Quick Workout: Video

This video shows a great method to shortening up your workouts.

I’ll do this same split for 3 weeks. It’s a great way to workout every muscle in two workouts. I’ll do each workout twice in a week each which allows my body more growth time than simply hitting each muscle once.

The idea behind gaining lean mass is to break down your muscle as fast and as much as you can while burning fewer calories. I gained 28 lbs of lean muscle, working out 25-45 minutes 4 times per week. My workouts were shorter, more intense, I gained muscle faster than I ever had and I was leaner than ever before as well.

In the video I do 2 muscle groups per set – 2 back exercises and 1 forearm exercise. The next set I would do is 1 forearm exercise and 2 biceps exercises.

You can do this with any muscle group. 2 quads exercises with one hips exercise; 2 chest exercises with one triceps exercise.

The key is to go until you fail in each and every set. For the first 10 reps, if you can do more than 10 then do more, if you fail before reaching 10 reps that’s fine too.

In the second set go until you fail once again, take off half of the weight and go until you fail with the lighter weight. Then move on to the next exercise.

If your goal is weight loss this principle can be used as well.

All you have to do is mix it up a bit. First of all, increase the repetitions from 10 to 15-20 per exercise. Also, instead of combining 2 upper body muscle groups or 2 lower body muscle groups, do 1 lower body exercise, go into an upper body exercise, – preferably a bigger muscle group like chest or back – then into another lower body exercise.

It might look something like this:

Set 1

Lunges + dumbbell bench press + squats – 15 reps each

Set 2

Lunges + dumbbell bench press + squats – 15 reps + drop set

In fat loss, you’re trying to burn more calories so if you’re up for it you can even add more exercises to each set. You can do 4,5 even 6 or more exercises per set, resting when all of them are done.

Whether you’re trying to gain lean muscle, burn fat or both, remember that the key to your success is making your workouts intense. You’re workouts need to be focused and intense, if they’re not you may do well, but you won’t get the most out of the workouts.