Is Your Body Being Systematically Feminized?

Instead of Training Like a Plucked Eyebrow Pansy, Reclaim Your Manhood & Train Like a Warrior!

November 30, 2023

From the desk of Chad Howse, Author of the Man Diet.

By now it's no secret...

Study after study has shown that men are becoming less manly. We're systematically being quelled and crushed and it's starting with our sex hormones.

Men of today are a shell in comparison to what we once were...

Men Were Born And Bred To Hunt And Fight And Defend. We Are Warriors. Yet Men of Today Are Softer And Weaker And Chubbier Than Ever Before. Why?

That description obviously doesn't sound like the sitting, tamed, tempered, emasculated men of today and the reasons are plenty.

Today, however, we're going to focus on the single thing that has "ignited" this feminization of the modern man...

Realizing that men were, indeed, losing testosterone, researchers in Boston decided to find out whether it was due merely to age (men begin to produce 1% less testosterone starting at the age of 30), or was this a population-wide epidemic?

The results were disheartening.

The researchers found that men weren't just seeing testosterone levels decline with age, but also as a sex on the whole.

Simply put, men are producing less testosterone than we once were, and the struggles you're experiencing in the gym, in the bedroom, and even with your mental health, can all be directly linked to this decline in testosterone.

If we fix your broken sex hormones you can expect:

  • To Build More Muscle, With Ease.
  • Burn More Fat While Doing Less Work.
  • Experience a Decrease in Depression.
  • Have Better Sex and Maybe More Sex (the last one is up to you).

If you look at this decline, it helps not only to look at the decline in the context of society, but as we age, because they may have very similar causes.

In This Article You'll Discover 3 Simple Steps to Building Your Ideal Body from the Ground Up & You'll Discover Why You Lack of Results Are NOT YOUR FAULT!

We Once Roamed This Earth As Physical Specimens That Would Diminish Even Our Greatest Athletes' Accomplishments. It's Time To Bring Back Manliness. It's Time to Unleash Your Inner Alpha.

The once dominant Alpha Male has turned into the sedentary man, and this is where the problem and the solution to our testosterone levels begin, and where our lack of results reside.

We'll discuss a couple things:

  • How to Train Like a Warrior. That Is, How to Build Rock Hard, Dense Alpha Male Muscle, Bringing Back This Warrior's Body That Was Once The Norm, And...
  • Why You're Wasting The Workouts You're Doing Right Now, Ruining Your Chances of Building a Bigger, Leaner, Stronger Body.

Why Are You Training Like a Model Instead of Training Like a Warrior?

The modern male is being systematically sissy-fied, and it's not only taking place in the workplace or the school systems, you, men, are training like models, like humans who care only about their aesthetics, and not like the badasses that enter the cage, ring, or battlefield, and by God that has to change.

Walk into any gym and what do you see?

Fellas on treadmills, curls in the mirror, bodybuilding exercises with bodybuilding rep schemes and bodybuilding tempos, but "body building" isn't actually what they're doing, they're "body destroying".

We all know that the bodybuilding industry is ruled by steroids, and I have no problem with someone doing that to their body if they want to take that route - just prepare to become dependent on those injections as you'll ruin your own body's ability to produce testosterone OPTIMALLY.

The workouts, thus, also cater and are tailored to the fellas who are sticking needles in their arses.

This is where it isn't your fault.

The entire fitness industry is focused around either bodybuilding exercises and workouts, or bodyweight exercises and workouts that just don't get you the results you truly want.

What you need is the strategic strength training that warriors do daily to build the body that you should have been walking around with on day one.

What You Need Is A Strategic Program That Will Help You Get Stronger. That Will Help You Build the RIPPED, Dense Muscle That Will Help You Perform And Be An Alpha, A Warrior.

The reality is that the athletes of this world are on to something. Many of them, the football players, the boxers, the mixed martial artists, are training in a manner that gives them more power, explosiveness, and the aesthetics to boot.

They're training for performance and the side effect is that they create the most aesthetically pleasing bodies on the planet with the right proportions (we'll cover this more in a bit).

The rest of us, though, are building weak, puffy muscles rather than the dense, rock hard, anabolic muscle that our forebears had. Which begs the question, what's wrong with your training routine and how do we solve this problem and being back the lean, strong, and athletic man that was once the norm?

Problem #1. You're bulking or cutting & killing your hormones.

There seems to be two goals for guys trying to build a better body, and both goals wreak havoc on our hormones, namely testosterone...

When you cut, for example, it's usually a long, drawn out process where you consume fewer and fewer calories trying to burn more than you're taking in.

The problem: Your body adapts.

Your metabolism's desire is to create a homeostatic atmosphere, so as you cut calories, your body slows your metabolism, which is why the long process of "cutting" is usually wrought with plateaus and increased frustration.

What's worse is that most people fall off the wagon and binge. With your metabolism being slowed, this binge results in HUGE fat gains and you end up with a worse body than when you started.

And then there's bulking...

So you're skinny and you want to build muscle, I've been there. You eat more and more (namely carbs) in an effort to gain and gain and you do gain, but you gain fat.

The problem: Body fat decreases your testosterone levels.

What you need to be doing is training in a way that's a call back to how we once lived, intensely, optimally, as warriors. You need to:

  • Build lean, dense, anabolic muscle by using explosive, athletic, and HEAVY compound movements.
  • Use techniques like finishers to also help you improve lung capacity and burn fat.
  • Pull more than you push in order to build the athletic, strong, and aesthetically optimal physique that bodybuilding or power-lifting porgrams just don't offer.

We're training for aesthetics, yet who among us has the perfect V shape which is the shape that most attracts women and intimidates men? It's pretty rare to see.

We're training for fat loss, but we're depleting our body of the dense muscle that makes fat loss a lot easier.

All of this brings me to problem number two...

Problem #2. You're losing your athleticism and it's killing your physique.

Athletes that train for both power and endurance have the best physiques. Sprinters, fighters, football players, all use similar methods to increase their power, without dramatically increasing their weight.

The result are evident: real world strength without bulking or cutting, but simply following a training protocol that improves the potential of a man.

You have this potential, you've just been training like a model - even like a lady - instead of like a man!

This is something that I had to come to grips with, that unless I wanted to take drugs, most bodybuilding programs weren't going to build my ideal physique, what I needed was a program that helped me build lean, dense muscle.

A program that helped me become a better athlete, a stronger and more powerful man. This is where the ideal male physique exists.

This is where we tap into our true genetic potential, when we train like warriors we tap into the genetic potential that we've always had, but we've been crushing and quelling with a sedentary lifestyle, which brings me to problem number three...

Problem #3. You're not moving like a man.

When we train we're essentially practicing movements. We're adding resistance to get better and stronger at said movements, to be able to perform better at said movements.

The problem: The movements contained in most programs aren't explosive, they don't help you build the fast-twitch, type-3 muscle fibers that men once had in abundance.

When was the last time you did box jumps or plyometrics or Olympic lifts?

When was the last time you exploded out of the blocks in a full sprint?

When was the last time you moved in a manner that men are supposed to move?

The mass decline in testosterone in men, among other things, has coincided with a dramatic increase in a sedentary lifestyle. We sit when we used to walk. We email when we used to talk.

While walking everywhere, running everywhere, climbing everywhere and hunting for our own food would be a great start, it's not realistic.

What we need to do is to combine what was once a day's activity into an intense, 30-45 minute training session designed to Bring Back Manliness and make the Alpha Male the norm.

I've been studying the best training methods  and nutrition methods FOR MEN for the past decade, and it's been largely a selfish endeavor.


I want to build my best body because it's such an important part of building my best life.

What I realized is that it's far more gratifying if I bring other fellas along in my journey. The key word though, is fellas...

Women make up roughly 80% of the fitness market. Men are left with feminized and tamed workouts that fit both sexes. Well, they were.

A man isn't a docile, tamed, follower. He's a leader, and most importantly, a badass.

Yes, you are a badass. You have the lineage to prove it. Your ancestors were warriors. They hunted and killed and conquered, and they weren't flabby or fat or weak.

Within your DNA is a man, a badass, a warrior, and your workout needs to push you harder and further and in ways that train you for war.

They don't have to be long, drawn out, even hour-long workouts. With the right methods and planning and strategy, you can build your strongest, best-looking body in under 45 minutes a day, if you're willing to work.

This is where Strong Like a Warrior comes in.

Workouts filled with plyometrics and Oly lifts that will make you stronger and more powerful and leaner while giving you a much needed boost in testosterone while you're training.

But that's not where it ends...

I wanted to create a full and complete system to help you get in the best, most badass shape of your life in the next 3 months, so I teamed with with a strength coach from back east, Joe Meglio, to build you the perfect, badass in a bottle program that will bring you from couch potato to warrior...

If you're willing to man up and work.

The Strong Like a Warrior System: Designed Only For Men Who Want to Unleash Their Alpha and Bring Back Their Badass.

  • Program #1: Old. School. Power.

    The Strong Like a Warrior program consists of 3 power & strength-creating workouts a week (with a bonus muscle workout below). This workouts are designed to help you build rock hard muscle (not the soft stuff that bodybuilders have), in less time.

    3-Month Program using the Old School Strength tricks of the trade to help you grow stronger, and more powerful.

    Focuses are a heavy power-building set, as well as bodyweight and muscle-building sets that are unique to warrior training.

    Value: $127

  • Program #2: Warrior Muscle.

    A bonus program designed to help you create more tension in the muscle, break through plateaus, and keep your muscles growing forever. Through unique cadence and tempo variations, Warrior Muscle will help you look like a man who could conquer the world.

    Strange tempo variations that help the muscle break through plateaus.

    3-week program that, when combined with Strong Like a Warrior, helps you build the ideal male physique.

    Value: $127

  • Special Bonus Report: The Warrior’s Supplements Guide

    Supplements, whether they’re vitamins, minerals, or performance-enhancing supplements, there’s a lot of terrible information out there. We clear the air with the Warrior’s Guide to Supplements.

    Learn NATURAL Testosterone-boosting techniques.

    Learn what to buy at your pharmacy that will help you recover faster than an average human being.

    Discover which supplements are good for you, and which ones are a complete waste of money.

    Value: $27

  • Fast Action Bonus #1: Eat Like a Warrior

    If you’re not feeding your body like a warrior, how do you expect to perform like a warrior?

    A warrior’s diet MUST increase his fat burning and muscle building hormones. The problem: most diets destroy them! With Eat Like a Warrior you’re getting a guide to help you increase your testosterone levels, helping you perform like that optimal man you were always meant to be.

    Value: $47

  • Fast Action Bonus #2: The Warrior Finisher Series

    Finishers are one of the best ways to increase endurance and fast loss without losing muscle. They’re intense. They’re designed to help you SHRED fat and get ripped.

    They’re also designed to add to the end of ANY workout, making these finishers a program in and of themselves. They’ll help you get faster, quicker, and they’ll help you increase both your muscular endurance and your lung capacity.

    They’re only available as an add-on for the next few days. So act FAST!

    Value: $37

  • Fast Action Bonus #3: The Deltoid Destroyer

    Where most men miss the mark aesthetically is in building the V Shape that attracts women and intimidates men. The Warrior program will help you build this shape by using power compound movements that will broaden your back and keep your core lean.

    Just to make sure you’re not only building the body of a warrior, but that you build your aesthetically BEST body, I’ve added the Deltoid Destroyer program to the mix as a way to build one of our problem areas: well-rounded, bowling ball deltoids.

    Value: $27

Total Value: $392

This Week Only: $392 $197 $97 $67

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Stop: The Program Might Not Be For You!

This program isn't for the fella who prefers ease, but for the man wanting to step into the arena, to tap into his warrior genetics and become that man he was always meant to become.

“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.” ~ Casteneda

These workouts are NOT easy. But that's ok with you, is it not? You're a warrior, a man, a guy who rises to the challenge rather than cowering under its weight.

It's time to man up, step up to the plate, and see what you're made of with the most effective, toughest, grueling workouts you've done to date.

Be the Man in the Arena

Many walk the sidelines of life. They sit on their asses, failing to take action on those things that will help them improve.

You have potential within you that's far greater than anything you realize. You just need to tap into it. And the thing that's holding you back from this potential isn't the crutch that most people fall back on: genetics.

The thing that's holding you back is your hormones, and they're completely under your control.

You need to move like an athlete, not like the sedentary snail that so many of us have become. You need to sprint, jump, lift. You need to train like a warrior and once again become said warrior.

P.S. Actual warriors, soldiers, those who serve our great nations, this is a perfect program to prep you for battle.

This Week Only: $392 $197 $97 $67

P.S. If you have ANY questions or concerns, shoot me an email. I am genuinely here to help, just give me some time to respond. This is my personal email: [email protected]

Talk soon.

Glad to have you on board!