Free 4-Week Vegas Workout

The last time I was in Vegas, enjoying a cigar.

So I’m going to be heading to Vegas for a few days in late September to hang out with a great group of guys who are all involved in the fitness industry – primarily the online marketing aspect of it.

We’re all heading down there for a few days of fun and to get some brainstorming done. We’re actually renting a pretty cool house, like the one from the “Ultimate Fighter” TV series so it should be a great time. Some of their names include: Vince Del Monte, Joel Marion, Dr. Kareem Samhouri, Dave Ruel, Lee Hayward, Mike Westerdal, Adam Steer, Eric Wong and Ryan Murdock – if I missed any, I apologize.

If you haven’t heard of anyone in the group I just mentioned, check them out, they all have great blog sites up that anyone can benefit from.

Anyways I figured it would be a good time to set a short term goal and reach it. I didn’t just want the goal of just “getting in better shape“, which is a pretty abstract and hard goal to measure. So my goal is to get to a lean 190 pounds within this 4-week span – and I guess we’ll see if it can be done! Right now I’m weighing about 185 pounds.

I also wanted to give the readers of this blog something free at the same time, so below is the weight lifting program I’ll be doing over the coming 4 week period.


My cardio routine will include 1-2 sprint sessions a week (like the one you received last week if you’re a member of this site – if you’re not, just sign up today, email me with the subject: cardio workout, and I’ll send it to you), with possibly 2 long bike rides in there as well – my girlfriend got me a road bike for my birthday, thanks cutie!

I’ll be taking a few pictures just before I head down there so you’ll be able to see some evidence of exactly what can be done in a relatively short time with some dedication, and a smart game plan. I’ll post them on my fanpage ——-> Click Here to Join

As far as diet is concerned, I’m starting at 4000 healthy calories daily, which will decrease to 2000 calories daily by the end of the four weeks.

Why This Program?

Take a look at the rep variations I’m doing each and every day. I’m lifting heavy for power with the lower reps, I’m lifting for muscular endurance with the higher reps and hypertophy (building muslce) as well. The fat loss will occur when I add more cardio to the routine as I get closer to my end date, as well as the drop in calories that will occur towards the end as well.

Even though my “goal” is to add lean muscle, I’m also going to be improving my strength, power, muscular endurance and athleticism.

Why get one benefit when you can get multiple benefits?

The Specifics…

I always make modifications to a program as I go along depending on whether I want to work a specific body part or add in a different exercise here and there. If I’m feeling great going into a workout and that energy and intensity lasts throughout, I’ll add in another set at the end of the session to take advantage of it.

Feel free to do the same.

For those of you looking for something new to do, give this 4 week program a shot. Try to keep the same day’s of the week as I have written down – or go Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – to allow your body enough time to recover.

Lifting to Failure

You may have noticed that I have “goal reps” written down. This is because I’m choosing a weight that I think will get me to 6 reps for example, but if I fail at 5 or even 4, it’s all good. If I fail at 2 or 3, I’ll drop the weight a bit so I can get a few more reps in.

Adding weight every week

Try adding weight every week. This means you’re going to have to keep track of what you’re lifting every session.

You continually want to be pushing yourself more and more. If you don’t, your gains will plateau and you won’t be seeing the results you were seeing in weeks one and two.

Hips + Shoulders Day

This is also my “athleticism” day. I’ll add/substitute in various Olympic Lifts that I count as both hip and shoulders workouts. These will improve my power as it pertains to athletic-type movements.

So even though I’m after an “improved physique“, I also want to improve my performance.


If you have any questions let me know!