How to Build Lean Muscle

Magic Pill: The Fastest Way to Build Lean Muscle

How to Build Lean Muscle

Strong. Powerful. And Confident. That’s how I see myself. I see myself as a guy that can handle myself and protect the people I love. I see myself having the confidence to walk up to my dream girl and starting a conversation. The guy who can do what I want, when I want. Not in an arrogant sense by any means. Simply in that I’m strong enough, powerful enough, and confident enough to physically accomplish what I want, but also mentally strong enough to do so as well.

But then I wake up. I realize I’m a skinny guy who has this strength within him. But doesn’t yet know how to unleash it.

No matter where we are in life. If we’re overweight, or if we’re too skinny. Or if we simply aren’t quite where you want to be. We all have an idea of what we’d ideally look like.

If there were a magic pill that…

We could take that would get us our ideal bodies – one that would cut out the process, the struggling, the sacrificing, the wondering of what is going to work and what isn’t – in an instant. It’d already be in the mail.

But it doesn’t exist. Instead I can give you the fastest way possible from where you are right now, to where you want to be. It is by no means easy. It takes work and some sacrifice ( although much less than you think). But it’s the fastest, straightest line to your destination.

With this, I give you a 2-3 part series that’ll help you build that body that you envision yourself having – as fast as humanly possible. Much like I gained 32 pounds of lean, athletic muscle in only 32 weeks. So here we go…

The Myth of Muscle

Bulking and hypertrophy. These two techniques rule the muscle magazines when it comes to building muscle. It’s what bodybuilder’s do, and it’s a good way to add mass – but there’s a better way to add lean mass, and it’s faster too.

There are 3 main groups of repetition categories that make up training:

– Power: 2-6 reps

– Hypertrophy (muscle-building): 8-12 reps

– Muscular Endurance: 15+ reps

Most muscle-building programs are obviously focused on that 8-12 rep range. But to see consistent and fast muscle growth, there needs to be more variation. We need to stimulate our muscles with heavier weights and lower reps. Lighter weights and higher reps. But also different sets. If we’re simply focusing on rep counts that are too similar, our bodies are going to adapt and our gains will slow and eventually halt.

But you can’t just walk into the gym and aim for different reps every time. Too much variation will also have a similar effect. You have to give your body a chance to grow and adapt to the demands you place on it. There needs to be a strategy and a progression that is followed.

Eat to Gain

To see consistent gains we also need to be consuming more calories than we’re burning. Our bodies also need more carbohydrates before, during, and after our workouts to ensure that we’re not using muscle as fuel.

Carbohydrates – as well as keeping our training sessions below the 60-minute mark – help us diminish and even stop the release of cortisol. A powerful muscle-burning hormone that actually burns muscle as a result of our fight or flight response to stress.

Recovery Is As Important As the Training

Our hormones are very important when we’re trying to build lean muscle mass. Having a cold shower upon rising and before bed helps increase testosterone levels. As do short naps and consuming monounsaturated and saturated fats before bed. The more testosterone we can naturally produce the better we’re going to recover, and the more fat we’re going to naturally burn.

A good program needs the right kind of variation. But it should also include no more than 4 training days a week. Anything more than this is too much for our bodies to recover from. Assuming of course that we’re not taking any drugs.

Carbs, protein, and nutrients consumed immediately after, and during, our workouts also help us recover faster and more effectively.

muscle workouts

The FASTEST WAY to Build Muscle

When I was that skinny guy on the left that I was just a relatively brief time ago, I didn’t know the above information. What I did do was follow bodybuilding workouts blindly and without a critical eye. When I got straightened out – with a helping hand – what resulted was my aforementioned lean gains. But also a system that would help others do the same. And a challenge to beat my gains.

Why does it help us build lean muscle faster than what I was doing – and what you may be doing now?

  • The strategic variation in the rep and set schemes that didn’t exist in any program that I had seen before.
  • The meal plans that are designed to help us gain, yes, but gain muscle while losing fat at the same time.
  • The cardio routine that will help us burn fat while maintaining and gaining muscle.
  • There’s also the 122-page ebook that has much more information than I can provide in my articles.