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Contributing Factors to Success


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To be successful in anything you need to have a few contributing factors on your side.

This is going to seem like a pretty obvious statement, but the more factors you have on your side, the easier it is going to be successful. If you’re smart and ambitious, you’re way ahead of somebody who is neither. If you have a good team on your side who support you and have your back, you are making it more likely for you to succeed.

Now, there are obviously things that we can and can’t control, and we have to focus on everything that we can control. But the thing with identifying what we can and can’t control, that that there’s a hell of a lot more under our control than we realize.

Factors You Want on Your Side:

A Team That Has Your Back

You need to build a solid team that will have your back and support you through the tough times. You need to seek out people who are killing it in the field you want to be killing it in, or just living an impressive life in general. If people like this are already in your life, then awesome. If not, find positive influence, mentors, or friends that will push you to become better.

If you want to build lean, athletic muscle, hire a trainer, or spark a friendship with someone who has the body you want. Hang out with them. Lift with them. See what makes them great and emulate that.

DO NOT waste your time by surrounding yourself with people who are going to bring you down. If you’re trying to build a stronger, healthier, and physically more impressive body, don’t hang around with people who just don’t give a rats ass about how they feel or look.

Who you spend your time around will have an effect on the kind of person you are.

If you hang around with lazy people, odds are you’re going to be lazy. If you hang around with ambitious and successful people, you’ll probably end up being the same.

Every wondered why millionaires hang around with other millionaires, and homeless people hang around with other homeless people? Find other people who are where you want to be, or are heading in that direction. Have a positive influence on them, and they on you.


Here’s an exercise that I’ve done, and I know a lot of other people who have done the same to find clarity from exactly what they want from life:

Write down on a piece of paper what your perfect day would looks like. You have to live this one day everyday for the rest of your life. So it’s not some binge, or spree that you go on, rather it’s a day that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Get into details like what you are thinking, who you’re with, what you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and who you have each meal with. What are you eating, how are you earning a living? How you earn a living should make you happy, you should be successful doing exactly what you want to do.

By doing this exercise you’ll see that a lot of your desires aren’t “accessory-related”. They have more to do with living a fulfilling life, being surrounded by people whom you love and respect than fancy cars and big houses.

Write this perfect day down on a piece of paper and keep it with you. It seems simple, but it truly helps us understand where we want to be going and it makes it a lot easier to figure out how to get there. For myself it’s helped me a lot with my business as far as putting out quality stuff and helping people that I really want to be helping.

Having a Plan to Stay the Course

If you’re going to reach your goals in any area of life, you need a plan of attack. Things that are going to help you stay the course and remain focused. If you’re just wandering aimlessly with no purpose or direction, you’re probably not going to get too far. With training and building the body that you want to build, you need a good program and you need to stick with it.

Where a lot of us struggle is with diet. We find it hard to eat bland, healthy meals 7 days a week and eventually crack.

If you’re trying to build lean muscle mass, you need to eat a ton of food, but it has to be food that will help you repair the muscle tissue broken down during exercise, and also clean food that won’t contribute to the waste-line at the same time. If your’e trying to burn fat, and build a lean physique, food that boosts your metabolism and actually helps you burn fat is a necessity if you’re going to get your best results.

One of the greatest contributing factors to your eventual success or lack-there-of, is finding a wide variety of meals that not only help with the aforementioned, but also taste good. That is where most of us fall off; we eat bland, tasteless meals, and then we crack. We fall off the wagon and get right back into the life we were living before, and right back into the body that we had before.

If not finding meals that are going to help you boost your metabolism, but also taste awesome is holding you back, here’s an awesome resource for you:

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