Why You Haven’t Reached Your Goals

You can’t wait for things to happen. If you want it, you have to take it.

I’m writing this from both personal experience and experiences with clients. There seems to be a few constants keeping all of us from reaching our goals. Once we change these obstacles it’s like we’ve broken through a wall, our training becomes more intense, we find it easier to follow our meal plans and we actually see our goals when we had previously fallen short.

1. You have a goal, but no reason.

Having a goal without a clearly defined and emotional reason to strive for it is useless, it’s empty. Goals and dreams are great and wonderful things to have, but unless we’re staying motivated, unless we understand why we’re working everyday to make them a reality, they have no meaning to them and they’ fizzle out.

Set a goal, write it down, then underneath write the emotional reason why you want more than anything else to reach this goal. Make it emotional, make it about life and death, about your family, about your greatest wants and desires, make it about those whom you care about most.

Having this emotional reason attached to a goal makes it much more than just something you want to get done. It makes it a mission that nothing will stop you from succeeding at.

2. Your goal is too far in the future.

People write yearly goalsI used to write yearly goals and just leave them at that, with no intermediate steps or tasks that will help me reach those yearly goals.

Have your BIG goal, your dream, the thing you want to achieve more than anything. Break that down into 3 month goals, things that you’re going to accomplish in 3 months.

Break those 3 month goals down into weekly tasks that will bring you closer to reaching those goals. The idea is to have a part of your daily life bring you closer to those goals.

3. You have a destination, but no map.

I wanted to build lean muscle, and for 7 years I tried to do so, unsuccessfully. I had a destination, an end point, but I didn’t know the right way to get there.

Research, learning from others and a whole lot of trial and error brought me to what I know now; to my 32 pounds of lean muscle gained in 8 months. To being able to put on 5 pounds of lean muscle in just a couple of weeks.

There’s a lot of crappy information out there, believe me, I’ve probably tried it. But there’s also good info out there too. Find someone who was like you, in your same situation, but figured out a solution, and went through a transformation themselves.

This doesn’t just have to pertain to fitness, learn from other’s success and failures, so you do what they did right and don’t do what they did wrong, and have a plan.

4. You just don’t want it that bad.

If we really want something, I think we all have the ability to go and get it – within reason. If you’re motivated enough to make the necessary sacrifices, work your ass off, and dedicate your life to achieving this dream I think you can do it.

The thing is, a lot of us don’t really want it that bad. We don’t want to work that hard. We like the idea of this dream, the ideal body, this ideal lifestyle, but we just don’t want to do all that reaching this goal encompasses.

If you really want something, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, that’s just life, if it’s a hard road you have to take, odds are it’s worth it. So, go get it. Set a goal and do everything you can to make it a reality, we all have the ability to live the life we want to live, it’s just a matter of if we’re willing to go through what we need to go through to get there.

I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.


Why have you reached your goals?