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a Man's Man

Russel Crowe as James J. Braddock. A Man’s Man.

The thing’s that get us the best results aren’t new. They aren’t a fad. They haven’t magically popped up out of nowhere and started getting people amazing bodies. They’re grounded in common sense. They’re systems and principles that make sense.

Fads are the enemy of results. They lead to immeasurable amounts of frustration and they empty our pockets. I followed ‘the next big thing’ before. And it kept me scrawny. They’re normally a shiny, or ‘easy’ program that promise big things, but much more often than not, fall short of what they promise.

In no industry does this exist more than the fitness industry. We’ve thrown away iron for rubber. Gone is chalk, and in are lifting straps. Gone is lifting heavy weights and building muscle. And in is weird-looking exercises that promise ‘muscle-confusion’ but deliver mental confusion.

Lift Weights. Not Rubber Bands.

If you’re in the band-making industry, I apologize. You have your place when it comes to certain rehabilitation movements, but you are no where near as effective as our old friends the barbell, and the dumbbell.

Get back to the roots of training. Stick to compound exercises that work the bigger muscle groups. Don’t neglect the smaller one’s. But these day’s I see more neglect for the bigger muscles and a lot more focus on the smaller muscles. Or the “mirror muscles”. Your triceps make up the majority of your arm, so work them – don’t just focus on the biceps. Your back will pull your chest and shoulder’s back, giving them a broader look. So work your back, and don’t just focus on those muscles that you see in the mirror.

Also, try alternating between dumbbells and barbells every 3 weeks. They both allow for different planes of movement, and hit the muscles we’re working in different ways. You’ll notice it when you make that change, especially in those first couple of days using the different weights.

Hard Work Produces Great Results. Simple.

The point of a workout is to break down your muscles as fast and as effectively as possible, and then repair them through proper recovery. Ideally a workout isn’t longer than an hour – at which point our bodies release *cortisol. It should be intense. You should be gasping for air between sets, or actually failing within proper form within your sets.

Failure isn’t when a set starts to hurt. It’s past that point. It’s when you can’t perform even one rep with proper form because your body just won’t let you complete one more rep.

Ensure that you’re training hard with these tips:

1. Do a program that someone else has written.

If you’re doing something that you’ve put together, you may not put the tough stuff in there, or be as hard on yourself as you should be. Also, if you haven’t achieved that results you want to achieve yet, and you’ve been training for a year or more, then odds are you’re doing the wrong thing.

You should also bring this program in with you to the gym so you know what you’re doing before you start training. If you leave it to guessing what the next exercise is, you’re not going to have an optimally intense workout.

2. Do what you gotta do to get your mind right.

There are some cheesy dudes at the gym. Guys yelling like their lifting a car off of a child or something like that. I’m not saying you have to go that far. But you need to get mentally prepared for battle.

If it’s listening to music before, or while you train, then do that. If it’s having a coffee or a pre-workout supplement before you train, then do that. Even if it’s a little clip from a video that you found on youtube, then watch that.

Do whatever it takes to get and remain focused for your workout. I’m guessing you’re not after getting in “average” health, or building an “average” body, so don’t put in “average” effort. Give each and every workout your best. Give each and every rep your best. You owe it to yourself to not waste your own time.

You owe it to yourself to get amazing results. You deserve confidence. You deserve health. It’s completely up to you whether you have it or you don’t.

How to Smell Bullshit Without Using Your Nose

Fads are started to sell, not to help people reach their goals. Marketer’s jump on a new fad because they know it’s an easy way to make money. And they’re right. We eat that shit up like it’s cake on our birthday. It’s not that they’re trying to rip people off. The majority of them believe it’ll work. And sometimes they do.

But they’re not the best way to do things, no matter how you wrap them or try and sell them.

We see this new ‘revolutionary’ system as the new big thing in fat loss or muscle mass gains as the thing that’s here to save us. But it’s not. If something promises to be that thing that’ll get you an amazing body, but isn’t grounded by practical and proven concepts, then it’s not going to work like it should.

The thing that makes the PowerHowse Challenge Program so successful, is that it makes sense. It’s based on old-school lifting that has been helping guys gain muscle, and lose fat for years. Yes, there are a few wrinkles thrown in there, primarily twists to improve athleticism and help skinny guys get gains. As well as “tricks” to help you maintain focus, and and have the most intense workouts you’ve ever done.

But you’re lifting barbells, dumbbells, and the odd cable exercise here and there. It’s old school, but it’s new school.

It’s substance, not fluff and empty promises.

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