1 big reason why you’re not gaining muscle

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  1. You’re working your tongue and jaw not your hips and quads.

Talking is an epidemic that has been attacking the muscles of gym-goers for years. Gyms have become areas to socialize almost as much as they are areas to workout and get in better shape. If you’re spending any time talking while you’re working out, odds are it’s too much. Get away from it now, please!

When you’re in the gym, your time is precious, especially when you don’t have the time to talk because of a busy work schedule, family life, time with friends and time to relax.

Talking takes away from the intensity of a workout, it takes your eyes and mind off of the clock giving your body too much rest and your muscles not enough work. Talking is a huge reason as to why you aren’t gaining like you should be. I know the gym can be a place where you meet a buddy for a lift, but ask yourself how bad you really want 10,20,30 lbs of lean muscle, ask yourself how bad you want the confidence you’ll have with your knew body and make the decision, “do I want to talk or train?” There is no both.

Intensity can make pretty much any program work. It’s the one thing that should be a constant with all your workouts.

Treat your workouts like you’re going in to a fight. Be focused, be intense, lift the absolute most weight you can as many times as you can – keeping the reps and sets in mind –  and you’re going to be successful.

Some programs are obviously better than others, but in the end you decide what you’re going to accomplish and talking to your buddy will get you nothing. If you want to talk pick up the phone.

Actually I’ve been seeing people on the phone while they’re working out which is pretty useless, and needless to say they weren’t in the best shape.

Next time you’re at the gym try to limit yourself to 10 words. Even wear headphones to distract people from trapping you in a conversation. You’ll find that your workouts are more intense and quicker.

You’ll also be a lot happier with your results.