10 Minute Abs Shredding Workout

Here’s the 10 Minute Abs Shredding Workout I promised if you guys got up 25 comments on the “Build the Ideal Body: for Women” article. Thanks for chiming in, very much appreciated.

The Workout:

One part of developing defined, lean, athletic-looking 6-pack abs, is building the abdominal muscles. The second part to that equation is burning the layer of fat that they’re hiding behind.

Here’s a workout that will accomplish both, and in less that 10 minutes.

The set-up

Complete the full circuit 3 times. Each abs exercise for 10 reps, followed by each belly fat burning cardio exercise for 30 seconds.

Abs exercises:

(In the order performed in the video above)

1. Decline Weighted Sit-ups – hold the weight straight up, parallel to the ceiling. Continue holding the plate at this angle throughout the exercise.

2. Behind Head Weighted Sit-ups – grab a much lighter weight than the first exercise, hold it behind your head and continue with a full crunch.

3. Hip Elevation Twists – create some separation between your lower back and the bench. Point legs straight in the air, twisting as you complete the motion, pause for one to two seconds at the top of the exercise.

4. Leg Raises + Hip Elevations – complete a leg raise by raising your lower back/hips off of the bench. Focus on a controlled and stable motion throughout.

5. Alternating Single-Leg Raise – keeping each leg straight, raise one at a time for 10 reps each.

6. Abs Roll-outs – a great exercise for core strength and stability. Get as low as you can to the ground, pause for a second or two, then continue for 10 reps. The more you do this, along with the other exercises, the closer you’ll be able to get to the ground.

Fat Burning Cardio Routine

1. Skipping – you burn more calories in skipping that you would running the same time. Skipping is a full body workout, not just focusing on the lower body. Focus on speed for the 30 seconds of this exercise – go “all-out”.

2. Twisting Mountain Climbers – a GREAT exercise for burning belly fat. Try to get your feet to reach right up to the opposing hand, and get your hips into it, keeping your core activated throughout the exercise.

3. Burpees with a Push-up – one of the toughest exercises around. A great full-body exercise that burns a TON of calories. Focus on exploding in the jump throughout the 30 seconds of the exercise.

Please try this if you’re trying to shed belly fat and/or get a lean, athletic-looking 6-pack! Great, and very quick workout.


What’s your favorite abs exercise? (always looking for new one’s)