"Imagine jumping into bed with your dream girl... You start kissing and getting into the mood and just when you're about to take it to the next level you realize that you can't get it up..."

From the Desk of Chad Howse,

… No matter how much you focus on her and concentrate, it doesn’t budge.

Imagine the horror. Imagine the betrayal on her face as she:

  • Thinks of you as less of a man. And…
  • Thinks it’s her fault, that you’re not really attracted to her, even though we all know that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This may already be your reality, or it could be some day very soon if you don’t start taking the steps I’m going to show you IMMEDIATELY!

More and more men are becoming impotent as the source of our masculinity is in decline.

Research shows that this isn’t just an older guy’s problem either. 20% of 20 year olds, 30% of 30 year olds, and 40% of 40 year olds experience erectile dysfunction.

But the statistics don’t even tell the entire story…

If you’re experiencing:

  • Depression
  • Low Testosterone
  • Obesity
  • Bad Cirulation
  • Constant Fatigue

… Then your likelihood of not being able to get an erection SKYROCKETS.

Or maybe you’re already there?

Maybe you’ve already had to pretend to be tired or not in the mood in order to mask the fact that you simply couldn’t get an erection?

Odds are you’ve run to your doctor who provides no long-term solution. Instead he offers a pill or injections that put money in his pockets and creates a dependency on your side of things.

Now any time you want to have sex you have to pop a pill before-hand or make sure you’ve had your latest testosterone replacement therapy injection.

…And about those injections…

They ruin your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone – which is your male sex hormone. Without healthy testosterone levels you’re not getting anything to stand erect.

Check out this study…

Researchers out of Massachusetts dispelled one very important myth about the decline in testosterone that we’re seeing in the modern man.

Their findings showed that this decline isn’t dependent on age as once previously thought, but rather we’re seeing a decline in testosterone across all ages of men.

For example, your grandfather at 30 years of age had higher testosterone levels than you would at 30.



A big part of being a man is being able to carry on your name, to leave something after you've left. We do this in the form of a child. But more and more men are becoming infertile due to similar causes of impotence.

Our manhood is being attacked and diminished and our doctors aren't even providing us with solutions!

One study from France suggests that men are producing only 1/3rd of the sperm that they once did.

We're slowly seeing the decline of the modern man, even of our species, and it's starting with your manhood.


In fact, doctors are even prescribing THE OPPOSITE of what needs to be prescribed.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy - which is what most doctors "go to" - stops your body from producing testosterone, as we've already discussed. You become dependent on the injections rather than thriving on your own.

... And no man is a dependent...

Second, they usually prescribe low fat diets, which is a MASSIVE No-No!

You see, your testosterone levels effect both your ability to reproduce and get it up, and testosterone comes from cholesterol, which we get from dietary fats.

So as the medical profession gives you advice that cripples your ability to produce testosterone naturally, and to get your mojo back, I want to tell you about an alternative...


I first began to address men's increasing inability to produce testosterone when I created The Man Diet, which shows men how to naturally increase their testosterone levels through diet, changes in their environment, and exercise.

I've sold well over 10,000 copies, and the testimonials are still flooding in.

Some of the feedback I got from the program was, well, surprising.

I had guys under 20 years of age asking if it was normal not to wake up with a boner, and guys in their 50's asking if there are any tactics they could implement to increase their sex drive.

Guys in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's all seemed to have problems both getting it up, and procreating. And so, I went to work on tactics that will boost T, but also lower estrogen, increase sperm count and sex drive.

So while much of the Man's Guide to an Epic Sex Drive deals with testosterone, it also deals with things like...

  • How to increase blood flow.
  • How to decrease stress as cortisol is a huge inhibitor of sex drive.
  • How to lose weight, as fatter guys have higher rates of impotence.
  • How to create a SPECIFIC routine that helps you get your MOJO back!

As I heard more and more from the readers of the Man Diet, and began my own research on the topic of both impotence and infertility, I saw that this is not only a problem in the present, but both problems are getting worse year after year.



There are natural solutions to both increasing sex drive and fertility.

  • Taking cold showers, for example, combats the heat that kills sperm.
  • Wearing boxers instead of underwear does the same.
  • Carrying your cell phone in your breast pocket rather than in your pants pocket can have a massive effect on your sperm count.

With your sex drive there's so much you can do as well...

  • Remove chemical estrogens from your fridge and from your environment.
  • Lose weight!
  • Walk more and sit less.
  • Eat more fat!
  • Follow the testosterone routine I've laid out for you in the Sex Drive manual...

While the medical world tries to get you hooked on a pill or an injection, you can simply unlock your body's natural ability to produce testosterone, sperm, and boners, with the Man's Guide to an Epic Sex Drive.

The Man's Guide to an Epic Sex Drive Manual

Having an optimal sex drive has a number of factors. We cover all of them and provide solutions for each. Sex drive isn’t merely a matter of popping the right pill or going in for an injection. Neither is sustainable.

You want to naturally perform like a MAN, and in the Sex Drive Manual you’re given the truth and the solutions to the problems that are all around you. This, for most, will be enough, but I didn’t want to give “just enough”, I wanted to give you everything you need, so that’s what I did.

The Man’s Guide to an Epic Sex Drive Routine

I don’t simply scare the crap out of you, provide you with a few broad solutions, and send you out into the world to try to carry on your name, have sex without the need of a pill, trying to push a wet noodle through a key hole.

The Epic Sex Drive Routine is something you’re going to follow on a daily basis that will help you boost your sex drive an increase the blood flow to that special area. And if you know you’re about to get lucky, I give you a “pre sex” routine that you do the night before the big day.

For those of you guys who are trying to get your lady pregnant, the routine will aid you in that quest, strengthening both your sperm count and the quality of said sperm that will one day become a wee one, and a spitting image of you.

The Man’s Guide to an Epic Sex Drive Supplement Guide

Are supplements the “answer”? No. In the guide you’ll discover a few “mental” aspects of having an optimal sex drive that actually may be the entire solution and the key to a lifelong epic sex drive.

However, there are supplements that work, and work very well. In the Supplement Guide we go over such supplements, finding the best ones for you and your problems. They’ll help you get more blood flow to your little head, get in the mood more often with your big head, and help you perform more optimally.

To turn the tide, however, you can't simply follow a nutrition or supplement routine to achieve optimal results.

People don't want to hear this, but how healthy and strong and active you are may have the greatest effect on your sex drive of all, which is why I'm giving you a few programs for free to try out for 14-days.

They're designed to increase lean muscle mass (which aids in increasing blood flow) and decrease body fat (which decreases estrogen), but it's a tribe and you get far more than just diets, meal plans, and workouts in this bonus...


  • A custom diet designed to help you burn fat, build muscle, and naturally increase your testosterone levels.
  • A new program every month that will help you get stronger, bigger, and leaner.
  • Specialization months that will help you cure any weak points (like a shoulders month).
  • Video lessons that bring you into the kitchen and into the gym.
  • Meal plans specific to your body and your goals (what's best is that even guys like me can follow them).

$197 Value

I'm so pumped for you to give Average 2 Alpha a try. It is exactly what the title will have you think:

A complete 12-month method designed to get you from where you are now (your average), to where you can potentially be. Listen, we're all achieving something short of what we can achieve. This method (you can see what it includes on the right) will mathematically and scientifically get you performing how you can potentially perform.

With the purchase of The Man's Guide to an Epic Sex Drive you gain $7 access to Average 2 Alpha for 14-days, so you can try it out for yourself and see the insane value and effectiveness of a custom approach designed to fit YOUR goals. That's 14 days completely free, then just $47 per month if you decide to continue with the A2A after that. If you don’t, you can email us any time to cancel.

Think about it like this...

I had to cancel my coaching program because of demand. To make it worth my time I was going to have to start charging $1,000/month, and the content and structure of the coaching program isn't even as good as Average 2 Alpha.

Statistically speaking, if you're a man, your testosterone levels, your ability to get erections, and your ability to reproduce are UNDER ATTACK!

Most of us don't even know that our sperm count's dwindling, nor do we even understand that porn is one of the leading causes of impotence in men.

We don't know how to naturally produce testosterone, or how to naturally increase our T levels to the optimal levels that almost all men are capable of producing.

We just live as we've been told how to live, but the Man's Guide to an Epic Sex Drive is here to change that.

  • It's simple.
  • Easy to follow.
  • And it's dirt cheap! (about the price of a Big Mac)

Your purchase includes a FREE 14-day trial of the Average 2 Alpha Tribe. After 14 days if you want to continue, you'll be charged $47/month to continue the awesome membership that includes workouts, videos, diets, meal plans, and MOTIVATION!

You will be BLOWN AWAY by the membership. It far out-does other membership sites in the sheer quality and quantity of the content.


I know this will help you improve in one of the most important areas of manhood. I created this program, and I put my name behind it because I truly believe it will help a lot of guys, and that’s what I’m here for.

Society is lacking in real men. They’re few and far between. Those men who live with honor and courage and do what must be done. As such, as a guy who’s trying to bring back manliness, I too must live by this code of honor.

If, for any reason, the Epic Sex Drive Program isn’t what you thought it would be, or what you wanted it to be, I’ll give you a FULL refund, no questions asked. All I ask is that you read EVERYTHING, and try EVERYTHING. Take 60 days to go through it all and see that it does improve your libido and that aspect of your manhood that we all hold in such high regard.


  • Q.Is it only $7 or are there any other charges?

    A.Not only is it only $7, but you get bonuses right when you sign up (for a limited time). Keep in mind that you’re also getting access to the A2A membership site to try it out for 14 days. After those 14 days, a $47 monthly membership fee kicks in.

    This is NOT done to trick anyone, we say it on the page A LOT, and 99% of the people that try the A2A system stick to it because it’s awesome. However, if you don’t want to stick with A2A, just cancel your subscription, and if you can’t afford it and you accidentally get charged, email me and I’ll refund your money.

  • Q.What if I decide it's too hard?

    A.Then get a refund. I want workers only, no sissies.

  • Q.Is this a secure transaction?

    A.100% yes, using Authorize.net, the leader in credit card processing. Your transaction is completely secure and confidential.

  • Q.Will my information be shared with any other parties?

    A.Not one. Not only that, no one sees your information, it’s simply processed then you’re automatically given the access needed to download the program.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]. I'd be pumped to have you join the tribe and I can't wait to see your transformation over the next two months!