Train Like a Man: A Unique 3-Month Protocol That Will Get You In The Best Shape of Your Life.

Within This Unique Program, You'll Be Given The Roadmap Needed for You To Build Your Optimal, Best-Performing Body, in As Little As 3 Months.

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Using This 3-Pronged Approach to Building Your Strongest, Manliest Body, You'll...

  • Unlock Your Genetic Potential in Month #1

    Before you build muscle or burn fat, you need to become strong. In Month #1 you’re going to build your strongest body yet using unique sets and techniques designed to help you break through previous plateaus.

  • Shock Your Body Fat in Month #2

    The functionality of any body starts from the inside-out. Along with The Man Diet, the Man Workout is designed to help you be at your best hormonally, as well as physically. And bringing down your body fat % down to a minimum is that next step.

  • Build Brawny Muscle in Month #3

    Finally, we’re capping your optimally-performing and looking body off by building slabs of lean, strong, dense muscle. You’ll notice we’re going in a very different order than most programs, and that’s done on purpose. With testosterone at its height, you’re now free to build your best muscle.

Who the Heck is Chad Howse, and Why Is This Program So Awesome?

“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.” ~ Casteneda

This is the basis for the Man Workout, for you to rise up to a challenge that will make you into a better, stronger, grittier man. Join me, will you?

February 28, 2024

That is I, Chad Howse, on the right, in that goofy, "I'm wrapping my hands and trying in vain to look cool", pose. Poses aside, I'm on a pretty grand mission to build an army of men who are at their absolute best, and we're starting with the body.

The Man Diet and the Man Workout are designed to help you get optimal testosterone levels which will, in turn, decrease your likelihood of depression, disease, and even cancer. You'll have more energy to do and be awesome, and our society shall benefit from said awesomeness.

This mission, and the programs within it, are going to benefit you far more than a set of six pack abs ever could (which you shall obtain), but with the physical and mental strength and grit needed for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish in life.

Join me in my mission. Take up the challenge. Forge your strongest body, and never look at the world the same again.

Buy Now For Only $17

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