How to Get Rid of Your Man Boobs

The no-nonsense truth about man boobs and how everything from your diet to your training to your environment is making them grow.

7th May 2021

By Chad Howse, Best-Selling Author of the Man Diet, featured in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Art of Manliness, Elite FTS, and

Why do you have man boobs and how the hell can you get rid of them?

Moobs are primarily a layer of fat that sets over the pectoral muscle, there is gynecomastia, which we’ll cover soon, but the majority of moobs are simply a matter of not being able to remove that fat from the body.

If you follow the main stream diet and nutrition advice that pervades our kitchens and gyms and actually contributes to the creation of moobs and not their removal, you’re not going to get rid of them, if anything you’re just going to make them worse.

There are two primary mistakes guys make as soon as they begin to develop man boobs.

Mistake #1: They cut calories.

By cutting calories you increase your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone and one that makes you hold on to and store more body fat while burning more muscle. When you start losing muscle you negatively effect your insulin health, that is, your body’s ability to use carbs as fuel rather than storing them as fat.

Cortisol also opposes testosterone, and with testosterone levels being so closely linked with man boobs and your ability to burn fat and build muscle, you can't afford to hurt your testosterone levels.

By cutting calories you’re going to lose muscle and store more fat and if you’re prone to storing fat in the pectoral region, that’s exactly where it’s going to go. The worst damage has to do with testosterone though...

With each decade men are producing less testosterone. It effecting our mental health, physical health, sexual health, and our body composition, which is why you're seeing more guys with man boobs than ever before.

Fix your hormones and you'll get rid of your man boobs, the problem is that most of what you're doing right now is completely destroying your testosterone levels, which brings me to the second mistake guys make when trying to get rid of moobs...

Mistake #2: They cut out dietary fats.

Here’s where the big mistake is made. Basically every nutritional source our there is telling you to ease up on eating red meats and saturated fats and anything that contains that latter if you want to stay healthy and burn fat.

And so, you eat “healthy fats” in moderation, like those found in fish and nuts and avocados and so forth, but you don’t eat saturated fats. Well, fats of all kinds, those that help your body produce cholesterol, actually help you produce testosterone as well. And as you remove your body’s building blocks for producing testosterone you begin to store even more fat in that special area.

You see, testosterone and body fat don’t go well together. If you have high testosterone levels (naturally, of course) you’re going to have a more efficient body, and one of the ways you’ll see this efficiency is in your body’s ability to burn fat.

Simply put, if you have high testosterone levels you’re going to burn much more fat and build more muscle. If your T levels are optimal you're not going to have man boobs.

Don’t cut calories and don’t cut fats from your diet either. Your testosterone levels are very closely linked to your moobs and if you have any hope of getting rid of your moobs you’re going to have to get your testosterone levels up to that optimal range.

And this is where another problem sets in that deals with moobs and gyno and testosterone all in one, most diets aren’t made for men, they’re made for women.

The diet you’re likely following right now is precisely what’s contributing to your moobs and gyno and your complete inability to get rid of either or build the body that you want to build. 

On the next page we'll cover how your diet is made for a woman and contributing to your man boobs. We'll also cover 4 ways in which you can instantly and naturally increase your testosterone levels (they're odd, but safe and natural methods). 

If you want to get rid of your man boobs, start with your testosterone levels.