As men, we’ve been told and taught our entire lives that one of the truest tests of manhood and masculinity is brute strength. We will go out of way at any given opportunity to display that we are stronger than another man. It’s a way for us to feel superior, and alpha. Like pounding on our chests in the jungle to let our presence be known.

And if we think back in evolutionary times, before we lived in the civilized societies that we do today, the man’s strength was a necessity for survival, as he was both the protector and provider for his family. Strength was needed to build fires for warmth and light, hunt down prey for dinner, and when needed protect the women and children from predators.

In today’s world though, the strength needed for survival is for much different reasons. Beginning in our adolescent and teenage years, its biggest purpose is serving as a form of confidence. Maybe that’s to fend off a neighborhood or school bully, or perhaps we use feats of strength to impress the cute girl in our class, but a lot of times boys and young men simply develop the want and desire to become stronger physically so that they can grow emotionally and mentally.

Because of this, many young men get into strength training or weightlifting programs through their teenage or early adult years. These programs, whether they be sport related or not, or built around the ideas of developing full body and functional strength. It’s an important element in the early stages of training to understand and master the functional mechanics of the body, and this comes with consistent repetition of many of the traditional or “old-school” strength training exercises.

These movements and exercises will predominately be multi joint movements, training more than one body part at a time, and will consist of but not be limited to: squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, barbell rows, and many others.

This early phase in training is like an indoctrination period. You are crossing over into the world of manhood. And if you ask me, this is a much better way of doing so than how our ancestors or some civilizations do it still to this day.

You are becoming one connected unit with your body and your mind. Learning to function, and laying the foundation for which your life will be built upon.

Because we know MEN ARE STRONG!

Both in body and mind.

And this training does incredible things for you. You begin to not only feel the new strength in your body, but visually both you and others can see it. The increase in muscle mass raises testosterone levels, improving your confidence, energy levels, mental clarity, and focus.

You are now not only capable of more than you were before, but you feel it as well.

Now you come to the point where a decision must be made. Are you going to continue on this path of training for purely strength purposes, building a solid base and foundation of functional muscle that is turning you into a man, or, are you going to separate yourself from the pack, and become one of the true elite men in this world?

The men that stand above the rest… both literally and figuratively.

I’m talking about the men that have both muscle function and strength as well as muscular aesthetics.


Aesthetics are defined as a set of principles dealing with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art.

So when we discuss muscular aesthetics, we are focusing not just on how the body moves and performs, but also how it looks, from an artistic standpoint.

Think of the superheroes that you idolized as a child, or the Greek gods that you read about in mythology, or the statues of built by Romans and Greeks throughout history.

You can tell just by looking at all of these bodies of men, that yes they are strong, but there is very fine detail paid to how the bodies look. Focus on big broad round shoulders, a small v-taper waist, running into sweeping quads, creating the perfect physical silhouette.

Add to that a wide back, and nice thick round arms, and you have a beautifully crafted AESTHETIC ALPHA MALE physique.

But how do we get there?

How does one that has focused on whole body functional strength training transition from a point where he is focusing on building the body, and becoming as strong as possible, to know building a body worthy of a Greek god?

And is it possible for every man to accomplish this?

Yes, it is 100% possible for every man walking this planet to build an AESTHETIC ALPHA MALE physique.

First, it must start with creating a vision. What do you want that body to look like? What is going to represent for you? And beyond that, WHY are looking to build this physique?

Before you ever set out a plan or begin a program to accomplish this goal, there must be a deeper meaning and reason as to why. It’s this why that is going to continue to push and drive you on the days that you may not feel like your progressing, but because you have a strong enough why, and see the long-term vision, you will continue to push and move forward, inching closer every single day.

Once the goal is set, and the why is in place, now it’s time to develop the plan.

How are we going to build and sculpt this aesthetic physique?

While we continue to perform and master our strength training, we must now shift a part of our focus to specialized body part training.

Specialization training is a technique that provides highly targeted training overload to specific muscles. This means we will pick body parts, usually no more than 2 at a given time, and train them through single joint, isolation movements.

By isolating these muscles, we create both a central nervous system response as well as a neuromuscular response to stimulate muscle fiber damage to a degree that will require our body to produce new tissue to overcome this new targeted stimulus. This new tissue and muscle fiber will have our bodies regenerating themselves both bigger and stronger than before, and over time, there will be a visual difference in those muscles that we are targeting.

Another reason you must understand that specialization is important and necessary tool for building a complete physique is that most muscles are composed of multiple muscle fibers, running in different directions. And to fully train these fibers and completely develop them, the muscles need to be trained for a multitude of different angles, which can only be accomplished through isolated specialized training.

The most effective way for you to begin to use specialization training is to first have the vision of what you want to create with your physique, then look at where you are right now, and being honest with yourself, what body parts need the most attention.

Start with those.

But understand that this process does take time. Unlike the sculptors that carved out those Greek and Roman statues that we travel the world to see, we aren’t just carving out stone to create our masterpiece, we are building our AESTHETIC ALPHA MALE physique with the human body, piece by piece, rep by rep.

Stay true to your vision and your why, and in time, you’ll have a physique worthy of your own statue.

About The Author

Frank is a fitness author/entrepreneur, bodybuilder, and online coach. His mission is to help 100,000 men who have plateaued and stopped making gains add their next 15 lbs of muscle while still getting leaner through advanced cyclical training and the Precision Hypertrophy Principles so that they can stop wasting their time and accelerate muscle growth even if they’ve struggled building muscle in the past without getting fat.