Getting the same results?

Are you doing the same old thing in your workouts?

If it’s easy, what’s the point?

If you’re starting a program that’s “easy”, ask yourself, what’s the point? Are you going to be getting everything you want out of it? Are you going to have to push yourself beyond anything you’ve done up to this point?

If that answer is yes, then go for it and work your arss off. But if it’s along the same lines of everything you’ve done before then I don’t know if you can expect to see anything new from it.

I fell into that trap in high school and college, spending that time focusing on the same kind of bodybuilding workouts that never amounted to much. I was lifting like a bodybuilder who already had a solid base or who was taking boat loads of steroids, I wasn’t working out in a way that would help me get that base and then build upon it. I was getting stronger, but I wasn’t getting faster, more powerful, bigger, or leaner, and it took something completely different than what I was used to, to give me that breakthrough.

In the video above I show you 2 of 3 circuits I did at the gym this past Friday with a kickboxer client of mine. I’m getting him ready both for a fight and for the summer (the beach) with similar workouts I used (and still use) to put on 32 lbs of lean muscle in 8 months. We’re building up to a certain amount of time exercising without rest, right now each set is 90 seconds consisting of 3 exercises at 30 seconds, each with a 60 second rest period. Each 90 second set is done 3 times.

We focused on lower body pulls for this workout – things like deadlift, snatch, and kettlebell swings – but also added a cardio exercise to each set – skipping and hitting the heavy bag.

Give the workout a shot. Try for as many reps as you can in the 30 second time period given for each exercise. It’s not an easy workout by any means, both your lungs and muscles will be pushed to the brink if you’re training hard enough and heavy enough.

Circuit #1

A1. Snatch – Aim for 8 reps when choosing the weight.

A2. Kettlebell swing – Aim for 20 reps when choosing the weight.

A3. Heavy bag – punch at eye level as fast as possible.

Repeat 3x

Circuit #2

B1. Deadlift – aim for 12 reps when choosing the weight.

B2. Romanian DL – not for reps so go slower, aim for 10 reps.

B3. Skipping – speed kills! Go as fast as you can.

Repeat 3x

After finishing both circuits we went on to do:

C1. Box-jumps (with weighted vest of 25 lbs) – 3 sets of 6 jumps

D1. Hamstring curls – 3 sets of 30 seconds – aiming for 15 reps


What do you think of the workout?

What do you want from your training?