Why You Should Think Twice Before Telling Your Doctor You May Have Low Testerone

July 25, 2024

From the office of Chad Howse, Best-Selling Author of the Man Diet.

Much is being made about the lack of testosterone men are producing today. Sure, it’s in decline, and yes that’s a bad thing. Testosterone helps us perform efficiently. It’s a hormone involved in tissue repair, fat loss, and maintaining a healthy sex drive.

If you’re going to be at your best physically, you need optimal, not just average, testosterone levels.

However, if you want to be at your best mentally, you need the same. Testosterone, while it’s benefits re: the human body are numerous and important, it has also been shown to decrease the likelihood of depression in men.

So if testosterone is in decline, why then, should you NOT ask your doctor about ways to combat low, or less than optimal, testosterone?

Like most diseases and ailments low testosterone has become a money-making monster for pharmaceutical companies who are inventing symptoms for this “ailment”, and your doctor is their “pusher”.

What these pharmaceutical “cures” for low T do, however, does nothing for your body’s ability to produce more testosterone on its own. Actually, all that testosterone injections and rubs and pills do, is inhibit your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone.

In short, the cures your doctor prescribes will STOP YOU FROM PRODUCING TESTOSTERONE, making you dependent on the drugs their prescribing, putting more money in their pockets.

If you get off the drugs, you’re screwed. By supplying your body with a synthetic form of testosterone - which is also of lower quality than what your body produces on its own - you’re telling your body that you don’t need to produce it any longer. And getting it to once again produce testosterone optimally on its own accord is nearly impossible.

So how do you produce optimal levels of testosterone, no matter your age or fitness level?

1. Don’t go to the doctor for a fix (we’ve covered why).

2. Check out the next page to learn how to make your body produce optimal testosterone levels all on its own with a few simple changes to your diet, and your exercise routine.