Oh, Canada

Growing up in Canada I always admired the pride that Americans have in their country. July 4th and Thanksgiving are two of the biggest days in the year; while Canada Day is big, it doesn’t hold the same significance as does the American holiday which celebrates their independence from the Brits.

Maybe it’s the age of our country, as we’re pretty young in comparison to the States and to most countries around the world; but the pride and enthusiasm for our athletics, or our nation always seemed a bit watered down, a bit too polite.

And then came the Olympics. I’ve heard stories of the crowds at the curling events breaking out into our national anthem, forcing the athletes to stop and honor the flag until the song was over.

I’m seeing flags hanging from the front of houses, seas of people dressed in red, bars packed to the brim watching events they know nothing about but giving the Canadian athletes standing ovations every time they appear on the screen.

Even being in New York for the past week and seeing the coverage that NBC has been showing of the games. They’re showing parts of Vancouver that I’ve never seen, or never really appreciated like I should. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s interesting seeing it from an outsider’s perspective.

I was always a bit envious of the pride that Americans have for the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave,” and how they support their athletes both financially and emotionally. Or how the Italians think they’re the best in everything there is to be the best in, or even France’s pride for their history, or Australia’s support system for their athlete’s and China’s drive to be the best at every event. But seeing how Canada has rallied around every single athlete we have at these games and the pride we’re showing for this great country of ours is a great thing to see, and it makes me proud to be a Canadian.