Lesson’s Learned in… Vegas?

You’re only as good as the company you keep.

I think that’s a pretty reasonable statement, not always true but if you’re hanging around with ambitious, successful and good people, odds are it’s going to rub off on you at least a little bit.

So you may know that I just got back from Las Vegas where I spent the weekend with a great group of people. We were all there meeting as a mastermind group, bouncing ideas off each other, learning from one another and a couple main speakers – Vince DelMonte and Joel Marion (learned a ton from both). But we also had a ton of fun – as you can see on my facebook page.

The group included guys like Dr. K Kareem SamhouriMike Westerdal, Eric Wong, Lee Hayward, Dave Ruel, Ryan Murdock and Adam Steer. Each of whom are doing awesome with their businesses, living the lives of their dreams, but also helping people lose weight, become healthier, and live longer with the bodies they’ve always wanted. I mean each of these guys really know their stuff so it’s awesome to see their success.

But one of the main things that struck me about this group is the lack of attention they pay to obstacles – they pretty much don’t exist in their mind’s. They have a goal, now it’s time to figure out how to achieve it, not dwell on what’s standing in the way of their dreams like so many of us do.

Let me tell you, goals are a lot easier to achieve when you’re surrounded by ambitious, hard-working, and driven people who see the positive in each situation, not the negative. Think about your own life – are you surrounded by people who are building you up, who actually want to see you reach your goals and will put there money where there mouth is and help you achieve them?

It’s a great feeling when you tell someone that you have a goal that you really want to achieve, and instead of saying, “well, let’s think reasonably for a second,” they say, “okay, let’s figure out how to make this happen as fast as possible!”

Don’t get held back by people telling you that you just don’t have the genetics to put on muscle, or that you’re too “big boned” to lose fat and have a body you’re proud of – bullshit! I have just about the shittiest genetics around, and so do most of the guys in that group, but we’ve all built bodies that at one point seemed impossible.

I didn’t gain a single pound of muscle for 7 years before it took me just 32 weeks to pack on 32 pounds of LEAN muscle. I know what it’s like to fail, it’s frustrating never seeing the success you want to see, but trust me, it’s possible – don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t possible, including yourself.

Anyways, it was a great weekend. I learned a lot, and had a great time. But probably the most important thing I took away from that weekend is that:

Something is only as impossible as you make it out to be – or as possible as you make it.


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