Eat Like a Man!

Eat Like a Man - Eat steak, Build Muscle

24 oz of juicy goodness

Nutrition has been positioned as something that’s very complicated, but it shouldn’t be. You ask 100 people how to eat for fat loss, weight gain, and for pure health, and you could get 100 different answers.

What’s my take on nutrition?

Well for one, I think we – the men of the world – let women tell us what’s healthy and what isn’t. “You shouldn’t be eating bacon, stop eating so many eggs, steak is bad for you.” Nonsense! Mankind has been eating animal meat for thousands of years. Produce and processed foods are a very recent addition in our biological history.

So, my take on nutrition is this: men should eat like the hunter-gatherers we have been since the dawn of our existence.

Our Ancestors

I’m not about to go all “paleo” on you, but like I just said, human beings have been eating high fat meat for thousands of years. Crops, harvesting, and of course, “man-made” foods are a recent addition.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that our bodies are much more used to digesting and processing animal meat and things we hunt for, than we are at processing things “produced” or harvested as crops – let alone man made food products which are a ridiculously recent development in our history.

The lesson: meat isn’t bad for you. Yes, anything can be overdone and over-consumed. But don’t think that vegetarians are eating how humans are supposed to be eating. Eat meat! Have steak, chicken, fish, and have lot’s of it.

More of this in the fats section…


No carbs? Whole carbs? Slow carbs? Fast carbs?

Carbs are seen as the enemy in many nutrition plans, or the friend if you’re trying to put on lean muscle mass. The reality is, we need carbohydrates for energy and nutrients. Veggies contain many of the nutrients that we can’t find in other foods – so eat a ton of them!

If you’re trying to lose fat: consume primarily “slow carbs” like vegetables or oatmeal – whole grains included. Fast carbs like sugars will just turn into fat when they’re inevitably not used as fuel.

If you’re trying to put on lean muscle mass: whole carbs are much better than fast carbs. That being said, you have to eat a crap load of food, so you’re going to consume more of the latter in the run of a day – especially around a workout when your body needs fuel fast.


Most of us think that fat is the enemy. The more saturated fat we eat, the fatter we’ll get. And there are a ton of different theories on this matter. Some will agree with the previous statement, but I don’t. You should come up with your own opinion on the matter, but I’ll explain mine.

Trans fats = shit. They’re terrible for you and fall under the “man-made” category. They’re not natural and are found in fried foods and so forth. Stay away from these at all costs.

Saturated fats = good. The way our body processes saturated fats results in increased testosterone levels. Which is an awesome. Saturated fats – when consumed in healthy amounts – don’t contribute to the waste line like you might think. Trans fats and sugars have much more of an effect on fat than saturated fats.

As I mentioned earlier we’ve been consuming animal fats for thousands of years. Our bodies are used to processing them and converting them to fuel. Eat bacon, steak, eggs, and so forth. Don’t go overboard, but don’t exclude them from your diet by any means.

Monounsaturated fats = awesome. These are the best for you in the fat group – actually I’d say they’re right there with saturated fats. But monounsaturated fats found in avocado, nuts (almonds, walnuts), and fish oils are great for fat loss, and improving brain function.

We should be eating more of these kinds of fats than we realize – whether you’re after building lean muscle mass or losing fat.

The moral of the story:

Eat like a man! Eat meat, bacon, and eggs. If your wife tries to tell you that it’s bad for you (as long as you’re not going overboard), tell her this is how we’ve been eating for tens of thousands of years – then pound your chest like a silver back gorilla haha.

Here’s an example of what I’ll eat on a daily basis:

Meal 1

Greens shake + 1 cup oatmeal w/ blueberries, chia seeds, and 2% or whole organic milk + 2 fish oil pills


Pre-workout shake – BlueStar Extreme Rush

Post workout shake – 1 bottle of gatorade + BlueStar Protein Power and Glutamin (along with BCAAs in pill form).

Meal 2

4 whole eggs + 2 slices of toast w/ butter and cinnamon + 3-4 strips of organic bacon + 2 fish oil pills


Shake (if I’m in a rush) a bunch of milk + blueberries + chia seeds + BlueStar Protein Power

Meal 3

Steak (as many ounces as possible – last week I had a 24 ounce porterhouse 🙂 ) + sweet potato (lower on the glycemic index) + milk + salad with olive oil based dressing.

I’ll mix up the protein source on a daily basis from chicken to fish and so forth.


Cottage cheese + chia seeds + dry oats + cinnamon + 3 Brazil nuts* (before bed)

*fats before bed help increase testosterone levels – as well as upon rising.


I get a lot of questions about supplements, so here is what I use. They’re effective and they’re really high quality – a far cry from most of what’s out there.