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10 Awesome Things

Awesome Things

Count the awesomeness: my journal (left), the Locman sitting on the Esquire Mag on the right.

Every now and then we come across gems; things that enhance our lives. Their effect can be great, or very minimal, but they have a positive effect and do so for a long time.

In the last couple of months I’ve come across a bunch of different gadgets, practices, pieces of equipment, or even applications that have increased my productivity, focus, brought me enjoyment, or improved my training. I figured I’d let you in on some of the gem’s I’ve found.

So here we go…

10 Awesome Things

Teux Deux

I use a whiteboard at home to schedule things, write down goals and keep a to-do list. The thing is, I’m very rarely at home. So I see it in the morning, but then not again until I get home which is usually pretty late at night. I like it. Having something big to write ideas and goals down and so forth, but it’s not with me.

I did a little research about task managers. I wanted something simple that I could write a to-do list, keep it on my computer, and simply cross things off as I went along. Teux Deux was the best one I could find. It’s AWESOME having a list of things to do. I write them down in order of importance and just run through them as the day goes on.

Now, instead of scheduling work times for certain things, I schedule work blocks where I’ll sit at the coffee shop and go down the list of things I need to get done. It’s increased my focus and productivity dramatically.

New Balance Minimus

New Balance MinimusThe “heel toe” action of running is terrible for our backs, knees, and pretty much anything else in our bodies. The bad thing is, our running shoes are designed for us to run like this. The majority of them have a slope of 12mm from the heel to the toe. This means that our heel will automatically hit the ground first.

There have been a lot of studies done within the last 5 years about the effects of barefoot running, and they seem to be positive, resulting in less injuries and healthier bones and joints. I thought it was just a fad for a while, but I decided to try it out for myself. I was almost ready to buy a fair of the Vibrams 5 Fingers shoes, but I couldn’t get passed how goofy they looked. I wanted something that looked good, but accomplished the same effect.

The New Balance Minimus give you a 4mm slope – and make it nearly impossible to run heal toe. You feel like you’re running in bare feet, but there’s still enough protection on the sole of the shoe to run on concrete. I highly recommend grabbing a pair.

Esquire Magazine

I have subscriptions to two magazines: Esquire, and Cigar Aficionado. I’m excited every time I get a new copy of Esquire in the mail. They have some great writers – including one of my favourite’s: Tom Chiarella.

They say magazines are dying – and yes, they may be – but call me old school. I like holding a magazine and reading it at the beach. Or enjoying a nice book, flipping the pages and going over it with a highlighter. I can’t see myself ever making the switch to a tablet when it comes to one of my favourite activities.

Discover Your Destiny

Man LibraryThere is literally nothing like a good book – although ice cream and being awesome come close. Every now and then I come across one that has an impact on my life. Discover Your Destiny, by Robin Sharma, is one of those books. I’ve implemented a number of practices that were suggested in this book that have increased my productivity – including the 5am wake-up and the first hour of quiet time/idea time/reading and focus time.

The book starts off a bit wishy washy in my mind, and I almost put it down. But I trust the author, and I gave it a shot. It’s a great book and a must read for anyone.

Other books I’ve loved as of late:

The Alchemist

the Greatness Guide

Catcher in the Rye

Humblecock Clothing

In the great theme of buying quality rather than quantity, I’d like to re-introduct the Humblecock Clothing Company. Their shirts are great. They’re very well made, look great, and feel awesome to wear.

Like their Facebook fan page here —-> Humblecock Fan Page – (I already do).

Locman Mare

I like the finer things in life. I like to treat myself for a job well done to something of quality rather than buying a lot of something that isn’t of high quality. Watches are great things for us to treat ourselves to when we reach milestones in life or business.

I’m not ‘watch snob’. I haven’t taken the time to learn a ton about watches, but I have my favourites – none of which I’m going to be purchasing for the next while. But one watch that I really do love, and has been a great addition, is the Locman Mare Automatic.

Locman is an Italian watch-maker. They make watches with decent movement. They’re nothing insanely special, but they’re solid automatic watches that are tough, will last, and will run you around $1,000 – give a few hundred depending on the model. I’m happy with mine – check them out if you’re looking for a new time-piece.


Another practice I took from Discover Your Destiny that has helped bring clarity to a lot in my business and so forth. I don’t feel the pressure to journal everyday, but I write down different notes, thoughts, and ideas about 4-6 times a week. I love reading and getting journalling – or idea time – in first thing in the morning.

I’ve done this indoors and outside, and much better ideas come when it’s done outside.

Extreme Rush

I have a bit of a sensitive stomach. If I use a supplement that isn’t of the highest quality, I’ll know. I also put a lot of thought and researchPre Workout Supplement into what I put into my body. As of late I’ve tried a few new things, and they’ve been crap. They’ve led me right back to my favourite supplement company on the planet: BlueStart Nutraceuticals.

I have yet to find a company as good as BlueStar, and my favourite of their products is their pre-workout supplement.

I like to use a pre-workout supplement. Something that’ll increase pumps and give me a nice boost of energy. I really don’t want to waste a workout. The other thing is, I don’t want to fill my body full of crap. Extreme Rush is awesome, if you’re looking for a pre workout shake, get this one.

TOMS Shoes

I love a good pair of loafers. The problem I have found is that many of them are poorly made. They have elastics holding the shoe tight to the foot, which rarely maintain their tightness longer than a couple of months.

I’ve been looking for a comfortable, well-made but relatively inexpensive loafer for some time now, and TOMS Shoes have given me the solution. They’re very comfortable, actually astonishingly comfortable. And they last. They’re well made, and modestly priced. They have a lifetime customer in me.

Maybe the best thing about TOMS is that for every shoe that is purchased, they send another to a child in need. Not a bad business plan!

Keeping our work focused can be a struggle, especially with the internet. I’ve found that mapping out monthly goals is a great way to stay focused.

Have your BIG GOAL at the top, then branch off into smaller goals, or tasks that you have to accomplish and work on to reach this goal. I use Bubbl for training, and for my business. It’s a great tool that I’d suggest to anyone and everyone, no matter what your business or career. Being focused and always working on things that keep us constantly moving forward is a must in any area of life.

What’s something so awesome that you think everyone should know about?

It’s time to stand up to the challenge and reach your true potential.

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