The Bucket List: Hollywood, Lambo’s, and Family

14. Be in a Hollywood movie.

I mean a real legit movie. Not a small budget one that no one’ll ever see, but a movie that I’d actually enjoy or go to see. I’m really in no position to be picky, I’ve never even been an extra or had any kind of role in a TV show let alone a movie, but why not dream big?

15. Drive a Lambo.

… On a race track …

You know, somewhere I’m not bound by the legal speed limits 😉

16. Be a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Jimmy’s show is my favorite in the late night line-up. He’s a funny man and he’s got some pretty funny people around him. I’d love to meet uncle Frank, Guillermo, and cousin Sal as well.

17. Live in my dream house.

My idea of a dream house has changed about 100 times in the last few years, but when I have a family, I’d love to be able to get the house of my dreams, with the woman of my dreams; whether that be building our own or buying one that’s already pretty much perfect, it would be an amazing feeling.