What does EATING HEALTHY look like?

Here are 3 rules about diet.

1. To lose weight you’ve got to burn more calories than you consume.

2. To gain weight you have to take in more calories than you burn.

3. The best and healthiest diet is a balanced one.

Go to any book store or library and take a look at the health section. You’ll find tons of books claiming they’ve got the

So close yet so far!

So close yet so far!

diet that will help you change your body.

Some say that meat is bad for you and you should concentrate on eating more fruits and veggies. Others claim that in order to lose weight you should eat huge amounts of proteins and cut out carbs.

It seems that you have to say something drastic in order to successfully sell your book.

The reality is that you need protein to repair muscle and the best protein is found in lean meats.

You also need fats, especially omega 3’s and fatty acids, found in fish, to help your joints and brain function at their best. Omega 3’s are also GREAT for fat loss so take your fish oils regularly!

You also need vitamins that are most abundantly found in fruits and veggies to stay healthy.

Carbs are big too. You need energy to live! If you don’t eat carbohydrates like whole wheats and sugars, you’re not going to have any energy to live life at its best! Sugars found in fruits also supply your brain with energy to think.

What kind of proteins are best?

Lean proteins. Chicken, lean beef is good in moderation, fish is great for you, it’s high in protein and contains the essential fats I mentioned earlier.

What are the best carbs?

White flour is a no no, it has virtually no nutritional value whatsoever. If you have bread or pastas try and make sure they’re made with whole grains and don’t contain any white flour. Veggies and fruits also fall under carbohydrates and you need them, lots of them.

Water is HUGELY important. If you’re trying to lose or gain weight, or just stay healthy you should be drinking water constantly throughout the day. Take an empty 4 litre jug of milk and fill it with water. This is what you should be aiming to drink everyday. Your muscles are largely made up of water, it also cleanses your body and keeps your metabolism working so you’ll burn more calories if you’re consistently drinking it.

So, what does a balanced diet look like?

Try and have a portion of protein, veggies and another carbohydrate with every meal. I suggest taking a multi vitamin a couple times a day as well as omega 3’s in pill form. Even if you eat right it’s hard to give your body all the nutrients it needs and if you’re working out your body needs even more. I take a vitamin before and after I workout.

Eating healthy will help you have more energy, feel better, look better, live longer and overall get more out of life. But you also have to enjoy life as well, so indulge here and there on your favorite treats. I have ‘cheat meals’ and think that this approach works best. I have a few a week instead of just splurging and ruining a day

So good luck with your dieting! If you have any questions ask away!