The Brutal 30-Minute Workout That Changed My Life


Hey, it's Chad here, (and there on the right)...

Memories are a blur to me. I’m not one of those guys who can go back in time, remember my age, the date, and the event all in one thought.

There are events, however, that stand out to me either because they were funny as hell or pivotal moments or, as in this case, a brief moment of confirmed accomplishment.

I spent the entirety of my “growing up years” as a runt. After only 8 weeks of the very strange and brutally tough method I’m going to tell you about in a bit, I was a new man, with a new lady on my arm.

I wasn’t used to being average let alone standing out as a guy who’s definitely in shape. I was always a toothpick, a runt. The neck hole on my shirts could fit around my waist. So when the lady on my arm snuggled up to me and said “I feel safe around you”, that was the confirmation I’d been waiting for for some time.

You see, only 9 months prior, I was still the toothpick you see on the left...

I was unhappy with how I looked and I was damn tired of being “strong for my size” instead of just strong. While most of my pals got dates with gals I was relegated to sports and eventually books as my companions.

It’s not that I didn’t get dates, the sports helped with that, it’s that I wasn’t strong enough or confident enough to be who I could be to let those dates turn into something more. People discount the affect that a bigger, leaner, better body has on a guy, but it’s HUGE.

My eventual transformation gave me more than just confidence, but permission to be the warrior, the man, the leader that I knew I was deep down. It opened me up to stand taller and stronger, even on things I believe in and virtues I feel are important.

Now, this may resonate with you…

My lack of size in my early twenties and prior to that, wasn’t for a lack of effort. I trained my butt off and I tried seemingly everything. I tried bulking and I just got fat. I quit and got skinny fat.

What I eventually discovered after years of trial and error was that the muscle I had always wanted but had eluded me for so long was wrapped in 30-minutes of pure hell.

Now, this is where I have to stop you.

While I thought I was training hard before I met this trainer pal of mine, a mentor of sorts, I wasn’t – at least not in comparison to the workout he was about to put me through.

So, I’m stopping you because there’s no real reason to read past this paragraph if you’re not a hard worker and if you expect to transform your body with ease.

For one, it doesn’t work like that, nothing good comes without hard work, but hard work with a rhyme and reason and focus like what I’m about to show you, will transform your body like you never thought possible. So stop if you don’t like a bit of pain.

Sure, you’re going to learn about testosterone and growth hormone and how different training techniques can increase your good hormone levels while decreasing your bad hormones levels, but if you’re not willing to work, save your time for something else, like the TV show you have scheduled for tonight.

For those of you who do enjoy working hard because you know that laziness has never won anyone, anything, you may proceed.

The Myth of Muscle

3 Myths That Keep People Fat and Scrawny

Myth #1: You Need to Train Longer to Build More Muscle


For some of us, duration actually kills our ability to build real muscle. And while longer workouts ARE NOT bad, we need shorter workouts sometimes as well. For myself, it was these shorter, 30-minute workouts that helped me gain 32 pounds of lean muscle in 32 weeks, and the reasoning makes sense.

At around the 60-minute mark mark of a workout, your body goes into catabolic overdrive (it starts burning muscle).

By keeping your workouts shorter you can maintain a more anabolic atmosphere while breaking down just as much muscle using the techniques I'm going to show you in a sec.

What gaining fat by using a bulking protocol actually does is lower your testosterone levels while also hurting your insulin sensitivity. That is, you're going to store even more carbs as fat and repair your broken down muscle tissue slower, and less effectively.

This DOES NOT mean you have to spend years "slow-bulking", with the right training and the right nutrition (I'll show you exactly what to eat very soon) you can gain slabs of lean muscle while keeping your body fat percentage low, sometimes even dropping it like I did in my case.

Myth #2: You Need to Gain Fat to Gain Muscle


Myth #3: You Need to Train Differently for Optimal Fat Loss and Optimal Muscle Gains


A great muscle-building program can also be a great fat loss program because it's muscle that's most important in both cases, and fat that's important to LOSE in both cases.

The right muscle building program will also allow you to maintain lean muscle tissue that's actually very metabolic in nature. So that you're going to burn more fat while you're sleeping.

By adding more lean, athletic muscle to your frame you're making your fat loss journey 10x easier.

By packing on lean muscle, you're also making your eventual "cut" easier as well.

The key is to follow something that leads you from where you are right now, to where you want to be, instead of just leaving you out to dry after only a few months of training...

The Challenge I Needed

Back to my story...

I had almost reached my breaking point as far as training was concerned.

I was done with basketball, where I was always the skinniest on the team, which wasn’t all that bad in high school, but in college it was insanely visible. I was no longer playing with other skinny boys, rather, with muscular men, and I still looked like I was 12.

Where I could really feel the scrawniness was on defence. I was actually a relatively strong guy, but “relatively” is useless when the guy you’re guarding outweighs you by 50 pounds. I’d get pushed around too much to be as successful as I needed to be.

Then came boxing and weight classes.

Now I could be skinny and thrive. And I did. I fought at 151.8 pounds – which in the amateurs is welterweight – and did well. I fought for 3 years, won more than I lost, then finally quit because of a wonderful and awesome reason:

I got too big for my weight class.

Now, it wasn’t just that. Toward the end of my brief boxing career I got a job as a trainer at an elite training facility near my home town.

I started out as an apprentice, then became a trainer. We trained pro football players, hockey players, and any other athlete in need of some great training and guidance.

One of the trainers there, the head trainer, had a whacky idea for me.

He knew I had a horrible time gaining muscle so he suggested we shorten my workouts without actually lessening the workload.

The logic behind the workouts are actually also great for fat loss because they send your growth hormone levels skyrocketing which helps you retain lean muscle mass while at a caloric deficit while also helping you recruit more fat to use as fuel. One of the methods he had me using was something we called a ‘challenge workout’.

The sound of it, even today, sends quivers up my spine. They’re brutally tough – or at least as tough as you’re willing to make them – and they allow you to complete an entire workout in 30 minutes or less.

One of the methods he had me using was something we called a ‘challenge workout’.

The sound of it, even today, sends quivers up my spine.

They’re brutally tough – or at least as tough as you’re willing to make them – and they allow you to complete an entire workout in 30 minutes or less.

What we did was combine every set in the workout – depending on the focus, it could be a combo body part split, an upper/lower split, or a push-pull split – into one massive drill.

So, again, depending on the phases, we’d set up 8-12 exercises with the goal of failing 3 times within each exercise. The first “set” would take you to around 15 reps, you’d rest for 15-20 seconds, then pick the weight up and continue to failure – which ended up being around 10 more reps – dropping the weight, and repeating to finish the allotted reps for the exercise.

Depending on the phase, the goal would be 30 or 50 reps per exercise.

We wouldn’t use these challenge workouts for an entire 3-month phase, but we’d use them over the course of a few weeks to absolutely shatter plateaus and to kick my results to new heights.

If You Don’t Plateau You Don’t Stop Improving

Rather than set up a month-long or even a 3-month log program, we both knew that a full on transformation from scrawny to brawny would take more like a year. Actually, in this case we set it up for 9 months, but I beat the goal we’d set out.

I beat it because of the method he set up for me.

The focus goes from muscle building and strength to all out insanity with the challenge workouts, then back to muscle and strength.

The result for myself and for hundreds of other guys thus far, has been constant improvement over a 9-month period, and I managed to gain 32 pounds of lean muscle in 32 weeks (8 months, I beat the mark by a full month).

Strategically Gaining Muscle While Cutting Fat

The focus on any program, be it a fat loss program or a muscle building program or a program where you simply aim to become a better athlete, should be to build muscle.

Your diet then regulates if you add more muscle or use the muscle you’re building to boost your metabolism, increase your insulin sensitivity, and allow you to burn more fat.

It’s the combination of sets and how they minimize workout time while increasing your good hormones – like growth hormone – that will help you burn fat even while gaining muscle. It’s also how I gained 32 pounds of muscle while acquiring a set of 6-pack abs.

The word “intensity” is thrown around a lot in training as “working hard”. Intensity, in the weight lifting realm, is what weight you’re lifting in relation to your 1RM.

The closer the weight to the 1RM, the more intense the set is.

That’s not what these sets are. They’re simply brutally tough (but I know you can handle them) sets that condense your workout – which is great for those busy guys out there – and force your body to break down.

Breaking down is actually a good thing because it’s the breaking down of muscle the creates growth.

The hidden benefit has to do with Growth Hormone. You see…

Lactic acid is a precursor to growth hormone.

So by dramatically increasing the lactic acid flowing through your muscles over such a short period of time, you’re actually also increasing your GH levels without bringing on that spike in cortisol that happens as your training extends too long at too great of an output.

Growth Hormone Igniter Sets

What Kind of Muscle Are We Building?

There’s a lot of debate out there regarding the nature of muscle and if there actually is strong muscle or athletic muscle or puffy muscle.

I think there is. After completing this challenge I dove right into a pure strength training program and it kicked my muscle to yet another gear, but while I was in the challenge, I’d never created such dense, tough, athletic and enduring muscle in my life.

This isn’t a program that will make you puffy.

This isn’t a program that will make you choose between endurance and muscle.

This isn’t a program that will make you choose between athleticism and muscle.

This program will help you break through plateaus over a 9-month period (HUGE) and create the body of your dreams, just like it did with mine.

Up to The Challenge?

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Fast and Furious Cardio Routines

A program that progresses over a 9-month period is tough to keep up with where cardio is concerned without going overboard.

The Fast and the Furious Cardio routine allows you to progress effectively, constantly improving and keeping fat at bay even as the program gets tougher and tougher.

Just like the PHC, the FFCR takes you through 9 months of progressions. If you’re looking to cut fat and not merely gain muscle, add the routine to the PHC to ensure you build your most ripped, shredded body ever.

It’s this method that I keep sending scrawny guys to because no matter how the fads change, what works, works.

It’s this method that I keep sending fat guys too as well. Not because I want everyone to look a certain way but because the best and fastest way to burn fat that stays OFF is to replace it with a base of metabolically active muscle.

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Only The Gritty

This program was life-changing for me. Seriously. It opened me up to new ways of training, it taught me a lot, and dramatically changed my body for the better, and my life as well.

After I initially released it 4 or so years ago, I've had countless guys tell me how much they love the program, how awesome it is, sending me their before and after pics, and thanking me for telling them about this method.

I've also had a few emails from guys that say, Although the workouts weren't too long, they were too tough!

If you think you're going to send me an email saying that, even though the workouts last 30 minutes, that they're too tough, don't buy it!

  • You can go at your own pace (Phase 1 is "technically" a beginner's phase that you can repeat).
  • The workouts are short if you make them short, if you need more time to recover, take it! It'll just extent the workout a few minutes longer.
  • To accomplish ANYTHING in life, you NEED to Work Hard! If that reality isn't something you believe, then you won't like this program.

I put A LOT into this program. You get examples of the exercises, a full 9 months of workouts, meal plans, and an awesome cardio routine wrapped into one awesome package.

I tried and tested everything and had clients try and test everything. It truly is a great program, but there's that asterisk:

  • You need to work hard.
  • You need to push yourself in the gym.
  • However, you can shut your brain off, follow the meal plans, and train your butt off and you WILL get your results.

If This Sounds Like You, Take Action.


The Challenge is designed to get the most out of your body in as little time possible.

It isn't a bodyweight program, because, although bodyweight training is awesome, there's just more you can do in the weight room. It's not a powerlifting program or even a bodybuilding program, it's in a class entirely on its own, which is maybe why it worked so well.

You're not simply dumped into a way of training, but brought through a process that will help you sculpt your ripped, athletic body in far less time than a conventional program.

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Thus, the guarantee I apply to all of the programs I create: 60 days, no questions asked, get your money back.


If you're not sure that the Challenge is for you, then try it out and see.

Are You Ready?

Listen, the Challenge was life-changing for me, and I want it to have the same effect for you. I want it to help you build your ideal body and keep it.

But are you ready?

Are you ready to throw away who you were, the shell of the man that you're capable of becoming, and walk into the light as your bigger, brawnier, more ripped and athletic self?

If you've made it this far it's clear that hard work doesn't scare you, so is it action that's holding you back?

The tribe we're building under the Dare Mighty Things Inc. banner is filled with guys who took just a single step...

...They followed that with another step, and then another, and before they knew it they were walking in the shoes of the guy they knew deep down they had the potential of becoming, and the Challenge is the initial step they took.

With the Challenge You:

  • Train for only 30-40 minutes per workout (so it's perfect for the busy guy)
  • Your workouts are intense and keep fat gains at 0
  • You get to go at your own pace, pushing yourself, but not over-doing it.
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