Video: dumbbell snatch

Hey guys and gals, I shot a quick video at the gym yesterday demonstrating a great compound exercise for fat loss and gaining lean muscle.

The exercise is the dumbbell snatch, it’s a variation of the Olympic lift – the snatch – and it’s great for building power in your legs and hips as well as size in your shoulders and traps.

A couple points to keep in mind:

1. Get low and lift with your legs. If you find yourself trying to ‘muscle’ the weight up with your shoulder or arm, then it’s probably a bit too heavy.

2. Most of the lift happens in the first few inches. That’s where you explode  from a squat position and launch the weight up. When it gets around eye level get underneath it and finish the lift off with an overhead squat.

Give it a shot. It’s a great exercise that attacks multiple muscle groups and is a perfect exercise to implement into a routine if you want to cut the time down.

Good luck,