Emergencies: Why We Train

When I can’t find “the right” picture to put with an article, Rocky Balboa‘s always a good choice.

(Take a look at the bottom at 4 awesome fitness tips from Bodybuilding.com)

There are so many reasons why living a healthier lifestyle is beneficial that it’s hard to count. It means more energy, better health, lowers the risk of diseases and an early death, but there’s a difference between living a healthy life and getting the most out of your body.

There are a few “groups” or “categories” of people within training who have different motivations for why they workout.

There are those of us who want to “keep in shape“, those of us who want to look better, and people who want to train their bodies to perform at their best. Each have their benefits, but for those of you who are really pushing your bodies to that next level each and every time you train, I think there’s another benefit worth mentioning.

If you’re building muscle or burning fat, you’re also building confidence, which is one of the greatest benefits of exercising there is.

“And in the end, It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln

Confidence let’s us be ourselves, try things we otherwise wouldn’t and enjoy the people around us without being completely worried about what they think of us. It opens the door for us to experience so much more, that we otherwise wouldn’t experience. It could mean approaching a beautiful girl who later becomes your wife – if you weren’t a confidence person, you may have never met her, or allowed her to see who you really are.

Confidence obviously doesn’t just come from having a body you’re comfortable in, but it sure helps.

I mentioned it earlier, but if you’re training and eating to be healthier, then the list of benefits are too long to mention. A potentially longer, more energetic and happier life. It could mean a lesser likelihood for depression or illness, which means a better and longer life as well.

Then there’s the performance-focused group. Yes you want to be healthier and look better, but you also want to be continually improving your body and what you can do with it. You may have been an athlete in the past – or still are – or you just like training in a way that improves all three aspects of your fitness. For myself I find it keeps me more motivated. I have alway been motivated by performance goals, as well as health and looks, so even though I’m no longer competing, I still find it beneficial to use performance as a motivator. It keeps my workouts intense and focused.

There’s also a benefit that sets this group apart from the rest, and without trying to give them a heightened importance, or without making them sound like superheroes or something along those lines, this group is most prepared in case of an emergency.

They have the ability, physically (not necessarily mentally), to step up if they’re needed. To protect a loved one, to save a life in a tough situation when everyone else is forced to stand by and do only what they are physically capable of doing. That’s probably not a reason to train to perform better and improve your athleticism, it’s more like a bi-product or side-effect that may or may not come in handy at some point in your life.


What benefit of exercise inspires you to workout and push yourself in the gym?


Here are 4 Bonus Training Tips from two awesome fitness pro’s given to me by bodybuilding.com, it’s a great site, feel free to check it out.

Jamie Eason’s Tips

1.        Stick to a schedule. As you know, if you have a steady sleeping routine, your body automatically wakes up at the same time each morning. This principle can be applied to your eating routine as well. I recommend 5-6 small meals every day to keep your metabolism on track and functioning at its peak.

2.        Muscle is the fountain of youth. Gaining just five pounds of muscle can help a 130 lb woman burn an additional 250 calories a day, The more muscle you have the more metabolic you are, meaning the more calories you burn at rest. More muscle = less cardio. There is a misconception that building muscle will make you bulky. Due to lower testosterone levels, it’s virtually impossible for women to gain massive size. . Weight training really is the fountain of youth.

Kris Gethin’s Tips

1.        Benefits of Living a Fit Life. Adopting a commitment to being fit can lower the risk of heart disease, control high blood pressure and alleviate arthritis. Another added benefit, is that it can enhance your mood, make you stronger, more agile, and ultimately make you look better from the inside out. From the couch potato to the professional athlete, there is a workout routine to suit any lifestyle…

2.        Maximize your health ROI. Many people believe eating healthy is expensive – but ultimately, not eating healthy is more costly. An unhealthy lifestyle leads to more doctors’ visits, more time off work and has been linked to chronic diseases. You may eat out less frequently and it may be less convenient, but in the end your waist and wallet will thank you.