June 25, 2024

Hi, I'm Chad Howse,
Author of the Man Diet.

We’re facing an epidemic. Men, that is. It’s an epidemic that leaves us impotent, unable to build muscle or burn fat, lethargic, and depressed.

It’s a virus that’s spreading fast. One that was once thought to only attack us as we age is now being seen in men under 20 years of age!

The epidemic I’m speaking of is low testosterone, and we’re seeing it not just in men over the age of 25 (who are experiencing a decrease of  between 1.2 and 1.3% annually), but in men much younger than that.

Researchers out of Massachusetts found that the average man’s testosterone levels have dropped by 1.2-1.3%  annually over the last 20 years with 1 in 4 men experiencing lower than average T levels.

That means that a 30 year old man in 1986 had significantly higher testosterone levels than a 30 year old man in 1996, and '96 had higher levels than 2006 and so on...

With each decade we’re producing less testosterone. It’s as if men are becoming less manly. And as we see this fall of man, this emasculation, we’re seeing increased obesity, heart disease, depression, and a host of other ailments rise in relation to it.

There is a silver lining, though...

As men all over the world experience the negative effects of low T, thousands have already begun to turn the tides using a strange routine and diet designed to unleash this lost hormone.

Many of these thousands have doubled and tripled their testosterone levels in only a few weeks.

What you have to understand is that it’s not your genetics that are holding back from getting ripped, jacked, energetic, happy, and successful, it’s your hormones.

And when you fix this underlying cause with the simple tactics I’m going to show you in this article, you free your body to perform as it was always meant to.

This decline is not your fault, but it is under your control…

Standing atop a mountain in Maui, staring down the slide that the fine gentleman who owned the property had constructed, I determined that no matter how fast I went I wouldn’t slow down.

Wanting to test not only my own limits and fears, but also how well this slide was constructed, I took a running start, launched on to me arse, perched my hips in the air so only my upper back and heels were touching the bottom of the slide, and sped off with a smile on my face…

A few seconds later, after some dicey turns and some close calls, I was skidding face first on the lava rock that surrounded the pool at the base of the slide.

My belly looked like a peeled raspberry.

I was bleeding profusely, yet no amount of pain or blood could wipe the smile off my face.

It’s this trip to Maui, and this “accident” on the insanely poorly constructed slide, that first showed me the true power of optimal testosterone levels.

Only a few months earlier I’d found out that I had low T levels when I went to the doctor and demanded a blood test. I’d been doing some reading into how low T levels show themselves…

I was walking around in a daze, half the man I was, and this gradual decline was reaching critical mass. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, so I demanded the test.

The doctor thought it was a waste of time to give me a blood test because I was only 24 years old, but I insisted.

And, sure enough, though I was fit and young, I had low T levels for my age.

Needless to say, as a guy, I freaked. But when the doctor came to me with his solution (testosterone replacement therapy), I said I’d handle it.

What I did know was that TRT is basically glorified steroids. They’re injections that replace your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone.

After a few months on TRT you can no longer produce testosterone optimally. You become dependent on the expensive injections that puff the pockets of your doctor.

It was this test that set me on a 6-year quest to figure out how to naturally increase my testosterone levels, not just to “acceptable levels” but to the highest levels a human male could possibly naturally create.

… And it was this trip, only a few months after that test, that made me realize I was on to something.

I went back to the hotel, blood still dripping from my chest, poured some rubbing alcohol on it and continued with the day.

Now, right after I got that test back from the doc I started doing a few things:

  • I created a “testosterone” shake that consisted of 3 raw eggs, whole raw milk, and a few secret ingredients that I’ll share with you later. I took that thing 3-5 times a week.
  • I created a “testosterone-boosting” morning routine based on the research I’d done. It was designed to boost “free T”, which is the form of testosterone that’s NOT bound to a protein, allowing it to travel throughout the body and repair tissue.
  • Much of my research had taught me about the power of dietary fats and how it’s fats from animals, nuts, fish, and fruits that are the building blocks for testosterone.

This kinda pissed me off because up until then all I’d read about in the muscle and fitness mags was low fat this, high protein and carbs that…

The diet I’d been using was actually filled with things that lowered my testosterone levels!

Ukh1uMJBut I digress…

I made those 3 changes and a few others.

Bloody chest and all, I took my testosterone shake and went to bed.

The next day I awoke to a scabbed front.

The day after that the scabs were almost completely gone, and by day 3 my whole chest was healed, albeit with some light scarring.

It didn’t take me long to connect the dots.

You see, testosterone is a tissue-repairing hormone.

That’s why it helps you build muscle and recover far more quickly than you can without optimal testosterone levels.

So, through my testosterone cocktail, my before bed and upon rising routine, and through the dramatic changes in my diet that I made, I’d transformed myself into a poor man’s Wolverine.

A few other things I noticed…

My girlfriend was far friskier on account of the pheromones that you release when you’re producing optimal testosterone levels…

And the best part, so was I. I was waking up with the soldier standing at attention, my body composition was changing DRAMATICALLY…

… I was losing fat and building muscle and getting much stronger.

I had a lot more energy than normal. I was able to work longer hours, and have more fun…

And my ambition was back in full effect.

Here’s the reality that I was hit with…


Women make up over 80% of the market, and the diets that focus on helping women lean out, don’t give us the building blocks for testosterone that we need.

A simple example is zinc…

Men need zinc to block aromatase, which is a precursor to estrogen. Women DO NOT want to take zinc, unless they want a hint of a moustache to appear on their upper lip.

Myth #1: Dieting Helps You Burn Fat.

When you decrease your caloric intake over time, your body is forced to adapt in its desire to create a homeostatic environment and even out your ability to produce, use, and maintain energy. It does this by slowing your metabolism.

So, when you're "cutting" and training hard, you're "priming" your metabolism for failure. This eventually makes you store more body fat, which lowers your testosterone levels, further impeding your desire to burn fat and build muscle.

There's also the issue of cortisol...

You see, cortisol is a hormone that we need, but most of us have an abundance of cortisol in our system - often the result of over-dieting or stress - and cortisol is a natural enemy of testosterone. Cortisol, when it's at high levels in our bodies, makes us store fat and burn muscle, one of the ways we measure testosterone is in direct relation to our cortisol levels.

High cortisol levels = low testosterone levels.

The same, however, is true for muscle building diets, or "bulking protocols".

The answer to your problems is not to simply cut calories, though it is a necessity to burn fat. You also need to create an atmosphere where your hormones are working OPTIMALLY if you want your body to do the same.

Want to break down the barriers standing between you and your ideal body? Keep reading...

As I dug deep into researching about how the male body works I was confronted with the fact that, like many other areas of the medical profession, men are left alone.

And so, I went to work…

I began trying and testing different food and supplement and nutrient combinations on my own body, getting my T levels tested every time I’d add a new practice to my routine.

Here are 4 that helped a lot, I highly recommend you try them…

4 Secrets to Naturally Enhance Your Testosterone Levels

Secret #1 - Take more vitamin D. Most scientists and doctors agree that"free testosterone" is the only form of the hormone that matters because it's free to move around the body and repair tissue. Vitamin D helps "free" the testosterone in your body that's bound to proteins. The problem: we don't consume enough vitamin D. Consume 3,000 IU upon rising and before bed.

Secret #2 - Take 2 cold showers a day. Your testosterone levels are highest between 4am-6am in the morning. Taking a cold shower at night before bed will help you sleep, but also help you naturally enhance your testosterone levels. Do the same upon rising to wake up but get your T levels boosted. Have the shower last for 10 minutes both in the morning and at night. And keep it as cold as possible.

Secret #3 - Avoid plastics. Plastics contain chemical estrogens that raise your body's estrogen levels, which then lower your testosterone levels. Avoid carrying your water in plastic bottles and your food in plastic containers. 

Secret #4 - Take mini-vacations. This isn't talked about very often, but stress is one of the greatest inhibitors of testosterone because it results in the release of cortisol in your body. One of the way to measure testosterone is in relation to cortisol. If your cortisol is high, your testosterone can't be. It's important to de-stress once a month. Get out in nature, get off the computer, and unplug.

Myth #2: Bulking Helps You Build Muscle

As soon as you set out to try to build muscle, you're bombarded with different bulking protocols that almost without exemption follow the same principles:

Eat a lot of food (mainly carbs), and gain weight.

The problem with this mode of thinking is simple: YOU GAIN FAT!

Fat and testosterone don't play well together. In fact, if you're over 15% body fat, you're likely suffering from elevated estrogen levels because excess body fat increases your estrogen levels, which decreases your testosterone levels.

Another problem with bulking and gaining fat is that it hurts your insulin sensitivity, this means you're going to store more of those added calories as fat rather than using them to feed your muscles and repair your tissue.

So you eat and lift and eat and eat, and you gain weight, but do you gain muscle?

With the lower testosterone levels you're not able to recover as effectively, and with the decreased insulin sensitivity, you just gain more fat.

Muscle gains don't actually increase more with conventional bulking protocols.

First: Drop your body fat while increasing your testosterone levels NATURALLY, if you want to build your ideal body.

In a matter of months I went from a guy who felt like he was pushing a boulder up a hill…

Low on energy, sex drive disappearing, fat piling on to my midsection and hustling in the gym all to no avail, to a guy who started a new business, transformed my body, and began to live the ambitious, audacious life I’d always wanted to live.

I even started a business dedicated to helping men naturally increase their testosterone levels and live up to their potential.

I crafted a way to eat and live that MEN could follow. One that would allow us to have fun, dine out, but one that fixed our fat loss and muscle building hormones for good.

The results were so good that I knew I had to try this out on other guys, so I began testing it on a few clients...

When I told some friends that I wanted start a business that focused on a diet and a guide ONLY for men, they told me that men only made up 15% of the "diet" market...

And most of the diets you’ll find on the book shelves and online, are made specifically for women, but don’t give men the nutrients, nor the foods that they want and need to be optimal.

Why do you think this is?

Let me ask you another question: Who do you think is more worried about their weight, the guy on the left, or the babe on the right?

Even though the woman is in great shape, and the guy isn't, her weight is an emotional issue, and emotion sells. Thus, the health and fitness industry, my industry, panders to the group that will earn them the most money.

I clearly said "screw it", and bucked their advice.

This testosterone epidemic, this fall of man, this emasculation needs to be addressed!

We Can't Forget About Men!

What I continually hear from guys is that they "have a body resistant to building muscle or burning fat."

I hear them (maybe you) talk about bad genetics...


Over the past 6 years I’ve discovered how to naturally enhance testosterone levels with simple changes to diet and environment.

I’ve written for Men’s Health on this very topic. I’ve brought my own testosterone levels to new OPTIMAL levels, and as a result I’ve never been more ripped or stronger in my life.

I have more energy, I've accomplished more since I've boosted my T levels. Confidence has come in droves, and what's even better...

I've been able to constantly improve my body and my health even while I was traveling the world!

Last year I spent 8 months traveling to Italy, Scotland, Argentina, and Uruguay, and I was able to stick to this method of eating no matter where I was because you can fit it to YOUR schedule and YOUR environment.

A diet made for men cannot prevent us from BEING MEN!

The traveling, the business, the ambition, and LIVING the benefits of optimal testosterone levels cannot be negotiable!

What's great about this method I've created is that...

You don't need to ruin your life to get a body you can be proud of, a body that befits the warrior you are deep down!

This is why I created the Man Diet Method...

We're Experiencing Low Testosterone And No One Cares!

Through YEARS of research, and a TON of trial and error, I created the...


I'm sick and tired of hearing from guys who are frustrated with their lack of results, ambition, energy, and sex drive.

I was sitting on a solution, one that - heck with the lack of market - I needed to give to other guys so we can end this damn emasculation.

Our medical system isn't helping us, so we need to help ourselves!

Our doctors give us testosterone injections that make them money, cost us thousands, and create a dependency on said injections to maintain optimal T levels. They ruin our body's ability to NATURALLY produce testosterone!

They prescribe diets that don't work, that are meant for women, that lower our testosterone levels and make us less manly. Our environments, the objects that surround us, and the lives we live, create an atmosphere for Low T. What we need is a way to eat and a way to live that will help us naturally enhance out testosterone levels for the REST OF OUR LIVES.

Client Review #1

“Chad's diet pulled the wool from over my eyes. When I started eating like a man, my body fat decreased, my energy increased, and I'm able to actually enjoy my meals. The diets my wife put me on didn't work because they weren't for men, at least I know that now, and I can follow the Man Diet for the rest of my life.” ~ Nate

Client Review #2

“I’ve struggled with my weight for my entire life. But I always thought I was eating healthy. Until I met Chad. The Man Diet allowed me to stop dieting. It helped me build muscle. And it finally helped me burn fat, and build a body I was proud of. I recommend his diet to everyone I meet who suffers from low energy and can’t burn off excess body fat.” ~ Mark

Client Review #3

"For my entire life I was always in "average" shape. I always carried some body fat, especially around my waist. I worked hard and ate healthy, but I couldn't get "ripped".Then I started THE MAN DIET, and my life changed forever. Buy this diet. It's easy to follow. And you're going to feel incredible on it."

The Man Diet: Your Complete Path to Naturally Optimal Testosterone Levels

The Man Diet: Main Manual, a Guide to Optimal Testosterone Levels.

  • A step by step guide to produce optimal T levels every day.
  • Morning and evening routines designed to double your T levels.
  • A diet structured around YOUR schedule to produce optimal T levels.
  • A list of things to avoid in your environment that are killing your T levels.

Wait, With the Man Diet: Your Guide to How to Eat Like a Man! I've Added a Bunch of Bonuses to Make Your Transformation a Guarantee.

The Man Diet Supplements Guide: A No B.S. Guide to Vitamins and Supplements (Finally the Truth About What Works and What's a Waste of $)


The Man Diet Meal Log: Structure Your Diet Around Your Schedule and Just Plug In Your Meals.


The Man Diet Cheater's Guide: Learn How to Eat Tasty Treats Without Them Hurting Your T Levels.


The Man Diet Food Choices: A Complete Guide of What to Eat and What NOT to Eat to Naturally Boost Testosterone.


FAST ACTION BONUS: THE MAN DIET COOKBOOK 50 Testosterone-Boosting Recipes Made For Men!



The Man Diet Method has helped thousands of guys go from scrawny to jacked, fat to ripped, and impotent to a sexual monster...

... However, it's clearly not for everyone.



If, however, you ARE frustrated by your lack of results, you don't mind eating animals, and you'd rather wake up with boners every morning, then be a man and take action!


Join The Revolution, We're Changing the Way Men Eat.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What if it’s just not for me?

What if I buy it and I can’t follow the meal guides?

The Man Diet is customized to how YOU can eat. It’s filled with guides and recipes that you can tweak and tailor to your own routine. However, if for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the Man Diet, we’ll give you a complete refund within the first 60 days of your purchase.

The more research I did, the more I saw glaring flaws in how nutrition is taught, and what's considered "common knowledge".

I saw a dire need in my own life, and those of my clients, for a structured approach to nutrition that will show men how to naturally enhance testosterone levels. An approach that will give men a schedule that's very easy to follow, where they can enjoy their meals without dieting or starving themselves, yet yield better results. So that's what I created.

The Man Diet Is the Way Men Need To Eat!

Let's call it like it is...

  • Men need simple, easy to follow instructions that don't take up too much time and are easily applied to their routines.
  • We need to be able to eat in a way that fits our lifestyles, whether we work the night shift, the day shift, or the night and day shift. So along with the Man Diet, I created the Meal Log, that allows you print out a sheet and plug in what to eat depending on the time of day, and your schedule.

I then created the Cheater's Guide to Eating Like a Man, that shows you how to position your cheat meals, and cheat days, so you can enjoy ice cream on occasion, without sacrificing your health or fitness goals. Actually, in the cheater's guide you'll learn how to cheat to enhance your results. It's a pretty cool addition to the Man Diet.

I didn't want to stop there, so I added a Supplement's Guide that will show you what supplements are good for you, and which ones are a complete waste of your time and money, as well as a QuickStart Guide that will show you how to set up the Man Diet to fit YOUR SCHEDULE and LIFESTYLE.


Here are some more reasons why the Man Diet is for you:

1. You get to tailor your diet to your routine. There is no strict “do this not this” when it comes to meal scheduling. We’ve created multiple scenarios that you can tailor to your routine, whether you’re a night owl, or an early riser, there’s a place in the Man Diet for you.

2. You don’t have to count calories. I’ve always hated counting calories. It makes a nutrition plan that much harder to follow. So we’re not going to do it. We show you what to eat and when, and the guidelines are set up in such a way that you can eat more of the healthy, tasty foods you love, and burn even more fat.

3. You get to cheat. We all have cravings. What most people don’t know is that there are actually ways we can use these cravings to our fat loss advantage, not to our detriment. In the Man Diet we show you how to cheat so you can burn more fat eating tasty, even sugary meals.

4. You’re going to be able to sustain. Most diets, especially for men, aren’t sustainable. This isn’t so much a diet, as a way of eating that you can maintain -easily – for the rest of your life. Your results don’t have to stop, ever.

5. You’re going to feel the changes within the first 2 weeks. You won’t have to wait long to feel, and see the changes that the Man Diet is making to your physique. Many of my clients begin to see real, visible changes within the first 2 weeks.

6. You’ll have support. I’m actually going to be with you every step of the way, answering questions, emails, and providing support. When you buy this incredible, revolutionary program, you’re also gaining a tribe and a community that has your back.


The Man Diet is a diet that's ONLY meant for men.

Not only will you learn secrets that will help you unlock your TRUE GENETIC POTENTIAL, but you'll learn how to eat in a way that will keep your T levels high, your body fat low, without eating a ton of bland, boring foods.

It's a diet that guys can actually stick too, nay, it's a diet that's filled with food groups that are probably A LOT testier than the one's you're consuming now.

Would you like to increase your energy levels so you can play more with your kids, get more work done, and do more with your life?

Would you like to finally get a set of six pack abs WITHOUT dieting and starving yourself?

Would you like to get stronger, and become a more confident guy?

The man diet is what you've been missing.

Are you ready to start eating like a man?

This isn't simply a meal plan, it's a guide to eating right, and living optimally for the rest of your life.

Answers from Chad Howse to your most frequently asked questions:

1. Isn’t eating fat bad for your heart?

The fats you’re going to consume in the Man Diet are actually good for your heart. Where many people run into problems is in pairing these natural fats with high glycemic carbohydrates. The spike in insulin that comes from the carbs, changes how these healthy fats are absorbed and stored by your body.

In the Man Diet we’re going to show you what foods to combine so you can see the benefits of the fats that should dominate your diet.

2. What if I buy the Man Diet and I can’t follow it?

I created this diet to help as many guys as I possibly can. I want to change the way we think about nutrition, so we can start, once again, being optimal men. So you can experience the benefits of eating how a man should, like I have, and so many of my clients have.

If you don’t like the diet, you have 60 days – no questions asked – to get a refund. I don’t want you to spend your hard earned money on something that you’re not going to use or follow. This is the best diet for men who want to burn fat, build muscle, and build their ideal bodies. But if you lack the discipline to follow it, fire me an email and I’ll give you a full refund.

3. My wife does the cooking in my household, is the Man Diet healthy for her as well?

This diet is also healthy for your wife, with a few corrections, namely in the vitamins and supplements that you’re going to consume. There are also two options for the diet. I did this to make it easier to follow no matter your schedule. She can consume the same meals as you, but she will simply follow a different feeding schedule.

Join The Revolution, We're Changing the Way Men Eat.