, tripling, even quadrupling up your sets.
      carbs before and after your workout
      fats before bed and upon rising
      8 hours of sleep…

      let me know if you're doing these things, remind me of your training routine in an email. You're doing bodyweight primarily correct?

  • Abhishek

    Good stuff. Keep it coming.

  • space

    nice post
    i'm probably skinny fat…
    the only problem is that being a family man working 12h a day i cannot go to the gym more than once or maximum twice a week.
    Any ideas or posts about how to deal with that pb?
    Also siting too much + eating (low carb most of the time) created some small "love handles" that i hate
    Maybe i need some cardio but i'm afraid to become skeleton…
    some help please?

  • Jackson D

    Hi chad great article! i am a skinny fat man with a rather large muffin top now and those jelly boobs you speak of. My main source of protein is soy and tofu and i love it! I have been doing weights 1 day a week with my reps high around 30-40 reps. I also do aerobic classes 4 nights a week and i do a home workout dvd-program called "buns and thighs for guys" but i still cant put on any solid muscle! should i stop aerobic classes completely and just do weights for the next few months? please help me with this as summer season is coming up and i know your one of the best in the business,thanks chad :)

  • Daniel Wallen

    Skinny fat isn't a way to live. I was skinny fat once. Doing cardio and an "early bird pump" class every morning. The latter was an hour of aerobics masquerading as weight lifting. I didn't know any better at the time, but then I read Starting Strength and New Rules of Lifting. It's terrifying to think if I never read those, I might still be skinny-fat. *Shudder*

    • Chad Howse

      Agreed! Much of this isn't our fault at all, we're simply being given the wrong information, led to believe it's a TRUTH, and it's pretty difficult to get out of that rut unless we're shown a different way that grabs us, and makes sense.

      Glad you took a turn for the better bro!

  • Matt Miller

    Every time I hit the gym I try to change things up, if ever so slightly: low reps, high weight or pyramids or even compound/isolation supersets. I also never train the same muscle group two days in a row (unless i feel zero soreness). My battle buddies don't get this. They eat way too much crap (fried food, poptarts, tacobell) and do the same workout every day– it's no wonder they look and feel out of shape. I workout to look and feel and perform to the best degree I can. How do we reach these people who are constantly in denial and ignorance who lack motivation!?

    • Chad Howse

      Hmm. To be honest, my favourite method is always to lead by example.
      I can't force change on someone who isn't receptive, but when they start seeing the results you are getting, and how things are going for you, hopefully they'll start to ask questions and that's when you can help them..

      Just keep training hard and smart, and be an example to your buddies, they'll come around, and they'll be better long term because of it, of course.

  • Ryan7

    Hey man, its me Ryan. I sent you an E-mail a week back you didnt reply and when I tried contacting you thru e-mail again, you either blocked me by mistake or there's some problem with your e-mail . I e-mailed you about learning the peek a boo style of boxing and signing up for your training program. So, unless you have a problem, let's start as soon as possible or atleast let me know. I sent you an e-mail from the before mentioned address.

    • Chad Howse

      Hey man, I'm sure I got your email, I'm just wayyy behind on them due to travelling, and getting sick for the first time in years (not fun).

      I have a block scheduled to answer them tomorrow and I'll have a look at it for sure. Thanks for the reminder here – talk soon!

  • Joe

    Thanks for the tips, I will give it a try! 😉

  • james

    holy shit you seem fucking annoying you annoying macho faggots tone it down a little bit your 4 inch dick is just fine you overcompensating pituitary retard