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The Greatest Benefit to Gaining Muscle: Proof

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Knowing that you can accomplish anything, but having the humility to understand that the most important things in life take a crap load of work and dedication, is a great mindset to have.

But to know something, you need proof. And how are you going to truly know you can accomplish anything you truly set your mind to, unless you actually go out and do it? You won’t. You’ll have faith, which is a powerful thing, especially to any entrepreneur, or person embarking on a mission like transforming their body.

I relate building your ideal body to building a business. When you first start a business there’s a lot of risk. You know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you have faith that your smarts and hard work will one day pay off, but a lot of times you’re on an island. Even the people who are closest to you might not fully see the upside, or the reason why you’re trying to take the road less travelled. But you do.

When you’re trying to transform your body, I mean really trying to make a change to your physique, you’re also going to be alone a lot of the time. If you’re lucky, you have a great support team around you who will help you and keep you motivated – and if you don’t, then go find one. But it’s often going to be you who has to wake up early to get to the gym before work, or you who have to take it easy on the carbs when everyone else is having birthday cake. Someone else can’t do those things for you.

It takes dedication and hard work to make anything that is truly worthwhile become a reality.

If you’re one of the few who will actually take action, and take the necessary steps needed to accomplish what you have set out to do, and then see this transformation take place before your eyes, you’re giving yourself proof. Proof that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

When you’re first starting a business, yah you know that you’re going to make it. But you don’t really know for sure until it happens. Until your hard work pays off. Once you ‘make it’, once you see success in your business, or you see that transformation take place, then you’re unstoppable.

You’ve done the hard work necessary to make it a reality. You have had the discipline and the dedication you needed to reach your goal. It wasn’t a gift. You weren’t given this great body, or given this business, you didn’t cheat, you worked hard and you got it. You earned it. You now have the proof and the humility that comes from all of that hard work and dedication that finally paid off.

The Greatest Benefit: Proof

That’s the greatest benefit to transforming your body. It’s confidence, but it isn’t blind confidence. It has a foundation.

You’re also going to gain confidence by the you now look, which is a powerful thing as well. Don’t underestimate the power of loving how you look. It feels great. Trust me. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, and being happy with how you look opens doors. It allows you to just be the awesome person you are.

You’re also going to gain confidence by how you can perform. You’re going to be a healthier, more vibrant person, and you’ll be able to kick some ass. Being strong feels awesome. Being able to pick up your girl with ease is a good feeling. Being able to go for a run, and enjoy your surroundings without huffing and puffing is great too.  Being able to enjoy the finer things in life, like Scotch or the odd cigar, or whatever floats your boat, without feeling guilty is also pretty damn incredible.

Fear and Laziness

Building your ideal body can be pretty simple. But it’s not necessarily easy. It does take dedication, action, and faith. But it’s worth every second. And maintaining is a hell of a lot easier than gaining or losing. The proof you get from reaching a goal like this translates into every area of your life, whether it’s with friends, family, health, or business.

Giving yourself the proof that you can accomplish something you set your mind to, no matter how difficult it may be is just about the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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