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The REAL Thor Workout

The Real Thor Workout

I went and watched the movie Thor last week. It was entertaining, full of action and laughs, and the lead character – played by Chris Hemsworth – had a pretty incredible transformation – gaining over 20 pounds of lean muscle for the role… And so it has found it’s way onto this blog.

After the movie I did some looking around, trying to find something about what he did to gain all of that muscle so fast. And what I found didn’t really surprise me: a lot of bullshit. There were a ton of marketers claiming to have the workout Chris used to gain his lean muscle mass, or even selling ‘the workout’ he used in preparation for the roll.

However, I did find a helpful article in a Men’s Health Magazine article.

After seeing all of that nonsense out there, I decided to not even touch his transformation. No, I’m going to come at this whole Thor or superhero muscle from a different angle.


Chris’ transformation was awesome. But it got me thinking about the actual character of Thor. A guy, who like many of us, likes a beer, loves his food, and has a desire to yes, have an awesome-looking body, but as a warrior he needs powerful and athletic muscle as well. So why not focus on an actual Thor workout?

If Thor were an actual human, how would he train, and what would he eat?

That’s where I figured I’d make “the Real Thor Workout”. A 3-week program focused on building ripped, athletic muscle. The workouts are challenge-based workouts that start with a heavy compound exercise. The difference between this workout, and most of the other workouts you’ll see, yes lies in the training, but also the diet.

I give you an example of what you can eat in the run of a day. They’re meals that actually taste good, are good for you, and will help you reach your goals. The majority of the day is surrounded by foods that are high in proteins and fats, but low on the Glycemic Index – aside from the meals surrounding a workout.

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  • Andres

    Great workout Chad! But I doubt that Chris Hemsworth gained so much muscle in such short time without taking any supplements or other substances. When I see all these Hollywood stars getting ripped so fast, I tend to think there is more than gym and diet, but I might be wrong.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the workout, and keep up the good work, helping us!! A reader from Spain

  • Ken

    Yes, of course diet and excersise can be very effective, but to make those gains in such a short time would be NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Paul

    I have to say, the first day doing this I almost vomited in a good way. My muscles were shaking. I was fatigued. I felt awesome.

    I recommend that anyone doing this to make sure that you don't go really heavy, choose a weight that allows you to really concentrate on proper form. I can't stress how important proper form is, and not focusing on what you are doing is probably one of the worst things you can do, leading not only to injuries but you will most likely engage the stronger parts of the muscle to do the workout. and therefore forfeit real strentgh in the muscle you were targetting. For example, typically guys do lateral raises with arms raised and forward slightly because the pec muscle will assist you making the exercise easier. But this does not work your deltoids enough! Your arms should be directly to the side! The same can be said about butterflies and presses. Be concscious of the muscle you want to work. Get a chart of human muscles to help you. Make sure you strecth first and eat properly to ensure that you have enough energy to get through this tough ass workout.. I'll write back in three weeks to let you know how I faired..

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Hey Paul – I'm way behind on responding to your comment, but some great tips in here. Thanks for this man.

  • fitness guru

    its called nitric oxide supplementation