Invest in Quality

Build knockout power and lean muscle in less time with this workout: quality over quantity.

A great principle anyone should think about when making any decision is: choosing quality over quantity. I apply this to nearly every aspect of my life – although slipping up from time to time and reaping the consequences as a result. *My workouts are relatively short, but intense as can be. I get some awesome results in a pretty short amount of time because of the quality of my training sessions.

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I buy quality clothes. I only have a couple of pairs of jeans that I wear, but they’re high quality. When I bought cheaper jeans they used to get holes in the crotch and wear down after only a few months of use. After which I’d have to buy another pair. I have applied the same mentality to the hours I work – breaking it up into shorter, ultra-focused sessions that result in a hell of a lot more productivity.

My Reasoning

You might not feel the same way, but I like to feel good about what I buy. For some reason it makes me work harder, I appreciate what I have bought as long as I own it, and I feel proud to wear it. Investing in a higher-quality product usually means its going to last longer, you’re going to have a greater appreciation for it, and you’ll feel better doing it, wearing it, driving it or whatever.

Does that mean I simply buy on price? Hell no! If I want something, I’ll search for the best deal for the highest quality. I get lazy sometimes, I’m actually wearing a pear of shoes right now that I skimped on (quality-wise) and are about to unravel. It pisses me off that I didn’t put the extra energy into buying a better shoe – useless! After years of lessons learned, I’ve come to the realization that I’d rather spend a bit more, get something I like and that will last longer.

Surround Yourself With Quality

If you want to be successful, surround yourself with quality. Have lunch or coffee at the nicest restaurant in town (great tip from “the Greatness Guide” by Robin Sharma). You’ll be surrounded by successful people.

I’ve learned to do this through a lot of trial and error. I used to buy a new watch every year because the one I’d buy would always break down. I finally invested in a watch that I’m proud of. It’s a quality watch, and was within my budget, and has lasted ever since without ever needing any repairs. The thing is, I’m still proud to wear it to this day. I love it. Well worth the money.

I skimped on a suit – once – and I’ve learned to buy quality over quantity. I have two nice suits, and I love wearing them. I actually skimped on the tailoring with that first suit as well, what a bloody waste!

Material Possessions are Fleeting

Yes, if you rely on buying nice things to be happy, you’re not going to be happy for long. But it is nice to search for something, and invest in something you’re really happy with, even proud of.

Let’s Be Honest

We have more confidence when we like what we’re wearing. It’s the truth. Our confidence doesn’t depend on what we wear, but it helps. Invest in quality: Be happier with what you buy, be proud of what you purchase, and enjoy what you have bought for a longer time.

How to Find Quality

1. Do your due diligence

Don’t just buy the first thing you see. If you like something, have a look around for similar things – online included – and not only find the best deal but the very best version of that product you can find.

2. In Your Workouts

Adding intensity to your training is a huge step. Treat your time at the gym – or wherever you train – as an escape: 30 -60 minutes of being a complete bad ass. Throw weight around, lift your hardest, sprint your fastest and have fun doing it. Kick some ass when you’re in the gym, don’t just treat it like everything else and go at it in a half-assed manner: a great way to get half-assed results.

3. Surrounding yourself with quality people

Successful people hang out with other successful people. Happy people hang out with happy people, fun people with fun people and so on. Find quality people, and build quality relationships with them. Be such a quality person that you rub off on everyone you come in contact with.


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How do you invest in quality?