7 things I’m passionate about – part 2

Things I'm passionate about

Here’s the second part of the article “7 things I’m passionate about

Think of thing’s that you’re passionate about and let me know about them, I’d love to hear these things.

4. Using old the noggin

(Executive decision: Learning gets 2 parts, here are some more thoughts on a thing I’m very passionate about)

Life is useless if you’re not learning. I don’t care how old you are, how much you think you know or how much you actually do know. Learning is a life-long practice that never stops. It’s the people who are passionate and excited about learning that learn the most and are often the best people to be around.

Children are so fun to be around and one of the primary reasons for this is their curiosity and genuine lust for learning. Why that attitude changes, I don’t know. But at one point each of us had it and some of us still do. The few who have this curiosity and are able to put in to practice what they learn are to be admired.

I’ve always been a curious person, but in the past year or two for some reason I’ve just wanted to learn, learn, learn. Maybe it’s this whole internet thing, it’s so vast there’s no end in sight with regards to what you can learn about it.

Or maybe it’s the training, I’ve seen great results in both my training and my client’s training and I’d say it’s definitely brought about an excitement in me.

Or, maybe it’s the traveling. I haven’t travelled at all, pretty much, in past years until 2009, and I definitely want to do more. I’m dying to get to Europe, even Africa and Asian and anywhere else in between. I just booked a flight to Hawaii in March, New York in February and can’t wait to book the Europe trip when the time comes.

So what’s my goal with regards to learning? It’s not very concrete, but I want to keep this attitude going. If there’s an opportunity to learn from someone I’ll take it, and I’ve been blessed to have a great deal of people helping thus far. If there’s an opportunity to travel, or to team up with another trainer on something I’ll grab it.

Learning’s fun and I’m definitely passionate about it.

5. Fighting when you normally run.

Boxing was an example of me getting out of my comfort zone and it ended up being very beneficial in setting me up to do the same in other areas of life.

I’m comfortable right now and I’m feeling like I need to shake things up a bit. Things aren’t perfect, don’t get me wrong, there’s always things that nudge you, that you want to work towards. But I’m feeling like shaking things up a bit in 2010 would do me some good.

I’ll let you know when I come up with what I’m exactly going to do.

6. Relationships

I already put in people on the first part of the list but I’m going to give another section to relationships.

Relationships need work, they need attention, understanding, and patients. They’re tough, but they’re what make life enjoyable.

Family, friends, girlfriends, Nonna’s, Nanna’s, Pappi’s, Fodder’s and Mudder’s. They support you, laugh with you, share in your successes and your failures.

My goal for 2010 is to be around those people more. Simple, but it’ll make life that much better.

7. Reading, Writing, Eating, Lifting, Laughing

Hobbies. In an ideal world, the line between work and play would not exist. I like work almost as much as I like play. But this year I want to take on some new hobbies.

Right now I’ve got the boxing, the lifting, the reading and writing and I think it’s important to have those things that break to routine of sleep, eat, work, sleep.

Call them stress relievers, fun activities, or hobbies. Whatever you call them, you should have a  few of them. I just happen to want a few more.

Any suggestions? Anything you’ve taken on in the past year that you enjoy.

I like to paint, so maybe I’ll get back into that. I like photography as well and combined with the traveling I think that’ll be fun. Anyways, let me know your thoughts.

What are some of your goals, dreams, things you’re passionate about?

Let me know, I want idea for some hobbies too!