I HATE Bodyweight Workouts. But I LOVE This ONE.

3 Changes In Your Physique That You Can ONLY Create With BOXING Bodyweight Workouts.

Why 'NORMAL' Bodyweight Training Just Doesn't Work...

From the Office of Chad Howse.

November 30, 2023

I like the iron…

Grabbing a barbell and lifting heavy weights, there is no better feeling. So when I start boxing many a year ago I was a wee disappointed by the lack of weight training (something I would eventually remedy).

What I WASN’T disappointed with, however, were the results.

Always a skeptic where the evidence permits me to be so, I thought the bodyweight workouts would be more of the same boring, bland, repetitive stuff I’d done in the past that neither tired me out nor gave me a better body.

These were different, and the reasoning is simple.

Boxers Train for Battle

They NEED to get stronger and leaner without compromising their power and quickness. As I started training with these boxing bodyweight workouts I started to see some immediate changes…

1. I got a VISIBLE six pack.

That isn’t from simply a solid amount of body fat lost, but of muscles forged. Through these boxing bodyweight workouts I was able to build an “armor-like” set of abs, this isn’t no fitness model nonsense, these abs were meant for protection, it didn’t hurt that they popped out an inch or two either.

2. My waist shrunk and my shoulders broadened.

In essence, I was forming a V Shape, which is the ideal shape for men to have. If you add in the girth I was gaining in my thighs, you’d make it an X Shape - which is the REAL IDEAL.

3. I was actually getting stronger and more powerful in the gym.

Where most bodyweight workouts fall short is in that they don’t use plyometrics.

Plyometrics are the only way to train ONLY with bodyweight that will help you increase power and the dense, fast-twitch muscle fibers that pretty much every guy wants. These programs had these in abundance.

Why NORMAL Bodyweight Workouts Won't Work

As I started seeing the physical changes in my body that had eluded me whenever I tried conventional bodyweight training it became clear why:

With boxing bodyweight workouts the focus is on maintaining or even GAINING lean muscle while burning a TON of body fat and getting in better shape.

The main reason for the disparity between conventional vs boxing bodyweight programs: the focus.

Boxing bodyweight workouts focus solely on performance and weight loss. You need to get STRONGER and FASTER and more POWERFUL, while also CUTTING WEIGHT prior to a fight. Thus, the combination of muscle-focused sets with calisthenics and the aforementioned plyometrics.

Each of which basically creating a ‘PERFECT FAT LOSS STORM’ that doesn’t come at the loss of muscle.

Now, I’ve taken a lot from my years of boxing. The strength and the discipline and the endurance, but the bodyweight training is right up there in importance.

Over the past year I’ve done some traveling, and with traveling to odd and unique places you’re stuck with the problem of how to train without a gym.

I’m still a weights guy! I love weights, but if I don’t have access to them there’s no way I’m just going to whither away into nothingness, completely tossing away years of hard work.

I shan’t become little simply because access to a gym isn’t within reach!

Boxing Bodyweight Workouts have helped me stay in shape, even helping GET MORE RIPPED, all the while not having access to a gym.

And so, I figured I’d package up all of this goodness, the ebook and these incredible workouts that WILL KICK YOUR ASS!

There’s a big GAP in the bodyweight training realm, one that Boxing Bodyweight Workouts fills.

If you want to get stronger and get in better shape and look better, be better, feel better, become an EARLY ADOPTER. TAKE ACTION. Face that FEAR within you that doesn’t want to work as hard as you need to, to get you where you dream about being.

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As of right now, they’re the only bodyweight workouts I’m willing to do for any extended period of time.

I eventually got that boxing team on some killer weight lifting workouts, but these bodyweight workouts ALWAYS remained a part of our training.

They helped me drop a weight class without losing muscle mass. They helped me see the FAT LOSS side of my physical transformation.

They’ll HELP YOU build a body that will help you through the battles of life, the battle to bring you to you potential.

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